Monday, March 16, 2009

Less on da hizz-ouse

After a somewhat frantic Friday of juggling money around and gathering the deposit, and turning in the deposit and application, we backed out. Both of us had been feeling iffy, and it wasn't going away. So we made the landlord a little irritated, but moved in time to be able to get out of it.

So, there you go. We're planning on staying here after the owner puts this house on the market, and just being ready to move with a 30 day notice. Oh, and be on call to make this place Martha-worthy should someone want to come and see it.
Of course, I am bummed about all the new-ness, especially the dishwasher. Man. But we have learned to listen, you know?

There are things I really love about this house, our current house. It will be nice to hang on to it until we are suddenly booted. :)
And another positive, if we don't have to put that deposit down, it means we don't have to eat beans and rice for a month.

In other news, this is R2's spring break. He hates spring break. He is a very grumpy little person, throwing tantrums multiple times a day. I will be glad when he goes back to school, and I think he will too. I always hated it when people said that, but it is just true.


  1. Well, you can work on Richy's reading while you teach Toby!

    Bummer about the house, but you know when things like this happen, and we are listening to Him, there is something better on the horizon!

  2. Sorry about the house but Nate is right that just means there is something better comin.
    What are you going to do with R2 during the summer? Have you looked to see if there are any programs for him?

  3. his school program goes through most of the summer. he'll only be out for a month.

  4. Well, I guess we'll just have to return the $500 Target gift card we were going to give you as a moving gift.

    hahahahahahahah! Woo, that was funny.

  5. They tell you to take down all family pictures to help sell a house. I say, put up some choice ones, like Richy and I holding the roses in our mouths in 1995/1996(?). That should keep it from selling.

  6. I just figured out my next business.

    Some people make money "stagging" a house to sell. They come in and tell you how to arrange furniture, what pics to take down, and even bring in stuff that isn't yours to make it look better.

    I'm going to contract out to renters who's landlords are selling the house from under them. I'll come in and advise on what to do to keep it from selling the longest. I think I have a winner here... oh, and how fun it would be. Chewed gun under the door knobs anyone?

  7. please pray for Jessic teinert's baby. This is an emergency pryer.He is three eeks old & on full life support. Sorry, I hsve broken keybord


  8. It is always wiser to obey..... and a lot easier in the long run....... and so hard when we do not understand.

    It is going to be really kool to see where you all end up. God is so wonderful....

    G- please keep us updated on the little one...

  9. awww. sad. I'll be praying for Jessica Teinert and baby.

  10. appreciate your honesty.. i'm sure many gasp when they read, "i will be glad when he goes back to school"

    ya know Merci , as much as she complains about school and wants to be homeschooled.. actually does better all the way around when she is in school. She is less cranky, less lazy, healthier, more motivated, more active, and more thankful.

    but once she hits 5th grade and we are homeschooling I'm going to have my hands full to keep her mind stimulated!

    (any updates on teinert?)

  11. latest report on the Teinert baby...He is stabilized. Thank God for the prayers. Please continue to pray. They are waiting on test reports. Have ruled out heart disease.mama

  12. hello you happy hippy people!
    just kiddin...

    when r u coming to texas?

    inquiring minds wanna know....

    there is this little matter
    about a promise i must

  13. yessica

    r u workin on your music?

    i LOVE your "new" name!

    can I have one too?

    where did you get that character?

  14. my comment was short last night-- was heading to bed... late : )

    no wonder you'll be glad-- having him grumpy's hard. so cute how much he likes school!!

  15. supern8

    that picture has always bothered

    can you please tell me what it

    so i can stop worrying?

    it looks weird

    but then i am 52
    my only glasses are from the
    drugstore section of walmart
    and right now i can't even
    FIND them????

  16. ha! Kat, it's a man lifting his arms and there's a glory spotlight over him

  17. oh and
    i solve the
    spring break

    this way

    just ship em out for 2 days!

    sammye hope you aren't reading

    right now i am cleaning house

    it was SO bad
    SO BAD

    yesterday all i did was
    tote wrinkled laundry upstairs
    and put it away

    maybe i will just throw all
    these old clothes away and
    that will solve my problem

    too many clothes
    makes laundry a big chore

    ok back to the grind


    just one man?
    i still don't see it......

    does it magnify????

  19. ok
    time is a waning

    talk to you lovely people

  20. Update on the baby... He is still on full life support and they want him to remain there so he doesn't have to work hard on his own. Please pray for his heart. He has had a hard time and the docs are concerned about the effects of all the extreme rates, (at times very high and then dropping to very low) he has been through.They need to get to the bottom of the cause and type of infection.There are a great many folks praying for him and pulling for him. Thanks to all of you from his family. Mama


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