Sunday, January 27, 2013

Home makeover

Several Fridays ago, we were given the devastating news that our son R2 (Richy II) is in a process of degeneration as a result of an unidentified genetic disorder. We've been the recipient of bad news plenty of times before, but this is the first time since he was a baby that doctors have not given us any hope, so we were totally shocked and brokenhearted. Some close friends texted me for an update and I just gave the unvarnished report, too shellshocked to make it "nice". Within hours they had organized a meal train and unleashed armies of prayer and practical help for us. I described them to someone as "The committee of friends that is helping my life".

Well. The committee has been busy, folks. Last week we were sent to Bethel in California for a time of prayer and ministry, and then they arranged for 2 days at a resort/waterpark with all of our kids. A vacation with children is always equally beautiful and exhausting, but this time the committee had arranged for helpers to come and help with the kids during the day so we actually had time to spend with each kid. It was so good for my mommy heart, especially since school is starting Monday.

Little did I know that they were also getting us out of the way. ;) We know now that a secret group had collected and fundraised to renovate and totally redecorate our home. Dozens of volunteers came and donated hours and hours of hard work, renovating the majority of 2000 square feet in less than a week. Many of the people who gave countless hours didn't even know us, and we are so deeply moved by their love for God and for us.

When we walked in, there were people with video cameras, so I'm sure there will be an edited video soon. I wish we had been more dramatic in our responses, we mostly walked around in shock, saying the word "Amazing" too much. We had had a particularly discouraging day with R2 and to walk in to this beauty and generosity was stunning, humbling, amazing, to use our favorite word. Later, the kids came in and saw it all, and R2 showed us with his eyes that he loved his Toy Story room, designed for him. The Committee hid back in the hallway and wept while they watched the MOG walk him around to see all the new things.

We woke up this morning in a beautiful new house. We're still reeling, taking it all in. People that we know and people that we have never met worked morning and night for a week to create this gorgeous, peaceful space. There's no way we can thank anyone enough for all of this, but we want to try. Thank you for making our home so warm, so welcoming and so peaceful. We are walking through the Valley of the shadow, and your generosity has blessed us so deeply. We are surrounded, we are loved. R2 is loved. It means so much, more than I might be ever able to say.

Here's a series of short vlogs to walk you through the house. It should play automatically through all 6 short videos, although it seems to pause for 10 seconds between each individual vid. Wait for it, I'm coming back. Unless it's the 6th video, then it's not a fake hangup.


  1. OMG Baby... I have not even read your post yet... all I did was watch your video and it made me cry. I love you and I know how much this means to you guys. It is so amazing. God has you in the palm of HIS hands. You are so loved.

  2. .....and we shall remain...nameless...faceless. Let the face of Jesus shine! It's all in His name and because He loves you sooooooo much!

    Yup. Amazing. Definitely amazing!

  3. That is so awesome! Your house looks beautiful!


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