Monday, May 28, 2007

Taking 40 days to fast media and pray for the nation, but mostly to pray for myself. As I go, so goes the nation.

Anyhoo, see ya in July!


and new pics on CFP

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Do good things really come to those who wait?

This depends on what you’re waiting for. If, for example, you are in line for a lobotomy, the “goodness” of said lobotomy is debatable. Or perhaps one is waiting in line for the lavatory at a Flying J. Wait if you will, gentle reader…. it won't be good.

What did Jesus really mean when he said we must become as children to enter the kingdom?
Wondering Wafer

According to my research, Jesus Carlos Menendez was referring to the 48” height limit on “SeƱor Jose’s Kingdom ‘o’ Fun”, due to the low ceilings.

georgia said...
If Toby is at the back door and he is traveling at an amazing 3mph with a whole piece of toast with jelly on it, and R2 is coming down the stairs heading to the front door at 1 mph and wearing a sombrero and talking about his shoes, At what point will impact take place and what will exactly happen to the toast. What exactly will be the outcome?

The known element is that the toast will land, jelly side down, on the carpet. This would be the case, even if Toby were eating his toast outdoors. In the scenario you mention, Toby would surrender the toast, quickly make his way up the stairs, remove his brother’s sombrero, put it on his head, fall down the remaining stairs into the toast, further embedding it into the carpet, and then proceed to sit on the remnants with the jelly smeared sombero and wail as Richy continued to make his way down the stairs.

josharoo said...
I am curious of (or at least want to laugh at) Smartypants’ advice to the following:
 What is the best way to get ahead at work?

Informing him (or her) that you are just looking for laughs is probably not the best approach, my dear reader.

What is the best way to get a promotion?
Dr. Vinny “the Shark” Tortellini, (Doctor of Philosophy, Harvard University) suggested to me that a good approach involves networking, “It’s who you know.” He also recommended “physical encouragement”. I have not been able to confirm Mr. Tortellini’s credentials.

When your boss says you’ll get a 5% raise, how do you convince them you should get a 30% raise?
Dr. Tortellini again offered input, but of such a violent nature that this reporter is seriously questioning his credentials.
One option is to act like you’re hard of hearing, loudly. “30 percent, you say?” “No, no, FIVE percent.” “Thirty- FIVE percent! You are truly generous, Mr. Boeing! Now I can afford that kidney!” VOLUME is key here.

anonymous said...
Which is your favorite pick for the next President, Clinton or Obama?

My favorite pick is a lightweight Jim Dunlop with comfort grip. Makes strumming a breeze.
I’m not familiar with a guitar called “President”, but a guitar case with OBAMA inscribed would cause many potential difficulties in airports.

anonymous said...
What about John Edwards? He’s got nice hair.

Good input. You are correct, John Edwards has the appropriate Presidential hair.

anonymous said...
Should I keep working at Simplify?

Well, “anonymous”. The answer is, no. That is, no is the answer if you would like to live under a shopping cart by the freeway across from Splashtown.

If you mean, should you kick back and take it easy, i.e. “stop working” while employed at Simplify: this approach is not generally recommended. In fact, it is frowned upon.

bethc said...
so who wants to guess how many miles the US atlas indicates from Houston to Nashville...?

Not I, my tall reader. Not I.

In other news, the fast starts tomorrow night. So I'll be blogging during the day.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Hey Jennifer! You're getting married tomorrow! I hope you haven't forgotten the million things you have to do! Or your vows! Or how you're going to get everything done in time! (snicker) No pressure, though. =D

So here's how it's going to go today. I will be doing a spontaneous weekend edition of Ms. Smartypants. You can submit your question in the comments, and I will try to post it, and its answer here on the front page before I start my media fast on Monday.

No offense if I miss your question. I may be picking and choosing, as this blog is not the only thing I do.

For more info on the 40 day fast, check out the CALL

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Man, yesterday was rough. It was like Mommy's Bad Ideas- Greatest Hits!
• Let's eat in the car!
• Let's go to the library during naptime!
• Let's let Toby fall asleep in the van so he will wake up as soon as we get home, creating the 10-minute nap syndrome!
• Let's put Toby in his bed hoping he will fall asleep!
• Let's put R2 in timeout so his shrill shrieking wakes up not just Toby, but Brynn! (and the saints in Christ)

and so on. yowza.

Anyway. Hopefully I can make better moves today.

I have to get saved. If that's news to you, you're not terribly observant. If that sounds mean to you, it's probably because I need to get saved.
Anyway. I will be joining all the peeps on the 40 day fast beginning Monday. Not food. I'm providing milk for a small village around here. But entertainment. Primarily the Internets. So the blog will be shutting down from May 27th until after the Call. Have you heard about the CALL? You should GO.

So, the enormously popular Ms. Smartypants column will be closing after just one week of publication. But it will resume, magically, when I return.

I'll be around till Monday, however.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol last night.... pew-eeeee!
I think my boy threw it. I think he didn't want to win. Not that he could have outsung Teen Sensation ™ Jordin, anyway. But he coulda put on a show. I'm still watching tonight. I heart finales... especially ones with my boy Taylor Hicks on them.

Never made it to the library.... maybe today, she says wistfully.
I'm sick of oatmeal. SICK, I tell you. I don't like cereal, and toast and eggs and such are too much work. What do you people eat for breakfast? And by "you people" I mean no offense to my racially Caucasian-heavy readership.

Reader question of the day: 4. Explain the difference in living in Palestine, Israel and Palestine Texas.
Well, reader request of the day, anyway.
(disclaimer: responses are tongue-in-cheek. If that makes no sense to you, I mean I'm joking)

The difference is clear. One is a tense, paternalistic society focused on territorial wars and child-bearing. The streets are not safe, and every object is a potential weapon. Sometimes, you get in pretty bad fights with the neighbors. The communities are close-knit and secretive at times. And .....

Toby just wandered by munching on a pizza crust. This is concerning as we had pizza for dinner yesterday. I'm off to find the stash.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hey, keep this on the DL, will you? (ebonics alert: DL=down low, referencing quietness or secrecy)
I think God has me mixed up with someone. Somebody good.
Brynn slept 5 hours in a row last night, and then the boys slept till 9 this morning.

Whoever got my life is probably fasting by now.

Are you going to the Call Nashville? GO. (The Call)

Yesterday I made chili and beans and cornbread. It's a poor man's smorgasboard over here. I accidentally made everything pretty spicy, though. I mean, me and R2 were chowing.... and Toby was wiping his tongue with his hand and draining sippy after sippy. And then Daddy was looking a little rough. So, maybe I have to rinse the leftover pintos before Toby's next round.

But, yeah, I actually cooked! Amazing what sleep can do. And now that Brynn sleeps all night (twice) and is awake all day... maybe we should venture out. We'll see if it works. Might try the library today.

American Idol tonight- the final competition. Gotta tell you... I'm rooting for Blake. Even if he has a snowball's chance in Texas.
He is so creative and fun. Jordin's a great singer... but you know, you seen one seen em all and so on....
That's correct. I will not be at church. I will be at home, engaged in the hedonistic pleasures of television. But seriously... have you seen Toby at church? The MOG will be there.

Reader question of the day: 3. How much makeup is too much makeup?
If you have to ask....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Here is the first installment of my advice, support and information column. Questions can be submitted Friday through Sunday, and will be answered on Monday. Questions Monday through Thursday?? You're on your own. Take it like a man.

georgia said...
1. When is it appropriate to wear pantyhose ?

Good question, gentle reader. It is appropriate to wear pantyhose at any occasion, but especially with high-waisted jeans and orthopedic shoes or sandals. This makes for a neat and attractive appearance.

2. If God is I AM does that make the devil I AM NOT ?
The devil is classically referred to as, I AIN’T. A grammarian’s hell is everyone’s hell.

3. Why does Eminem dance in ways we would scold our children from doing in public?
This reporter believes Eminem, or “Marshall” may have some incontinence issues, thus he regularly employs what is commonly known as the “pee-pee dance”.

4. How many times in one day can Toby climb into places he is not supposed to be?
Assuming “Toby” wakes up at 8 a.m., and goes to bed at 9 p.m., with a 2 hour nap, 330 would be a loose estimate.

~*~crystal~*~ said...
5. So is like kissing before you’re married like sin? LOL

Dear reader… my, dear, dear reader. Of course it is.

anonymous said...
6. dear jess,
why is it that my froggy makes me smile?

Batrachomania, I would suspect.

josharoo said...
7. How popular worldwide is eating frog legs?

Frog legs have lost popularity in most civilized nations. They are still quite favored in France, along with cowardice and “weenie” mustaches.

clammy said...
8. i had 2 really good questions, and i really tried hard on them, and then google did something crazy, and they're GONE!


josharoo said...
9. How many empire state buildings could fit on their sides in Boeing's Everett, WA airplane plant (the largest building in the world by volume

It’s unlikely that you could fit any Empire State Buildings in said building. There is only one, and the legalities of removing it are quite iffy. Also in question is the logistics of moving it to Washington, and turning it on its side. And what would you do with all the airplanes? Silly reader.

10. Why did I have to start plucking ear hairs in my mid-20’s?

This reporter suspects that is when you began your mating rituals.

11. Why do clams do frivolous law suits?
Our society is increasingly litigious. It is no surprise to this reporter that sealife would be drawn into the fray.

anonymous said...
12. why do the folks in australia eat joshburgers? & what do they taste like?

From the site :
“If you’re curious what goes into my Louisiana-themed Joshburger (this makes three burgers):
1 pound lean ground beef
A few shizzle-dizzles of Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning [Chachere’s is pronounced “SASH-er-ees,” by the way. If you can’t remember the spelling, you can always get to the web site via]
A few shiznits of Tiger Sauce
A few schlemiels of boring ol’ grated parmesan cheese
A few schlemazels of Worcestershire sauce
Mix it all in a bowl. Fashion it into three patties — make ‘em a little skinny, like a modified hot dog.
Grill it up (go George!) to medium rare — about four minutes. While that’s going on, slather Zatarain’s creole mustard on two hot dog buns.
Then split the patty in half and slap ‘em on the buns. (Note: This frankfurter-fueled improvisation was caused by my lack of hamburger buns. But it works!) Then — this is key — sprinkle a little extra Tony Chachere’s and splatter a little extra Tiger Sauce on the meat.”

This sounds especially tasty to this reporter as she eats her lukewarm oatmeal. The likelihood of a random Louisiana blogger’s recipe rocking the continent of Australia is slim.

josharoo said...
13. Why do Anons never give a name or handle, even after being told to?

There’s no accounting for some anons.

anonymous said...
18. how many times in one hour can Toby get into mischief?

At a rate of one misdeed per 3 minutes (a conservative estimate), 20 times.

bethc said...
19. how many children did the old woman who lived in the shoe have? was it an old shoe or a new shoe?

It depends on the region in which the tale is told. In The Woodlands, Texas, that would be three children. In Rice Village, one.
The age of the shoe: In the Woodlands, 24.
In Rice Village, 39.

shannon2-24 said...
20. How many pecks of pickled peppers did Peter Piper EAT? I don't care how many he picked.. how many did he EAT?

The tone of this question is a little hostile to this reporter. Nonetheless, he ate 16 peppers.

21. Is it okay to not sweep up the floor under a highchair after every food-flying fun session?
Absolutely. The key is removing all debris at 4:30, so persons of the male persuasion don’t have to look at the filth and chaos of 300 Cheerios™ and assorted ends of Vienna Sausage. Or buying a large racecar rug and placing it under said chair.

22. Is it okay to be totally in awe of your child when they keep clapping over & over at MOPS while the leaders are giving away gifts (Oprah favorite's style) while everyone is repeatedly clapping? It is, unless your child is a “punk”.

23. Do many moms occasionally bop their child's head on the inside of the car roof while pulling the child from the car seat??
 Yes. The child will eventually develop protective mechanisms like arching and throwing himself from the vehicle as soon as his restraints are removed.

24. What was the temperature here in the NW this last Monday the 14th??

I don’t know, but I would venture a guess:
High 57 °F / 13 °C
Low 41 °F / 5 °C

25. a serious one:
Why do you think that God required blood/death to pay the remission of sins? first with animals, then our Saviour, once for all. this has been something I've wondered. something we'll never understand? just because sin is serious? why not just give grace?
A world where evil went unpunished would be hell on earth. The subsitutionary principle of redemption is grace.

angelag said...
If you're (pretend it's me) walking on a road in the mountainous woods...let's say...Colorado Rockies, and two bears are coming toward you from your left at an increased rate of speed. On your right is a potentially frightened skunk. Directly in front of you is a rattle snake, and behind you is a cliff with unknown bottom. What advice would you give me for that moment?

I would quit pretending I was you and finish my oatmeal. Advice for you? I would, to use the vernacular, “Put your head between your knees and kiss your butt goodbye.”

anonymous said...
27. Dear Jessica,
My little brother took my pet cricket and feed it to his pet iguana. Now I want to take his pet iguana and feed it to my pet boa constrictor. If I do this, he may take my pet boa and feed it to his pet 12 foot alligator. Should I feed his pet iguana to my pet boa? 
Reptile in the Republic

This reporter is surprised that a parent has not fed you both to the alligator. Your home sounds like a swamp. Feed the iguana and the boa to the alligator, then set the alligator loose in Artesian Lakes. They will know what to do.

angelag said...
28. Let's say that one's parents raised their child telling them that they ("one") were raised by the monkeys. Then, as an adult, one starts growing hair on one's knuckles. Should one believe that their parents were, in fact, telling the truth all those years, and not just trying to make their sweet child cry and feel adopted? 
And, if so, should one then return to the monkey home they ("one") were apparently raised in? ...Even though there was no memory of said monkey raising.

This is the kind of question that keeps dedicated, serious bloggers going. By all means, return to your monkey home.

anonymous said...
29. If a twister by twisting, could twist a twist with three twists of his twister, he twist the twist. And if in twisting the twist, he untwist one twist; did the twist that untwisted untwist the whole twist??
~Ruminating in Romania

That depends on what was twisted. If it was a birthday streamer, it would be entirely untwisted. If it were a more twist-holding substance, the jury is out. If it was in fact, a tornado, everything would be untwisted. Unless it was a twister in Shenandaoh, in which case the local constabulary would have it incarcerated for twisting at 47 mph in a 45 zone.

Friday, May 18, 2007

You know what bugs me? The misuse of the word "literally". People just throw it around. " I literally ate until my stomach exploded." and so forth. No, that would be figuratively or something. Literal is, well, literal.

But enough with the complaining, right? I'm getting on my own nerves. So here's what I'm thinking. I should start an advice column. I know! It's so obvious! Shoulda done it ages ago.

Not real advice, mind you.

Here's how it should go. On Fridays, you submit your interesting and/or funny questions. Etiquette, advice (cooking,pop culture, parenting, you name it) questions and so on. Monday's blog will have the answers.

That's right. In a span of three days, I should literally be able to make up an answer that amuses me.

So get busy! This will not be interesting unless you submit questions. Only lame. C'mon, do it for the children.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have completed my viewing of my American Idol tape. Thus the comments section will be rife with spoilers. Or one spoiler, really.

Nothing much to say today. Tried to take Brynn to a new doctor, but it didn't work out with insurances and annoyances and whatnot. I'll have to work on all that, but more importantly, I have to sleep.

We were headed toward Target to try to complete the increasingly complicated camera exchange, when the wails from the backseat clued me in ... we should probably go home and nap first. So here we are.

Very soon I will have witty things to say again. Probably.

Have you watched this? You should.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I seriously considered drinking coffee this morning. But Richy's fasting, so there wasn't any made. So I had some oatmeal and a Coke. Mmm. Not.

Yesterday, we were all at WalMart. Well, all of us but my baby daddy. But we don't count him anyway because he goes to work all the time. And they were being so good... and I said to R2, "Richy, I love you.." and he says "I love PBJ, mama."
That's the way it goes.

Now. Allow me the liberty of griping. It's my blog, anyway. But what I mean is, offer me some grace. I hate it when people complain about their kids. Children are such a blessing, and it seems ungrateful. So my disclaimer is that I am deeply grateful, and happy. Nonetheless.
But you know what the problem is- why I am crazy in the head? It's because nobody talks around here. There's grunting, and pointing. Shrieking, crying, hitting and screaming. Moaning and groaning. I think that covers it. From dawn to dusk, I am the only person using words around here. Well, except for R2 talking to Fergus about American Idol. And sometimes, I just want to talk to somebody reasonable. Maybe even a little thanks. I mean, if I made breakfast for you, would you scream and knock it off the table? Probably not. You might even eat and say it was good, or at least thank me. You get the point.

I'm crazy about these kids. I really am. But if R1 gives me the option of breaking out of here for a couple of hours tonight, well, guess.

Video up at Pics blog

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well. That didn't work out. I was trying to edit a cute little video, but actually it's 287 meg. And then LaVonda (my mom's hairdresser name) and I were coloring my hair for a long, long time. So no video.

I got a digital camera for Mother's Day. We had one, but it was a dinosaur. This is a little cute one that takes much better pictures. BUT something's wrong with the battery deal, so I have to go exchange it today. At Target. I heart Target. Also have to go to Walmart to get Brynn's medicine. My hope is to get out of here as soon as possible, so we could be back here close to a noon-ish naptime. This is wishful thinking.

Isn't that cool?

I am just kinda getting the picture that these 3 kids are mine. And they will be going everywhere with me for a long time. Which is fine and great, I just think I had some kinda temporary thinking. Probably had to do with Richy (big richy) being home all those years to watch chilrens.

If I'm figuring out my routine correctly, I can run on caffeine for about 6 days before I have an emotional crash and want to run away from home. So I need to get some sleep by say, Saturday of this week. We shall see.

Brynn is sleeping here beside me, and Toby is waking up and shrieking in his crib. I don't hear R2. Which means I need to get up RIGHT now and go find out what he's doing. Peace.

Monday, May 14, 2007

hold yer horses.... I'm working on something for le blog.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I said something about this last year... just a reminder to keep an eye out for the hurting. Mother's Day can be a painful day/week for single women, those who have lost children, and those who have not had children. It can also be difficult for mothers whose children are not serving God. So try to show some love to somebody who won't be recognized this Sunday- it means a lot.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mothers Day is Sunday, in case any of you ungrateful cretins forgot.

I should be taking a nap now... but I'll blog first. That's how much I love you people.
Brynn and I are getting such a good thing going... a routine, of sorts. And she's sleeping a little more. So that's a relief. Now, if Toby would just sleep a little later. And if I had a million bucks. Actually, I'd want more than a million. Like a million, three hundred thousand and six or something. Because with 1 million, as soon as you spend a buck, you are no longer a millionaire. And I'd just want to hang on to that a little longer.

There's so much baby goodness around here. Little curled up eyelashes and tiny painted toenails... (oh, yes I did) and then Toby with his fat little legs and prettiness. And R2 is great, too.. just no baby-ness. Anyway, I am really enjoying this. I love it. I can't imagine how happy I'll be when I add sleep to the equation.

If I feel particularly brave today, we may hit Toys R Us and the lib-ary. If I don't, there's plenty of cleaning around here to do. Ugh. And Laundry Mountain, should I care to tame it.

And my new accidental discovery - BLUE BELL NEOPOLITAN/NEAPOLITAN/NEOPALITAN... (hmm) Anyways... wow. I could be 300 pounds by Sunday.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Is this something that would appeal to you? Because I see it more like a threat... I'm just sayin.

I was all nestled in for a nap, and then Brynn woke up. So I'm waiting her out.... feeding her again, waiting, feeding her again. Hopefully I can catch a little snooze before Toby wakes up.

Probably taking da crew to Walmart today... we're out of vaccuum cleaner bags and it's getting really bad. We could feed a village with the food under Toby's chair. I had something I wanted to blog about... what was that? BLANK.

Maybe it will come to me, in a flash of blinding insight later.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I've finally taken Richy's advice. And, in the words of the immortal Randy Jackson, I've made it my own, dawg.
That is, I have brought an end to Toyganza. Finis. Richy has been saying for a long time, get rid of all the toys! they don't even play with them! make me a sandwich! blah blah blah... oh! Anyway, he's wrong. They do play with them. Seek and destroy, nuclear explosion, tsunami, etc.
But I finally did it. They now have like (17384) trucks, and 3 or 4 other toys. It's working.

R2 has a sinus infection. He's doing nebulizer treatments and antibiotics. He was pretty alarmed about holding in the mouthpiece for the treatments, so I bought a gas-mask like apparatus. Now he sits and watches TV and breathes like Darth Vader. Toby is insanely jealous, especially of the Amoxiciilin. He tries to pull Richy's arm down while he's drinking it.

American Idol.... I watched last night live, but I won't see the results show until Thursday, so NO RESULT SPOILERS. Barry Gibb. And my Blakey stinking up the place. I fear for him. It was like suicide by BeeGee.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Last night we had a Radiant meeting... it's been a long time since I hung with the Radiants... it was good.
Currently: R2 is watching Barney. God help me. And he loves it. He's sick today. Which stresses me because he never gets sick. But we're going to the doctor this afternoon.
Brynn is whining about being laid on her tummy. Not happy.
Toby is crashed out. So as soon as I can get Brynn happy, I'm off to mommy land where there are showers and naps.

Have you read Richy's blog? He rocked it at a karaoke jam last week. It was awesome.

(I'm pretty tired and a little stressed about R2, so no real wit today)

Monday, May 7, 2007

As anonymous predicted, I AM going to talk about weddings and Spidey.
The wedding was beautiful, out in Harbor Town by the lake. And my boy looked pretty good, didn't he? Unfortunately, there was a mutiny among the flower girl/ring bearer population and things escalated to near violence. During the ceremony, mind you. But they were adorable. I have a little video, but of course the camera cable is missing. Cest la vie....
Then, just as I was chowing down at the reception, the MOG whisked us off to see Spiderman. Do you guys know about the Grand? It's only 7 bucks as opposed to Tinseltown's 8.50 and it's never as crowded. Anyhoo. (Don't worry, no spoilers)

{begin movie review}
See, here's the deal. I love me some Spidey. I was a Superman girl until the first Spiderman came out, and I loved it. And R2 is crazy about him. So that's the deal. I hate it when people say, oh, it was a great movie except this and this and this and this. But I'm kinda gonna say that.
In the first one, the Green Goblin was a little scary. The second one, Doc Oc was not scary AT ALL. To me, anyway. And I am a serious fraidy-cat. But in this one, there are two villains. A Sandman (as in, a man made of sand that can be as big as the whole city and such) and Venom, although they never identify Venom... Now, the Venom character, and what he becomes, are terrifying. I was covering my eyes near the end. So I wouldn't recommend it for chilluns.

But for adults or teens, there are some pretty cool object lessons about the power of bitterness, and forgiveness. And Tobey Maguire as Bad Spidey (a little bad) is SUCH a cutie. It's ok. I've discussed this with my husband and he agrees that they made him look cute. To women.

I don't remember any bad lanuguage, sexual innuendos, etc. Plenty of violence but no blood.
So there you go.
{end movie review}

I slept about two hours last night. I am feeling like roadkill. So now I am waiting for Toby's batteries to run out so I can put him down for a nap.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Astros won. And it's a good thing, because I almost got hit by a car while we were walking to the stadium. Actually, I almost got hit by a massive SUV. Not cool. But, a giant coke, nachos, ice cream and 20 bucks later, it was all allright.

Richy's cousin is getting married this weekend.. and R2 is some kinda something. Flower boy or something. Anyhoo, he is going to be VERY adorable in his suit. Definitely need to get some pix of him and Graceson all gussied up.

Beyond tired today. And just when I was planning on becoming a productive member of society and cleaning my room! Maybe after a nap I can get back to thinking about productivity. Until then, nada.


Radiant Worship

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Baby sensor 1: mom has laid down. Cry.
Baby sensor 2: mom is about to take the first bite. Cry
Baby sensor 3: mom has eaten and is wide awake. Sleep.

Yesterday we visited the hospital, and ate at Barfi's Cici's with Richy, and went to the library. Not quite as smooth as the Walmart trip, but three times as long... and they were heavily bribed with animal crackers at the library. Oh, I love the library.

This baby stuff is getting my heart. Talk about healing... wow. More on that on a day I feel like being emotional.

Tonight the Man of God and I go to an Astro's game. We have been discussing the nachos for days. Did I marry the right guy or what?

Currently: Brynn is snoozing. R2 is having a little stress about not watching our American Idol tape IMMEDIATELY after waking up. Toby is standing up on a kitchen chair telling himself, "Dit da!" (sit down). But he is not taking his advice.

Plan for the day: stay the heck up in the house until my date. And catching up on AI. Oh, and folding 4000 pounds of clean laundry (while I'm watching, see?)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I am wearing Richy's pajama pants, as mine have gone to the Land of Sock. And they are cutting off the circulation to my... stomach, I guess. Anyway, they are dadgum tight. This is not how it should be, folks.

Last night was Richy's work party. We had dinner at Lupe Tortillas and then games and such at Main Event. I left Brynn and the young gents with VKG... Brynn did fine but I was having withdrawal!!
Anyway, you know how this is... you're going somewhere, and you don't really know people very well, and all the sudden it feels like junior high. And you know you don't look quite right or belong but you hope everybody likes you. (and really, from an an adult perspective, who cares?) But anyway, I just had that whole nervoussy thing and forgot what I have learned about human nature. People are not thinking about you, they are thinking about themselves. So it was great food and then we went to Main Event.
I've never been the arcade-y type. I'd much rather read a book. And even though I took bowling as a class in high school (to avoid the outdoors), I bowl about a 40 game. Around 16, things changed a little. I became a Girlfriend, and one of my specific responsibilities was standing around arcades and bowling alleys, looking impressed. Last night it all paid off. Cheescake Factory on the Girlfriend tables. (moment of respectful silence) I ate about 18 dollars worth of cheescake and had a great time. And Richy won two prizes, a Blockbuster gift card for being on the highest scoring bowling team, and a gift card to Red Lobster (smile)(BIG smile) for being the second highest score overall. (150 to the other guys 155) He did not win anything at LaserTag. And I didn't ask. You know how veterans are about reliving it all.

Today, I shall take the minis to the library. And Target, should the fates allow.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just got back from taking the wee folk to WalMart. I was planning to do this last week, but Viking Granny saved the day. But today, I decided to take it on.
FYI: IF you go to WM with 3 kids, and IF the kiddy carts only take dollar bills and not coins, and IF the stoner cart boy tells you go ahead and take it- Don't do it. It will let you drive for a minute and then the brakes come on. And you will be stranded with more kids than you can carry and you have to get cash for change from a stranger who has twins in her cart, and let said stranger watch your children while you run back and put in the ^&%^& dollar. And even then, it will just give you a new cart and not fix the one you have. So you will have to reload said children and especially Toby.
Just FYI

After that, it was a great trip. The boys played with the little steering wheels and pushed buttons in their part, and Brynn snoozed away. And I bought some cute shoes. Don't worry, Josh.. I'll post a picture for you. But there was so much grace on the whole trip. They just talked and played and one lady said I look like I have it all together. (MUAHAHAHA)

So on the way home, I gave R2 and Tobes Airheads, you know, that sour taffy candy? And now Toby is stuck to the wall. Well, not really. But stickier than syrup. Time for lunch.
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