Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Friday, homies... we are off in a little while to the new and
improved Rob and Stephanie Land! In the Woodlands! YAY! Happy Dancing!
Fairies and elves and dryads dancing in fields of clover! With BUNNIES!

July 4th coming up this week... I've been doing some research for a
video, and wowzer. The Revolutionary War had some amazing guys.
Anointed for that time in history. You know, they were just thinking
(some of them), well, we'll give it a shot. Maybe achieve a degree of
freedom. They had no idea.
Are we in that moment? Living day to day on the very BRINK of history?
What a thought.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

As I speak, there is a little guy practicing his spitting right here
by my arm. Who would have ever thought that getting spit on could be
so fun? He's also saying Uh-UMMMM plbtzzzzz
mmmmmAAAAAHHHHaaaaeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEE. Insightful.

Cut to commercial:
Sunday afternoon, right here! The THROWDOWN of the century
(century....century...)! Nurse Versus Kat! No HOLDS BARRED! Except
for a few holds! (few holds...few holds) Don't miss it or they might

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
I made Cookies A La Servant yesterday. The magic still works. R1 and
I both made ourselves sick, and I think I will have some for
breakfast. Also, yesterday was Toby's 6 monthiversary. I forgot to
tell y'all.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

We don't know when.
We only know who.
Katwoman. Contact MPC .




Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It used to bug me when people would look at R2 and say, "He's growing
so fast!"
I, aware of the diapers and the not walking until he was 4 and so on,
would just nod and smile.
Recently, I have become aware of a change. Life is moving quickly.
Last night, I was holding Toby and kind of walking him to sleep...
and his fuzzy little hair was sticking me in my mouth.
And I just had this thought, this part is almost over. He will be
crawling very soon, and getting bigger and bigger.
It just squeezed my heart. I almost feel panicked at the thought of
"losing" my baby.
Later, I went into Richy's room to put away some laundry. And he was
sleeping, sprawled on his stomach with his long legs sticking off the
I am here. I mean, I almost never leave these boys at all. And
somehow I still feel like I'm missing it.

Is this motherhood, this fleeting sense of ownership...
this reaching out to grasp, just as it becomes a memory
this holding and releasing
This blinking, and finding
change happening before your eyes

And even when I try to hold too tightly,
they evade my grasp
shadow boys

Monday, June 26, 2006

Well, let's see.... since Friday....
Friday night we went to Market Street to do some evangelism... what
we are trying to do is be Spirit-led in who we talk to and what we
say, etc. As we mature, we hope to do prophetic ministry to
unbelievers. We are also learning to speak the language.... so much
"church-ese" just gets walls up everywhere... people have heard it
and are automatically defensive....
So we have to learn to speak the language of today, and anyway, we're
I went for just a few minutes, as my small humans were uncooperative.
But Richy talked to about 7 people, and the 15-20 kids with us (kids
being 20-35 years old) talked to a lot of people... Chris and Jacob
did video interviews with teens, which they said went really well.
Sorry for the vagueness, I wasn't there. Come Tuesday night and see
the video.

Saturday night I went on my second date since Tobias was born....
wowzer. It is just a different world when you are so used to carrying
2 kids around all the time. We saw Nacho Libre, I busted my guts
laughing... then we took our busted guts to (blank....where did we
go? oh yeah) Market Street where we saw Nate and Leah and ate at
Potbelly... good sandwich.
Then we picked up R2 and Toby from VKG who had stuffed them within an
inch of their lives... I actually had to MAKE Toby wake up and eat
when we got home. Very fun night, me.

Sunday I sat in the nursery during church... Tobias is getting
louder. Then nappish stuff, dinner at Leah and Nates....Calvin was
there (my mystery brother) and his girlfriend... and Mama... and Nini
and Kai... and a few invisible cats.... fun was had by all.

Today: no plan. Don't it sound beautimous?

Friday, June 23, 2006

At 7-ish we're going to do some "evangelism".... how I shudder at the
word. But we're going to try to be creative... maybe bust a little
acoustic guitar (no, I don't mean smash it)... and do some video
interviews and hopefully prophetic stuff...
I think it's gonna rock.
This morning Toby got up on his hands and knees.... I'm not ready!
I'm not ready for him to be a big baby, and also my house is still
Baby Death Trap 2006... with the pennies on the floor sometimes, and
the nails sticking out of trim-kinda stuff... and the outlets. Dear
heavens, the outlets...

Also on the agenda for today... a little laundry, no? Because, the
light, she are on, no? Yes.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

This morning was the second morning in a row that we woke up to find
Richy outside in his swimming pool, fully clothed. We gotta do
something about the porch gate.

Still don't have a lightbulb for the laundry room. All I need is the
light replaced... Has anyone helped their brother to remember to do
this? I think not. You can all write him now. Richyclark@richyclark
and you know the rest.
Just encourage him to change the lightbulb.

Here's a little form letter, if you prefer.
Dear Brother RICHY,
As a brother/sister in Christ, I urge you, RICHY, to change the
lightbulb in your laundry room. RICHY, this is a once in a every
couple of months opportunity. Don't pass it up, RICHY! You have the
chance to bring a little light to a dark situation. Don't wait, act
today, RICHY!
With the love of Christ, RICHY
Your Name Here

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get this video and more at

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

So here is the official Tuesday blog... I left yesterday's up so
everyone could see the cuteness.

We're leaving in a minute here to do stuff and then we have RadRev
tonight. If you haven't been, you should come. It's loud but we got a
Holy Ghost party going on.
I love this rain. It is just the most soothing sound. Toby and I
slept past 9 because it was just roaring in here.
On another note, the light is out in the laundry room. You should all
encourage Richy to replace it. Just mention it to him if you see him.
I know he'll appreciate the accountability. MUAHAHAHAHA
Okay, goodbye.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Get this video and more at

have to go find the charger and some cords and whatnot to upload
party stuff....
see ya then

still can't find the charger, and thus, digital pictures are postponed until indefinte....

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Friday, June 16, 2006

Well, we (jacob, chris, natalie, me, three thousand mosquitoes) tried the coke/mentos experiment last night... it was a comedy of errors... hopefully some salvage-able video.
Now to make a cake and figure out how to have an outdoor painting party indoors... 90% chance of rain tomorrow. Sheesh.

On another note, my husband can play a kazoo like a saxaphone. Seriously. He's got skills!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Oh man.... I will continue talking about what God is doing but I saw this video and all I can say is aaaaaaawwwwwweeeeesssssoooooommmmmeeeee. I have to go try this now.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

man. what a life I am having. I started to say what a week... but
what a life. Busy and good... and tiring.

Brief recap of N-ville-
drove 14 hours or so there stopping for potty breaks... Toby cried a
Day 1 stopped by the Fortress and sat in the van while Richy went and
talked to our contact people. As we sat there, the sound of the
worship and prayer was coming through the open door and we couldn't
take it so we went in for a minute and soaked it up. Then we drove to
the host home and met and slept.
Morning. Bagels and such. Off to prayer. Lou spoke about taking siege
of a city... SERIOUSLY amazing prophetic message- some keys: a. Don't
lay siege to a city unless you have a specific place in mind (he made
the comment military commanders never say Just go siege something
=) ) b. Don't lay siege unless you are commited to victory. c. Take
territory and make a stand. .... Eddie James led worship and it was
beautiful.... there is a video clip on
Other sessions- a worship team from IHOP Kansas City, and Corey
Russel from there... and Eddie James again with Will Ford. If you
have never heard Will Ford, you should read History Makers by him and
Dutch Sheets. He is great... we are going to have him come and preach
at RadRev sometime.
And we led worship one morning and one evening, I think. I sang both
times. Everybody stood in front of Hustler Hollywood with Pure Life
blindolds on... representing purity in our eyes. (Pure Life is
targeting getting p0rn out of the church first,
Our sessions were a blast- the Sunday night one we led worship and
there was some resistance (prophetic kids sometimes have a problem
with "tight" music- they think it's a show- we usually win them over
by ignoring them and worshipping)
Richy preached and the Holy Spirit was hitting him so hard he could
hardly talk or stand up. He prophesied over some people and the faith
level went UP and then he preached and we all prayed for everyone.
Every day began at about 7 for us and ended at 2 or so, then another
14 hours home. Sleep? I laugh at thee.

And then last night was an awesome Holy Spirit meeting but I am tired
of typing and so you will just have to come to next Tuesday and watch
the awesome VIDEO recap.

ahh my people. I missed you.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Friday, June 9, 2006

Then we finally got to the place just to check in and WOW... my people. Just kids everywhere praying and music and hippy-ish prayer types. Aaaaaahhhhh.....
so we said hi and then off to the BEAUTIFUL hilltop castle-type host home....
now, off to do some stuff.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

this might be the only blog for a while.... I am hitting the road.
Much love to the bloggeratis....

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

From all reports, last night's meeting was great. Unfortunately,
Toby refused to attend, or to stay in the nursery.... so the whole
night is kinda a blur of shrieking to me..
Oh well. Maybe next week he'll be used to it again.

Today is my twin's birthday. They would be two.

I don't really want to write about it here... too much of a sad
thing. They are greatly missed. I will always be a little envious of
heaven for their company....

This is supposed to be guys day... but nothing shuts a blog down
quicker than a sad story. So we shall see....

reminder: I am going out of town tomorrow, and may not have internet
again until Monday.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Image Hosted by

Tonight is the first Radiant Revolution Service!!! WOOOOO HOOOOO!

In other news, I will be traveling with the Radiants to Nashville this week for a conference... may or may not have internet access wherever we are sleeping on the floor.

Are you attending RadRev tonight?
Yes.... duh
Uh, no. I don't want to be a part of the coolest hippest Pentecost meeting of ever
No, I live in Washington
Free polls from

Monday, June 5, 2006

7 years ago today, I was in a hospital bed in Houston... it was my 4th day of bedrest after my water broke at 23 weeks and 3 days gestation.
At some point in the afternoon, my contractions started coming more regularly. I tried to ignore them... but somebody was ready to come and meet the Yablonskis.
After a little while. it was obvious that they had done everything they could do to stop labor and it just wasn't safe anymore. So off they wheeled me to the delivery room.

It's really a blur. I remember looking up at the ceiling as they wheeled me through the doorway and down the hall. Then I was in a different room with my mom and Richy I. Richy and I were both so scared. This was our first baby, our first pregnancy and everything had been normal until my water broke... So I laid there and Mama prayed and came in and out as there was a waiting room FULL of Yablonskis and friends waiting for reports. Richy cried and prayed and sang and almost passed out... He ended up out in the hallway for a while. I remember being in the room, just waiting for something to happen. A woman was screaming hysterically next door, and I had various monitors beeping and printing, and Daddy singing in the hall. And through it all, the steady thump thump thump of a very tiny heartbeat.
When he was born, all of us just held our breath for a moment. I remember thinking "Is he alive? Is he alive?" There is just a split second memory in my mind of a tiny gray body being lifted away from me and then the smallest hoarse little cry. Even in the insanity of the situation, relief flooded us. We just wanted to hear him cry. And then he was being wheeled at high speed down to the NICU, to spend his first hours being intubated and really, kept alive by Jesus and the medical team He worked through.

I saw him hours later, when the epidural wore off. I was so shocked. He was so small and red and I was so scared. I couldn't even talk to him... I just cried and cried. I had Richy wheel me back out in the hallway, where Mama was waiting to comfort me. " You better SNAP out of it!" she said. "That is YOUR baby in there. Now, you go back in there and talk to that baby!". Soothing words, those. So I snapped out of it and went and talked to my baby.

It was a scary day. It was emotional and it was hard. But every minute since he was born, he has blessed us.
He is the most pure, loving child I have ever seen. I don't even deserve the sweetness and trust he has. I am so blessed.
And I am so, so glad beyond what I can express that he cried. And that he fought his way through those 4 months in the NICU and that he is still such a fighter now.

a wee cry
and then beeping
and then more crying
and then you awe holy....
Oh ki gosh!
and singing
and singing
and singing
and praying
and laughing
and telling Buzz what's up
on the phone
banging loudly on the piano
and singing, hands flapping
the sounds of you
what joy

Happy Birthday, Richy.

This was the first picture we took of him. I remember thinking, someday we'll put this one up on a big screen as a testimony. He was 12 inches long and 1 pound 5 ounces.

That's his beanie baby, and Richy's wedding ring fit around his arm. He was a week or 2 old here.

We wrote these Scripture cards and taped them to his incubator to encourage our faith (or denial, some said)

Richard Lynn Clark II

Friday, June 2, 2006

I am hijacking Jess's blog to make an important announcement... My devotional worship podcast has been picked up by a publishing company and starting Monday will be played from . This is important to you who've been joining me in worship because what you already have set up WILL NO LONGER WORK! YOU WILL NEED TO RE-SUBSCRIBE.
So if you'd like to get a jump start TODAY copy this line and paste it into your browser...

I hope you've been enjoying them. Even if you can't listen to the podcast that day just "updating" your itunes helps with the podcast stats and can place it on the top at Unfortunately for the next 2 weeks there will be some repeats with new ones mixed in... this is because this audience (of around 4500 people ) have not heard any of the podcasts yet... So please stick with it... they are getting more powerful and more anointed as I am getting more comfortable with recording myself. Blessings... Richy

email addy in code avail @ radiantworship .com (take out the spaces to use)

Wow. It's June already. I just switched my wall calendar to May a
couple of days ago.
What is it with me and time? Did you know (some of you do) that we
only have 2 clocks in our house, 3 if the coffeemaker is plugged in?
That is- the annoying and much hated alarm clock, and the microwave
clock. The beauty of this is that time ceases to exist in my home.
It's all relative, anyway,
And besides, I can hardly read analog clocks. I sit there figuring
out which hand is the big hand (well, there's a LONG hand and a FAT
hand), then I remember which ones signifies what (the hours and
minutes). Then I multiply by 5. By the time I get there, it's 5
minutes later. Not worth it.
Digital is the way to go. And my little internal clock. *breakfast
*snack *lunch *couple of snacks *early dinner *dinner *late
dinner.... and so on.

So anyway, it's June. And that means a birthday in our house... R2
will be 7. Wowzer.

Pentecost Service tonight @ CTK.... 6:00 by some reports

edited to say: it says 7:00 on the MCF website, so there you go

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Marnin, all.
Last night was good... the youth group we were at (questionable
grammar there) had about 200 kids... they had a guest worship leader
and then Richy preached. It
was cool to see the dynamic was pretty similar to when we lead
worship and do the whole deal... Richy was giving out prophetic words
and so forth. We took Randy and Crystal with us and they laid hands
and prayed for the kids and such.... a real blessing. I was laughing
because when Randy walks around with Richy he looks like Richy's
Anyhoo. Great ministry and then an attempted dinner at Chilis with
the youth pastor from this church. Thwarted by the nefarious villain
Tobias. Foiled again.

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