Tuesday, March 17, 2009

on why I woke up. Wait.....

Today was my first set in the JPR (the Justice Prayer Room, which is the training ground for the "big prayer room")
It was pretty miserable for me. I can pray, and I can sing. But I am not familiar enough with their structure to follow it exactly, so I messed up a lot. I am a pretty laidback person, and typically I think I would be much more like, "live and learn" but for some reason today totally stressed me out.

Ugh. I never want to do it again. Our next set is Thursday, and I am going to find RIchy's IHOP instruction manual thingy and read up. Sheesh.

In other news, we are going to the zoo tomorrow. Last time we went it seems like everybody was pretty little, and we went too late so most of the animals were sleeping. So we're going earlier tomorrow, and hopefully all creation will not be snoozing.

Today I took my two hours and tried to find JCPenney to spend my gift card, and ended up wasting an hour driving to JCPenney Home Store. I only have 20 bucks, and I didn't want to spend it on a pillow or something. So I went to Half-Price books, but even half price seemed like a lot, so I headed back and spent the remaining 45 minutes browsing the same ol' thrift store. Which was great. And that slightly gripy tome is why today's blog post is so late.

In other, other news, we are going to Texas on the 27th. Wahoooo!


  1. There's a penneys at oak park mall.

    Take 435 West to the Quivira exit.
    Turn right at the end of the off ramp
    go north on quivira, the mall will be on you're right about a mile up at about 95th and metcalf.

    If you hit 90th, you've gone too far.

  2. If you hit 90th, you will also need to file an insurance claim.

  3. There's a new JCPenney's in Willis...if you come on the 26th you'll have extra time to shop...prayer room-shmayer room. Y'all get down here!

  4. Willis now has a JC Penney's???


  5. Jess..... if you get on the hwy and travel NORTH you end up at the airport..... Good to know...

  6. Linda........ Cut n Shoot has a Pizza Inn..... pick up location.....

  7. n8 - is the penney's in Willis? i thought it was in north Conroe.

    fyi to Josh - it's at the 3083 - Teas Rd junction at i45 - across from the newer outlet mall, on the eastern side of same intersection

    there's on O Garden, as well as some other stores...

    you peeps come back home! y hear?!?

    you can pray here in any order you wish - as long as led by the Spirit :-)

  8. It will be good to have a couple of Radiants in town!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. MPC- A lot was built up at that intersection Dec. 07 when we were there. I just was surprised to hear Penney's, but it's a good move for them. Their are A LOT of people in that area.

  11. yay!!!!!!


    i am going to get you
    a test goodie box.

    plz. place order!
    love you!

    oh, and
    most of MCF is going to
    a Dave Ramsay course

    we are broke
    and budgeted

    we all know you like
    we'll have to have you over!

    unless I allocate my
    "Blow" Category
    to the Clarks spring break!
    please advise MOG
    no, let me rephrase
    ask MOG!!!
    I am busy Monday Tuesday and Wednesday nights....and some Thursday nights...Saturday AMs
    and all of Sundays...

    I need vacation!

  12. oh and
    JCP is nice here
    but i know what you mean
    about 20 and pillows.

    i just save myself the
    and don't go......


  13. kat- how do i pick a sample pack?

  14. dear pal,

    sorry about the D/W. i'll think of you when i'm washing mine...

    love, pal

  15. jess i dare not leave a comment on this one ;0)

    glad your singing again:0)

    josh: you would be surprised... NORTH conroe towards willis

    U will find...

    Grand movie theatre
    Old Navy
    Olive Garden
    Buffalo wild wings
    Apple B-s
    JC Pennys
    and much more coming

    this place is starting to look so diff now..

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Leah just had another check-up and the Dr. said she could get off of the crutches! She still has to wear the boot and be careful for another three weeks until her next check-up, but she is hands-free once again!
    Please keep praying for her continured healing! Thanks!

  18. I went to the new Jc Penneys today because it has a Sophora store and I needed make up. Nice. We had a pennys' years ago by Academy. Not my fav place. But it is nice to have places in Conroe to shop but I will be honest I MISS THE WOODLANDS!!!!!!!!!! I do like the Children's Place in COnroe better than the Woodlands because it has a shoe dept. Cheap kids shoes are hard to find and they are cheaper than payless and target.

  19. ok, jess
    sample of what

    body care

  20. i guess she didnt wake up today

  21. wow
    she still has not awoken

    is awoken a word

  22. how did JHOP go today?? had to be better than Tuesday, right?

  23. n8

    are you sure?


    sounds kinda back woods


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