Wednesday, March 11, 2009

what I did, for the sake of the blog

Attempted to get a haircut today... the beauty school was not cutting hair, since all the stylists-in-training were in classes. I can only think that's a good thing. I am also in the market to go back blonde, since it was strongly requested by the board of directors. Therefore, at some point in the near future, I will put myself back in the hands of House of Heavilin.

The way I figure it, me and my mama have been frying our hair blonde with (well, not Mama so much anymore) products from Sally's, and about 80% of the time, we get it how we want it, in the end. So, maybe it's pink for a day. Big deal. We just act like that's what we were going for and go about our business. The only people who give us the double-take are cosmetology types.
So, what I'm thinking is that these students should do fine. If they nail it, then maybe I will get to start having awesome color-y hair for a fraction of what I would be paying elsewhere. So there you go.

After spending a pitiable chunk of my two hours looking for an amateur to practice on my hair, I gave up and went to Sonic. Had a Reese's blast and read my book for a while, and then went to Target to buy a teakettle. I used to love Target a lot more. These days it seems too pricey. After chilling there for a good while, I responded to the frantic texts asking when I was coming back and came home.

Sat down and found a large smear of chocolate on my shirt. From Sonic. Nice.

In other news, my dad and I used to listen to opera and get a good laugh out of Faust.... where Faust has sold his soul and is languishing in hell, and singing loudly about it, and all around him there are people screaming. In retrospect, I guess it's not a funny opera. Anyways. It sounds kinda like that around here. I didn't get the notice that today was National Shriek All Day Day. I will make a note for the future.


  1. that's always good information - nsadd - march 11

  2. target always seems pricey to me - i go there every once in a while because it doesn't have that "run over and dingy" feel like the usual wally world... plus, the lines are never as long...

    i go to walmark once every 5-6 months - and after i get all my items, end up in the line, and then remember WHY I HATE to go there... the lines are horrible! unless you go at 2 a.m.

    but, once you've invested an hour or so picking and choosing and regular shopping of basics and extras... who wants to leave the basket and run?

    so, i go on through the wallyworld line- and pledge to never shop there again...

    then 5-6 months later, i forget the solemn pledge, and go back...

    but, the prices are better...

  3. jess? would you like one of our hardly used tea kettles? it must be a nice one. papa john bought TWO of them prior to Linds' wedding... as he had TEA duty...

    we really don't use TWO tea kettles at a time so you're welcome to have it - Han can bring it back when she comes...

    email her and remind her to grab it if you'd like it.

    it's black with chrome - and probably was boughten at Targette

  4. walmart is a whole different experience at lake conroe.
    it's worth a couple extra miles

  5. i can barely handle the conroe walmart parking lot which is where i am waiting while andy goes in there(although i will admit that i find it somewhat entertaining)

  6. Tell me about the shrieking. My son only stopped to puke, eat, or sleep. by the end of the day, we wanted to shriek too.

    Oh and all this talk about shopping reminds me, I have a Costco membership now, if you ever want to go, let me know.

  7. Yes, the lake conroe walmart is worth the trip. I went there today. Much better than conroe.-G

  8. we are fans of the 242 Wal-mart in the Peterson casa

  9. look at our beauty!!! five and a half months old!!! much wonderfulness!!!

  10. g - you are a traveler... don't you live in Wootlands? and all the way to Lake Cornrow Wallyworld?

    or, is there a back road?

    Hi Mere, Hi everybody!

  11. Blonde is where it's at. PORTLY blonde. I'm just sayin. Mama

  12. That's where I'm heading, mama.

  13. It is the way of victory.If you git my drift, Just like I said about mascara. No doubt about it.Portly blondes with plenty of mascara. Large and in charge.You better believe it! Mama


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