Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I like to know stuff

People who don't do what I do often wonder what the heck there is to do on the internet. Well, there's Google, for one thing. I look up every dagdum thing, from how to get nail polish off hardwood floors, to how to feed 7 people without having to sell kidneys. I also bank online, and order library books, and learn recipes, etc. I could become an excellent agoraphobic.

I also belong to several message boards, where I do a cyber-version of people watching and read up on various topics. Most of these I joined because I have something in common with general populace of that board. 

For example, Free Republic, where I go after something drastic has happened to the conservative movement and see what other conservatives think and feel. 

Then there's Television Without Pity, which is NOT even remotely Christian-friendly, but indulges my inner Snark by making fun of the shows I love. 

I also belong to a couple of infant loss boards, and so on. There's an empathy and a depth in shared sorrow. I also lurk on an adoption board, and have learned so much about what really happens, and what parts of adoption need reform.

One of my favorites is Mothering. This is an ultra-crunchy one, where the main things I have in common is abiding by a loose sense of attachment parenting, including cosleeping, breastfeeding and baby-wearing, among others. I differ pretty drastically in that I am a conservative, and I am not fiercely anti-spanking, and I am not into the environment or natural living. And I love McDonalds. 

I love to read in my various worlds, what people are saying about current events, or worldviews, or whatever. The opinions are so opposite - it is just so fascinating to watch the debates unfold on different sides of the spectrum. 

People are beautiful. In most cases, even if I don't feel passionate about the issue, I enjoy seeing people who are burning with a cause express themselves. 

I feel the need to defend myself a little in advance here- I don't spend my life on these boards, at least not currently. (in deep grief, I did) But I do like to click in and see what different corners of humanity are up to from time to time.

And now, a bonus video- the folks over at Mothering would be horrified by me laughing at my own crying baby. In my defense, it's funny. She was ticked at me for moving the computer just before clicking record.


  1. I love how her she uses her eyebrows to show her true feelings before she sticks out her bottom lip...... She is so precious.....

  2. almost as precious as a cleaned up Adam!!!

  3. oh, now, that is TOO cute! i had to watch it TWICE!

    Toby has grown up, hasn't he? he is the spittin' image of his pop...

    and Brynn is SO divinely emotional!

    ok - i could see this one on a FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS OR SOMETHING! ha! so hilarious!

  4. oh you also forgot to add to you list of things you do online......

    STALK people.

  5. that is funny!!! Toby is doing great on the ABCs too!!!

  6. Brynn's face is great.

    Keith has a hard time getting through L M N O P and "Now I know my ABC's" when singing it also. He usually says, "Now I ABC's..." kidda like Toby. Funny.

  7. jess,
    you are so so SO snarky!
    i love that you think people
    are beautiful!

    i love that you are up to your
    eyeballs in current affairs

    i love that you listen to and
    study both sides

    there are pauls out there
    waiting to be born!

    yesterday, twice, or was it
    three times
    i had to go out
    other than to casey's school

    a rare occasion

    i saw three separate
    children going in and out
    of stores

    holding their mom
    or grandpa's hands

    they were smiling!

    i found myself smiling at them
    grinning ear to ear
    and getting a little weepy

    chargrined at my softer side
    coming out
    of the crust of my tired
    stressed out overburded

    i wondered at the wonder
    of it all


    God's gifts to mankind

    yet untouched


    Lord, bless them
    keep them
    use them
    to turn our nation



  8. could that be a poem?

    on other current events

    i just called the MOG on
    his cell

    not to let this next
    opportunity pass us by.


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