Monday, March 9, 2009

Smartypants makes it back, barely

Shannon2-24 said...
ms. smartypants,
is it better to buy a house with a yard that will fill with falling pine needles or leaves?

or perhaps a combination?

please note: pine needles in WA may be larger and heavier than TX ones

Ms Smartypants seriously doubts that anything in Washington, or any other "state", is bigger and or heavier than anything in Texas, unless you are referring to your fruits and nut crowd. It is better to buy a house in Texas.

Anonymous said...
Ms. Smartypants,

Can sleep talking be controlled? Maybe brought down to a minimum? Or is that what duct tape is for?

This is one of those rare cases where the Bible allows for immediate divorce. Sleep talking, or Neil Diamond collections.

Anonymous said...
Who is that Phillip guy?

The scope of this question, to quote our President, is “beyond my pay grade.” The sheer number of Phillips is too vast to comprehend, although most noteworthy may be Phillip Head, of screwdriver fame.

Josh said...
What is really inside of a black hole?

Let’s hope cream filling.

Viking Granny!!!! said...
How long before architects begin planning for double the amount of women bathrooms in all public facilities?

This is very, very unlikely to ever happen. That would be customer service. More customers means less time to converse with your coworkers and text your friends and family.

Viking Granny!!!! said...
When will we get tired of standing around and start speaking up and taking over the empty bathroom down the hall.....?

I have seen that breaking point in many a woman, over time. It all comes down to which is worse, your bladder exploding or having to walk the sticky and suspicious grounds of the men’s room.

Anonymous said...
How do you handle a whiny baby who won't even let you go to the restroom at church? He screams when I give him to Beth so that she puts his face over the stall to look at me while I am in there? He just keeps screaming at me.

Frustrated in Cut n Shoot
Give him to Georgia. Even if he is 2 hours old, she will feed him some cake. (If you are Georgia, then give him some cake)

Anonymous said...
Dear MSP - 
will you actually post replies to these questions or are you just teasing us?
You tell me, dear reader. You tell me.


  1. i love ms spartypants segments. i can rarely think of a decent question, but i always enjoy reading the answers.

    and in reference to the supposedly giant washington pine needles.......thank you for speaking the truth, ms. spartypants. thank you!

  2. i don't know if any of you'n Texans have been to Washington... they've got some pretty big stuff up there too - including pine needles

    hi J & S - how's the family? and how's Sylvona?

  3. I just wrote a long post and got an error after posting. Don't have time to write again.


  4. Yay for Ms. Smartypants... it is ever my aspiring goal to be as wise as she... I shall have to add this wisdom to my knowledge base


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