Thursday, October 20, 2005


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I am having a great time. The Astros won... it was so sweet to see Jeff
Bagwell and Craig Biggio cry... they've been waiting a long time for
So much for free hi speed internet in our room.... you have to have
your own ethernet cable - the Victorian only has two to lend out and
they're both out right now. Luckily, all the public places have
wireless so I'm sitting by the pool again... just woke up, haven't even
brushed my teeth....bleh
But here I am! We decided to "get that woman to the seawall", so my mom
and R2 will be joining us here today and we'll stay one more night....
We want to go see Wallace and Gromit but I have to see if I feel up to
sitting up that long.

It's just such a miracle we're able to do this at all right now. God is
so good. And I am having a blast. Probably another 6-8 weeks before I
throw caution to the wind... but right now just being away from home
and testing my boundaries gently is very fun.

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