Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lemme throw this disclaimer out there to ease my soul: we are in Texas for 9 days, and are playing 8 times and practicing as much as possible. We also took 24 hours to go to the beach and rest.
If you add it up, it's kinda nuts.
We are trying to squeeze in some family visits on Thursday and lunch.... so please, ease my pain and don't be hurt if we don't see you at all. Whoever you are, we probably love you and wish we could hang out.
There's just very little time. Hopefully we can come back in a few months for a vacation and see people and eat with people. I didn't even realize the schedule, but it's great to do ministry in Texas with the people we love. < end of disclaimer> (late breaking note: i sincerely apologize for the violent overuse of the word "people" in that paragraph)

Now, back to our vacation. We missed Hurricane Ike, you know. We were in Missouri watching live webstreams of Geraldo falling down and guys in bear suits frolicking (btw, just watched these clips again and laughed until i was a little nauseous). Anyways, we were super curious about what Galveston would look like 6 months later. It's amazing. I mean, the island is open for business, all the restaurants and most of the hotels are busy, but there is still major damage to a lot of buildings. If you are familiar with Galveston, you know the Flagship Hotel. The bridge leading to it is destroyed, and there are giant holes knocked in the front of the building, and most of the windows are broken out. What's weird to me is the white curtains blowing in the breeze. It's like noone has stepped foot in there since the hurricane. Creepy. The Strand is super quiet, too, although that could be normal on a Monday night. Some of the restaurants and hotels on that side are still really boarded up and closed. It's defintely a little spooky. We took a nice long stroll to survey the damage.

We got a great deal on our hotel, which is on the more damaged side of the island, and construction trucks are out on the beach working 24/7.

It's overcast and a little rainy, and there is hardly anyone here at all. For us, it's perfect. We are having a blast owning an island. :) Currently, the MOG is out on the jetties somewhere, convening with God and praying his iPhone doesn't get wet, and I am chilling in my hotel room with the door propped open so I can hear the waves. Good stuff.

In about an hour, we're packing up and driving back to Conroe, where will we set up and get ready to play at Christ the King tonight. Ministry on this trip has been so, so rich. I am so glad I got to come.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Later, gators... I'm off to the BEACH! If the hotel we're staying at has wi-fi, then I will post this afternoon. Otherwise, I'll update you tomorrow or more likely Wednesday. 
Talk amongst yourselves. In fact, why don't you submit your entertaining and amusing questions of a general nature to Madame Smartypants? Go.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

We will be hitting the road in a couple of minutes here, Lord willing. I may or may not be able to live-blog from the iPhone en route. Peace out!

9:28 am: on the road, finally. 34 degrees outside and richy has the ac on. Also, we forgot the iPod and the iPhone only has 7 songs saved on it. Might be a long one, folks. (just switched it to heater)

11:12 am Carthage, mo. Not to be confused with the one in Rome. 42 degrees. Hot fries and coke. Toby is complaining about how hungry he is, and what he needs is an apple, now, if you ask him.some discord over the subject matter as the MOG only wishes to discuss abortion, the end of days, or aliens.

Not to be totally negative- it's actually peaceful in here as we rocket along. R2 is loving looking out the window while he crunches on some chips.

1:01 pm ate at the giant mcdonalds in Ok. It was ok. I hope all these babies fall asleep so I can eat my secret brownies. Not "magic" brownies, mind you. I don't indulge. Well, I indulge in some things, like excessive chocolate. I am going to be drafted as a driver pretty soon, so I must return to my novel before it is too late.

3:52 pm somewhere in Oklahoma. 60 degrees and raining, which is why I retired from driving. I don't do rain. Toby just now fell asleep and brynn is still holding out..
Atoka. We are in Atoka. Our gps had us slated for arrival at 10:30 but we have gotten it all the way back to 9:40 by consistently exceeding the speed limit. Go us.

8:21 corsicana. Just spent what felt like several years of my life driving. It stunk. As soon as I started, someone in our van (clue: potty-trained
person) began covering his eyes and muttering desperate prayers. Now, the last time I actually hit something (a parked car) was over a year ago,and my only moving wreck ever was in 2001. Still, I can't get no respect. I then gave credence to his fears by hitting a traffic cone that
was in a totally ridiculous place. Stupid Dallas. Our eta is growing later, due in part to the less than stellar response time by jack in the box employees. Now I have to go and pay attention or some people will drive right past Woody's Smokehouse without stopping to pay homage.

Oh, and I teared up when I saw bluebonnets.

10:40something We made it! Sheesh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just got done laying Toby down for a nap. He has been steadily collecting blankets as they make it through the dryer, and he now has 4 or 5. Luckily, it's still pretty cold here. 

Now, some people in my marriage tend to be a little obsessive. We jokingly call it OC, but in reality it's just a little obsessive, not all the way to an actual condition. So I worry, sometimes... that Toby might be obsessive to a fault, and I keep an eye on it. So when he started demanding that his blankets be layered in a certain order, facing a certain way, I took note. Next he collected 3 pillows, his "twinkle star" pillow that I made, and then 2 throw pillows from my room, and he laid them in his bed. This is how it works, Twinkle Stars is for his head, and then the two other pillows lay by his side with the patterned side showing, not the black side. And the blankets can cover the lower pillow, but not the upper two. His cup goes in the corner, between a specific slat. And his boots can't stay in his room, they have to go out for him to sleep. 

Hmm. Maybe I should worry. 

Not too much, though. One night he screamed for about an hour about some random detail, and I googled obsessive compulsive disorder toddlers. The links that came up basically said 3 year olds are learning patterns and routines, and it's normal. The actual OC quizzes were really sad. He isn't tortured like that, at all. In fact, if I talk him through it, (like, your blanket is in the wash) he can even sleep without his stuff, or not have ketchup with his fries, or whatever. He just has to have a reasonable explanation or he will form a one man picket line.

No question these are some genetic traits, not from me, if you know what I'm sayin. The good news is, he should be a very passionate, driven and productive person someday, if I figure out how to channel him.

Now, I have to pack for 5 people for 10 days and leave my house for the realtor to show it whilst we're in Texas. Sheesh.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

People who don't do what I do often wonder what the heck there is to do on the internet. Well, there's Google, for one thing. I look up every dagdum thing, from how to get nail polish off hardwood floors, to how to feed 7 people without having to sell kidneys. I also bank online, and order library books, and learn recipes, etc. I could become an excellent agoraphobic.

I also belong to several message boards, where I do a cyber-version of people watching and read up on various topics. Most of these I joined because I have something in common with general populace of that board. 

For example, Free Republic, where I go after something drastic has happened to the conservative movement and see what other conservatives think and feel. 

Then there's Television Without Pity, which is NOT even remotely Christian-friendly, but indulges my inner Snark by making fun of the shows I love. 

I also belong to a couple of infant loss boards, and so on. There's an empathy and a depth in shared sorrow. I also lurk on an adoption board, and have learned so much about what really happens, and what parts of adoption need reform.

One of my favorites is Mothering. This is an ultra-crunchy one, where the main things I have in common is abiding by a loose sense of attachment parenting, including cosleeping, breastfeeding and baby-wearing, among others. I differ pretty drastically in that I am a conservative, and I am not fiercely anti-spanking, and I am not into the environment or natural living. And I love McDonalds. 

I love to read in my various worlds, what people are saying about current events, or worldviews, or whatever. The opinions are so opposite - it is just so fascinating to watch the debates unfold on different sides of the spectrum. 

People are beautiful. In most cases, even if I don't feel passionate about the issue, I enjoy seeing people who are burning with a cause express themselves. 

I feel the need to defend myself a little in advance here- I don't spend my life on these boards, at least not currently. (in deep grief, I did) But I do like to click in and see what different corners of humanity are up to from time to time.

And now, a bonus video- the folks over at Mothering would be horrified by me laughing at my own crying baby. In my defense, it's funny. She was ticked at me for moving the computer just before clicking record.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We had another JPR set today. It went well, although I would hesitate to says swimmingly today. Just well.

Then I had my break and spent most of it at Sonic, drinking a half-price Coke and reading Escape, which is the true story of a woman who escaped the FLDS cult and lived to tell about it. It's interesting... crazy. I'm at the part where they've just barely made it out and she is trying to survive on her own with 8 kids. I'm pretty sure one of the kids goes back to the cult. Know why? Because of the picture section in the center of the book. I hate it when they show the end of the story in the picture section. I try to skim with my eyes and skip any pictures that are past the part of the book I've already read, but I usually end up getting spoilers anyway. 

In that vein, it is very difficult being a person who likes surprises. Everybody in the world wants to tell me what they got me, and what is going to happen in the book or the show, and so forth. I just want to NOT know. Thanks. 

A few zoo pics here.

Monday, March 23, 2009

there will be no zoo video today. i normally am an evangelist of all things Mac, but I won't hesitate to tell you that iMovie is PUNK. There will be a zoo video, after we install the software that is supposed to be for professionals (radiant's copy of Final Cut Pro), because the software that is supposed to be for Joe the Housewife (iMovie) is jacked. So there you go.

in other news, I miss Texas.

I miss
pine trees
people showing up unexpectedly
seeing my friend's babies be born
churching together
mexican food
eating with family
talking on the phone and saying i'll be there in a minute
striking up a conversation over the produce section
seeing someone I know, everywhere
Texas shaped stuff
easy friendships 
the camaraderie of being a Texan, among other Texans. Because only we know.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Last night the President was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He made a joke about the Special Olympics that might haunt him... as the mother of a future Special Olympian, I am mostly annoyed. 

There is no lower form of humor than mocking the disabled. Not only the disabled, but kids with greater challenges than most of us have ever faced, who then spend months and years training to be able to rise above their disabilities and do great things. These kids are overcomers. So the joke was offensive, but more than that it was so, so ignorant. 

I wish the President had shown more honor for the office of President and skipped the comedy circuit. 

Having a child with multiple disabilities has taught me a lot. I don't think fat jokes are funny. I don't think midget jokes are funny. I don't think blind jokes are funny. I especially do not think "retard" jokes are funny. I think they are all low and cowardly. So if you want to make me laugh, grow up.

In other news, I feel the need to write something more positive here. I'm trying to think... ah yes, I am going to Texas in ONE week! That is very, very exciting! So there you go.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am here, awake and still living. I didn't blog yesterday because I was at the ZOO. It was awesome, and I am making a little video for your viewing pleasure, only not today because I have 2 hours of solitary fun beginning when these little people fall asleep and thus, I will be deserting you momentarily.

We had our second JPR set today, and it went great. Swimmingly, even. This one is a format called Worship With the Word, and it was focused on Psalm 27:1-4, which is a great passage and an easy one to sing about. We practiced some last night, in the living room with an acoustic and Bibles, and so I was more familiar with the flow and how it should work. And it was really good. It has made me aware of how unfamiliar the Bible has become to me... which is wacky because from about 6 to 16 I was fed a steady diet of Scripture and I could practically breathe it... but not so much now. What is amazing is that spending 2 hours singing and thinking about 4 verses has made me a little hungry... I want to read some more... so that is very, very cool.

Today, I plan on grocery shopping and going to the library. The glamour.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today was my first set in the JPR (the Justice Prayer Room, which is the training ground for the "big prayer room")
It was pretty miserable for me. I can pray, and I can sing. But I am not familiar enough with their structure to follow it exactly, so I messed up a lot. I am a pretty laidback person, and typically I think I would be much more like, "live and learn" but for some reason today totally stressed me out.

Ugh. I never want to do it again. Our next set is Thursday, and I am going to find RIchy's IHOP instruction manual thingy and read up. Sheesh.

In other news, we are going to the zoo tomorrow. Last time we went it seems like everybody was pretty little, and we went too late so most of the animals were sleeping. So we're going earlier tomorrow, and hopefully all creation will not be snoozing.

Today I took my two hours and tried to find JCPenney to spend my gift card, and ended up wasting an hour driving to JCPenney Home Store. I only have 20 bucks, and I didn't want to spend it on a pillow or something. So I went to Half-Price books, but even half price seemed like a lot, so I headed back and spent the remaining 45 minutes browsing the same ol' thrift store. Which was great. And that slightly gripy tome is why today's blog post is so late.

In other, other news, we are going to Texas on the 27th. Wahoooo!

Monday, March 16, 2009

After a somewhat frantic Friday of juggling money around and gathering the deposit, and turning in the deposit and application, we backed out. Both of us had been feeling iffy, and it wasn't going away. So we made the landlord a little irritated, but moved in time to be able to get out of it.

So, there you go. We're planning on staying here after the owner puts this house on the market, and just being ready to move with a 30 day notice. Oh, and be on call to make this place Martha-worthy should someone want to come and see it.
Of course, I am bummed about all the new-ness, especially the dishwasher. Man. But we have learned to listen, you know?

There are things I really love about this house, our current house. It will be nice to hang on to it until we are suddenly booted. :)
And another positive, if we don't have to put that deposit down, it means we don't have to eat beans and rice for a month.

In other news, this is R2's spring break. He hates spring break. He is a very grumpy little person, throwing tantrums multiple times a day. I will be glad when he goes back to school, and I think he will too. I always hated it when people said that, but it is just true.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Looked at that house... it is PRETTY cool. In fact, there are features of it that are awesome. The living and dining areas are pretty open, new carpet, new everything. It was an Ugly House that was bought and renovated, so it's very cool. The bathrooms are beautiful, and the dishwasher (wolf whistle). The backyard has a concrete patio area, hello Indy 500 in the Fisher Price cars, and then a pretty big yard with trees and just cool. All fenced. 4 bedrooms, although 3 of them are pretty small. It doesn't have a basement, which is a bummer, but the garage should be easy to convert for Richy's office/studio.

It's at the top of our price range, which is okay, but might be a little tricky to qualify for... you can't really explain providence on an application. We think we can figure it out though, and make up some documents which look good. (When I say make up, I do not mean fabricate, I mean compose documents explaining our various sources o' income)

This is where I always get nervous. I like this place, and I hate rejection. The MOG is consulting with the Good Lord, and then depending on the GL's answer, we will put a deposit down and just see if we qualify. In the meantime, we drove by a couple of the other houses on the list, and they are all pretty scary. So I might be canceling some appointments.

There's a pile of laundry staring at me
At least, it would be if laundry could see
But laundry cannot
and so, it can rot
As I sit here composing with glee

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The house search began in earnest again today, due to our landlord planning on selling this place. We could buy it, but we don't like it that much.

You may recall me looking for a house several months ago, and toying with the idea of buying... we decided we aren't ready to buy, and there weren't any houses big enough and cheap enough for 4 adults and 3 kids on this side of KC. If we wanted to move further north, there are some amazing places... colonial 5 and 6 bedrooms and such. Not practical with the amount of time the MOG spends at the HOP. So there you go.

Anyways, renewed the search -oh, and Daniel decided to move in with some friends in April, so that made it a little easier to look. So, I was forced to make phone calls, because someone thinks I need a breakthrough when it comes to talking on the phone and refused to make the calls himself, and we are seeing 2 houses this weekend, so far. There are always going to be cons, but if we find a place with a dishwasher, I might be willing to share a bedroom with all 3 of my kids. I.need.a.dishwasher.

This is the one we're looking at tomorrow. I want to marry this kitchen.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Attempted to get a haircut today... the beauty school was not cutting hair, since all the stylists-in-training were in classes. I can only think that's a good thing. I am also in the market to go back blonde, since it was strongly requested by the board of directors. Therefore, at some point in the near future, I will put myself back in the hands of House of Heavilin.

The way I figure it, me and my mama have been frying our hair blonde with (well, not Mama so much anymore) products from Sally's, and about 80% of the time, we get it how we want it, in the end. So, maybe it's pink for a day. Big deal. We just act like that's what we were going for and go about our business. The only people who give us the double-take are cosmetology types.
So, what I'm thinking is that these students should do fine. If they nail it, then maybe I will get to start having awesome color-y hair for a fraction of what I would be paying elsewhere. So there you go.

After spending a pitiable chunk of my two hours looking for an amateur to practice on my hair, I gave up and went to Sonic. Had a Reese's blast and read my book for a while, and then went to Target to buy a teakettle. I used to love Target a lot more. These days it seems too pricey. After chilling there for a good while, I responded to the frantic texts asking when I was coming back and came home.

Sat down and found a large smear of chocolate on my shirt. From Sonic. Nice.

In other news, my dad and I used to listen to opera and get a good laugh out of Faust.... where Faust has sold his soul and is languishing in hell, and singing loudly about it, and all around him there are people screaming. In retrospect, I guess it's not a funny opera. Anyways. It sounds kinda like that around here. I didn't get the notice that today was National Shriek All Day Day. I will make a note for the future.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Do you have more cash than you know what to do with? It's stressful being fabulously wealthy, isn't it? Well, just lie back and relax. You will soon be 350 dollars poorer, and you will feel so much better.

The Mind Relaxer.
This is the mental relaxation spa that combines biorhythmic sound and light patterns to remove outside distractions, helping you improve attention and focus, reduce anxiety and stress, and recover quickly from jet lag. The spa includes a pair of glasses that have 12 white LEDs embedded into the inside face, surrounding your orbital lobes with an array of gentle, pleasing light.

Both the glasses and the included earbuds attach to the control unit, which houses all 18 sound and light programs; the lights and the soundscapes are set to match four frequencies--beta, alpha, theta, and delta--which oscillate between 1-30 Hz to help improve concentration, induce varying levels of relaxation, or achieve a deep state of meditation. Each program lasts up to 25 minutes. Includes carrying case.

4-1/2" L x 3-3/4" W x 1-1/2" H. (4 oz.)

Price: $349.95

Imagine me kicking back on the couch with this bad boy. I'd just strap on my relaxation goggles and melt away.

A pile of unfolded towels lays at my feet, where Brynn is drawing with a Sharpie on the hardwood floors. As the biorhythms surround me, Toby would climb on top of the refrigerator and rain debris onto his brother, who would become overstimulated and begin poking himself in the forehead with a spoon and screaming.

My husband, who did not have biorhythmic goggles, would become greatly alarmed and maybe even come upstairs from his basement office to offer some management suggestions. But I, I would be in bliss. And when I took off my goggles, I would be so relaxed I would probably just not even mind the mess and chaos. I would just have grace and ease. See?

You know the kicker on this one? Comes with carrying case. Sign me UP.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Shannon2-24 said...
ms. smartypants,
is it better to buy a house with a yard that will fill with falling pine needles or leaves?

or perhaps a combination?

please note: pine needles in WA may be larger and heavier than TX ones

Ms Smartypants seriously doubts that anything in Washington, or any other "state", is bigger and or heavier than anything in Texas, unless you are referring to your fruits and nut crowd. It is better to buy a house in Texas.

Anonymous said...
Ms. Smartypants,

Can sleep talking be controlled? Maybe brought down to a minimum? Or is that what duct tape is for?

This is one of those rare cases where the Bible allows for immediate divorce. Sleep talking, or Neil Diamond collections.

Anonymous said...
Who is that Phillip guy?

The scope of this question, to quote our President, is “beyond my pay grade.” The sheer number of Phillips is too vast to comprehend, although most noteworthy may be Phillip Head, of screwdriver fame.

Josh said...
What is really inside of a black hole?

Let’s hope cream filling.

Viking Granny!!!! said...
How long before architects begin planning for double the amount of women bathrooms in all public facilities?

This is very, very unlikely to ever happen. That would be customer service. More customers means less time to converse with your coworkers and text your friends and family.

Viking Granny!!!! said...
When will we get tired of standing around and start speaking up and taking over the empty bathroom down the hall.....?

I have seen that breaking point in many a woman, over time. It all comes down to which is worse, your bladder exploding or having to walk the sticky and suspicious grounds of the men’s room.

Anonymous said...
How do you handle a whiny baby who won't even let you go to the restroom at church? He screams when I give him to Beth so that she puts his face over the stall to look at me while I am in there? He just keeps screaming at me.

Frustrated in Cut n Shoot
Give him to Georgia. Even if he is 2 hours old, she will feed him some cake. (If you are Georgia, then give him some cake)

Anonymous said...
Dear MSP - 
will you actually post replies to these questions or are you just teasing us?
You tell me, dear reader. You tell me.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Today, I will not be posting some deep insight, for two reasons.
1. Nothing comes to mind
2. It is 70 degrees and we are getting out of this house.

That makes it a perfect opportunity for.... Ms. Smartypants!
Ms. Smartypants is your greatly helpful semi-annual advice columnist. Submit your entertaining questions of a general nature today through Monday, and Smarty will answer you on Monday sometime. Dig deep! You know you have an entertaining question in there somewhere.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Marriage is all about compromise. You start to figure out after a while that some people are always going to take naps, and some people are always going to leave the vacuum cord laying around. Really, you are never going to celebrate these things, unless maybe one of you almost dies and from then on every time you see the vacuum cord you will be seized with thankfulness and clutch the cable to your heaving bosom. So, exceptions. But for the most part, you will kinda roll your eyes and deal with one's idiosyncrasies the way you choose to deal. 

Then there are the Big Two. These are the fights every married couple has, at least after a while, and one is money and the other one is not something I talk about on a family blog. These fights come and go, in cycles and progressively get better or worse. 

Then there are the little nitpicky things that still irritate you after almost 13 years, like the way that one chews a ham and cheese sandwich, or how some people never notice the floor needs to be swept until the linoleum is hidden. 

Or, the temperature in the car on roadtrips. I like to be warm. I especially like to be warm when it is snowing outside. Richy likes to run the air conditioner in the van year round. He claims he is unable to breathe otherwise. I, respectfully, think this is a load of hooey.  So we battle back and forth, one turning the knob towards the blue, the other towards the red. I put on a sweater, sighing heavily. He gasps and cracks open his window. I put my hood on, rubbing my arms to try to maintain circulation. He makes strangled sounds. Can we do this for 12 hours on a trip? We can do this for 12 years. It is probably never going to change. 

I write this from the corner of the good couch, which I won by being the most stubborn, or at least the loudest. He is napping on the old futon. 

As I get perfected in love, I'm sure I will get a lot, lot better at compromise. In the meantime, I can't think of anyone in the world I'd rather fight with. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I got Brynn's hair cut today. I know, GASP. First haircut ever.

Part of me is sentimental, like, oh, it's her baby hair and I should never ever cut it and if we look like a) those kids getting slapped at Walmart or b) that fundamentalist Mormon sect in Texas, that's okay. Because it's her baby hair.

The other part of me is like, this kid looks scrungy. Let's do some stuff. In fact, I wish I could cut it and dye it and perm it and straighten it, like my own personal Hair Care Baby Doll™. But I just stop it right there, because you can't do that to real live babies even though it probably wouldn't hurt them.

SO anyways, I decided to go for it. She was happy and excited about the idea, until she got up in the chair. Then the famous Clark scowl came out and she was crying and arching her back and sliding out of the chair and drama drama and all the staff was coming around and trying to read her books and tell her how pretty she was and she was not having it.

Finally one of the ladies brought her candy, which I am so not about bribing with candy. But it worked. Bean just went to her happy place and completely zoned out for the rest of the haircut.


We got a little card with her curls in it, and if I think about it too much, I will cry. Again.

Saying goodbye to you
but not really
goodbye to who you are now, to me

the beauty is, I get to say hello
right away
to who you are becoming

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today was our long awaited appointment with the Nutrition department. Now, around here, there's not much fat. The Clark boys and Daddy are pretty skinny, so Bean and I do our part at holding up the family fat averages. R2 is definitely the skinniest. He has, and has always had, little skinny twig arms. A couple of months ago, he got sick for a few days and lost about 4 pounds. When you are 46 inches tall, 36 pounds is too small. So we made an appointment, and then the plague came and we had to cancel. So we finally made it today.

The lady charted his height and weight, and showed me way at the bottom, where he ranked in the percentile. (Uh, yeah, that's why I brought him here) Then she had me try to describe his eating patterns, and my brain just shut down. I have been having his school keep a food diary for a MONTH, and I just blanked out. I kinda stuttered around with peanut butter and pediasure and eventually I remembered what he usually eats, until it got to what did we have for dinner.

I could probably tell you what my phone number was in 4th grade, and I could not remember what we had for dinner. I had to backtrack through what we did after dinner, to dinnertime, and there it was. Ham and biscuits. Biscuits I found in an online recipe that is a ripoff of Cracker Barrel. Mmm. Anyways.

So she gets out a food pyramid chart, which is something I have always ignored out of a distaste for government involvement in my daily life. Food pyramids and dogging on bottled water, and most environmental recommendations I ignore, because they feel like Big Brother. I digress.

So she basically said I am already doing great, but to try to incorporate every group in lunch and dinner. I was all like, oh, easy! I always read "Eat 14 cups of grain a day, and 6 cups of milk" and so on, and I was like well, heck no. For one thing, who eats that much stuff? And another thing. Who measures their food? I barely have time to put peanut butter and jelly on before some little person is gnawing on my leg.

We also have to go get a powder called Polycose or something like that, which is a glucose polymer, and mix it in with any liquid he drinks. Oh, and he has to stop drinking so much water. Whoda thunk? He needs to be using higher calorie drinks for his liquid intake. I'll get the boy some Coca-Cola. (that is a joke)

I bet I could get to 300 easy if I did this diet.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I never really intend to take a day off. I just wait to blog until it no longer seems practical to put something up. So I'm sorry I skipped Friday, for anyone who cared. :)

We will  lead our first prayer set on Thursday. Now, if you don't know about IHOP, and where I live, it's the home of the International House of Prayer.They have, among other things, a televised prayer room that has continuous prayer and worship, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It never stops. (side note: if you have not subscribed to the prayer room, it costs $10 a month and it's worth it. go to http://www.theprayerroom.tv and try it out) 

There is also a secondary prayer room (the JPR, or Justice Prayer Room), in another building. I think they eventually plan to have 5, with differing focuses ( I know it's foci, but that looks so weird). So, this second prayer room - I don't know what the purpose is, exactly, but it is where new worship leaders play sometimes and kinda practice the methods. Sometimes, they get moved to the GPR (Global Prayer Room), which is the televised one. We get to start leading sets in the JPR this week, I think 3 times a week.

It will be great, and an opportunity for the 3/5 of Radiant that is in KC to play together. I will also be singing, if we get childcare, and that is making me a little nervous, because there is a certain way things are done around here, and I'm not that well-versed in it. So, I might get fired. 

In other news, I finally gave in and let Richy cut Toby's hair. I was afraid that a)he would have a giant head and b)he would look like a 6 year old.  Neither happened, and he is even cuter, if that is possible. So, win-win.

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