Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am a victim of advertising. For most of my life, I missed a lot of
ads... because TV was the abomination of desolation and we never had
Now I have one, although it is threatened almost daily by the MOG and
will, undoubtedly be sent back to its owner eventually...
Anyhoo. I was talking about ads. For example, a while back (hours to
years ago), I saw a Jack in the Box commercial about "Fake Shakes". I
have always been a fast food snob, avoiding JITB, Burger King, and
"Waterburger". But this commercial made me laugh and then I thought, I
wonder if that shake really is better... and next thing you know, JITB
is on the list of acceptable foods. Next up, Sonic. My very favorite
commercials. And there you go. I find myself sitting in the little
drive-in, wondering why I am there again because I don't really like
the food.
These BK commercials with the giant King are a little weird. I am
unconvinced. And it will take a LOT to ever bring me in the doors of
I buy my dishwashing detergent because that lady's dishes are so
sparkling! Families who eat Jimmy Dean together stay together.
Personal hygiene commercials: why are these products advertised? I feel
so sorry for the actresses. Imagine memorizing that script.
And the guys who sang the toilet bowl song. Was the money really worth
it? I- uh, Well, I sing jingles. For commercials... well, actually I'm
the little guy in the toilet.... hello???
and maybe it's my age, or my health... but the fact that Cheerios will
lower my cholesterol does not change the fact that they taste like

One time, we drove up to McDonalds. From the backseat..." ba da ba ba

Monday, January 30, 2006

Just when I was going to do the Happy Birthday Jenna post, I read that
she isn't coming as planned!
She has flipped and changed the schedule...
Just like a kid.
Well, Jewels, time for the old castor oil...

When will Jenna come?
January 30-Feb 2nd
Feb 3rd- Feb 7th
Feb 8th-10th
Free polls from Pollhost.com

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Yesterday Richy was out of town... without the car. And the tax return

So I took both young gents out by myself! We went to Walmart and the
library... I was hoping to go to HEB too but by that point I was so
tired and Toby was needing one of his marathon feedings... you can only
get so far snacking.

It wasn't too bad! Of course R2 is so peaceful... he was very happy and
excited to ride around in the cart. I realized I have had it pretty
easy the last 6 years, on the traveling front... he just goes
everywhere. There may be a change comin... Toby HATED riding in the
Snugli and then he got SO hungry (even though I just fed him) and so we
had to go to the Walmart McD's and sit down and have a snack... all of
Then he was happier and rode for a little while.
He slept through the library, thank you paci...
Funny how that's just a couple of sentences and it took hours to
Anyway, we had fun and it was a success, all things considered.

This little guy definitely has personality... and opinions.

Friday, January 27, 2006

there’s a somber sweetness about childhood.

i remember walking barefoot. half painted toenails carefully
navigating over white broken rocks. finding treasures: a red leaf, a
stream running through woods. a trail through trees to my friends

i remember anticipation. always, something coming.

i remember running to the ice cream truck, waiting in line. getting
something, usually red. trying to keep it from running down my arms by
holding it out. tangy cold sweetness. red is the color of childhood.

i remember friendship. closer than sisters for days on end. then the
bitter acrimony of switching sisters. secrets on the playground. songs
sung with what seemed to be great skill.

i remember running. whatever it was, i couldn’t get there fast enough.
running, arms spread out to be a pegasus. running, arms tucked to make
it to base. running, spinning, laughing, falling.

i remember knowing. i’ve forgotten now.

i remember being a daughter. the safety of home.

i remember cats. lazy furry curly cats.

i remember barbie. long blonde hair and carefully painted eyes. ken
was always dutiful and captivated.

i remember boys. the smell of sweat always mixed with crayons and the
sawdust from pencil sharpeners. knowing they were looking and finding
myself talking too loud.

i remember lunches. crisp crackly brown paper bags. peanut butter
sandwiches on white bread.

i remember innocence. believing in a world where evil was only in the
movies, and bad guys always came clean at the end.

i remember thinking that i was the only real thing and everything else
was a dream.

i remember beautiful days, grass and sunshine and puddles.

i remember thinking that in the end, everything would work out fine.

was right.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

and... Toby is 7 POUNDS!

Wow. Actually slept pretty good last night... but I have to find out if
he's big enough to sleep 4 hours now... 'cause he did.
Right next to me....
Honestly, is there anything sweeter than a baby? I don't think so.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Toby is 4 weeks old today! Can you believe it? Now I have to go look up 4 week olds and see if he is up to date!
I have figured out that he sleeps longer and better if he sleeps in my bed.... nice. Now I just have to figure out how to reattach my arm every morning.
This is the cutest noisiest baby in the universe.

GUYS day: maybe a little jump-start -some options
• Who is/was the best superhero? Who's the lamest?
• Why don't men take bubble baths?
• Who is cooler, Matt or Daniel?

some maybe topics there... have at it.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sorry about the delay in posting... Toby was fussy all night and so ...
you understand.
Turns out the only place he would sleep was with me. So he slept great
since 6:30 and I am a wreck.

Yesterday was a record blog day, over 400 comments.... the mathers
among us can give the specific count. Once again, this record was
achieved without help from Big Daddy.
I haven't read any comments yet... see ya in there.

Monday, January 23, 2006

You guys are moving right along here... I keep missing everything
because Richy has to use the "business" phone for "business".....

Toby ate for a solid hour this morning. And if I moved him or
threatened his position he would GROWL at me. What is to become of me?

goofy computer... or goofy blogger
If another upstairs shows up I will delete it.
Blog away...

I went to church yesterday. It was the first time in a looong time that
I've been there and not been a little freaked out the whole time about
going into labor. It was so cool walking in with a carseat just like a
normal mommy....
Now I am adjusting to needing to seek God again.... I feel like I've
been carried all these months and now that grace is lifting a little.
Funny how it can be harder to do in the good times. When I'm just
hanging on for dear life, I find Him so close. Now I need to work a

Just a little Monday morning introspection. See ya in a few.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I am awake now... but hopefully that means I will be asleep again until
10. I wish. But just in case, here's a post.

Friday, January 20, 2006

It's amazing what the brain does with pregnancy... I lost all political
and other ambition.... just now starting to notice the world around me
This is one reason I wonder should a woman be President. Now, this has
been an ambition of mine since I was 6. I take breaks from it, but
politics always calls to me.
And if I ever did it, I would probably be past childbearing years.
Nonetheless, I question my sanity during hormonal shifts.
Would I blow up Korea on a "bad" day? I just can't say. I'm just saying
I worry myself sometimes.
I really don't need any backup singers on this, my dear male friends. Just processing.

Well, sounds from the bassinet beckon me. Over and out.

I am SO tired. I know I'm just a whiney baby.... mothers throughout
history have done this.... but geez.
So I won't be around to chat for a little while... Toby is sleeping and
so should I.
Catch ya later

Thursday, January 19, 2006

If she's gonna cry, might as well give her her way

My battery will die momentarily... but 'eres a little blog to get ya
If Toby eats at 6 am, then he and I get to sleep till 9. Nice.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So there's a new link over on the side - it's pictures that you cats
have already seen, but if anyone just wants to see pictures of the baby
and not actually join the community, there you go.
How's that for a run-on sentence?
Well, guys day continues although it's not very manly today.

Mornin bloggers
The late night blogging has grown quite interesting... I always catch
up in my a.m. sleep deprived haze as opposed to my p.m. sleep deprived
Happy Bday to Wade Reichert!

Toby's doing great. His very favorite thing is eating, which he does
often, grunting and smacking and generally showing great
appreciation....He looks fat to us... he may be six pounds by now.
Last night Kai came to visit and then Toby looked kind of little... oh,

Well, guys, here's your day. Have at it. Who wants to suggest a topic?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Toby! For being a great reason to start a blog!

Georgia brought up the idea of blog awards.... very interesting. What
are some awards we could offer?
I used to win awards. Spelling bees and presidencies and such...
elementary school.
Do you know I consider participation ribbons socialism? Just award
everyone... no high achiever award only....
I used to go to the Houston area spelling bee and get beat by a Chinese
kid. Now, that sounds more interesting than it is. I mean, he would win
the competition, not pummel me. Clarification was necessary, I feel.
I have never won a trophy. Only ribbons.... I guess trophies are for
sports, and I do not excel at sports, to put it kindly.
Piney Woods used to have Field Days, where all day long you did sports
and tournaments and whatnot. I often scored the coveted position of
scorekeeper. It's amazing how much energy I have expended in my life
just AVOIDING playing sports.
You don't really get ribbons or trophies when you grow up. Maybe
certificates. But they're always things like You've Completed
Foundations! and your husband just throws them away.

Sigh... Maybe I'll get myself a trophy over at Brauns. And I'll keep it
at the Hernandez's house so it's safe.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Mama...

I didn't blog yesterday because I was lazy... or legitimately tired...
or uninspired

R2 had a seizure last night... his first in a year. It made me so sad
because I thought these were over... and I hate to see him suffer.
I was also afraid of more brain damage... He woke up this morning and
walked in here and pointed at the TV. Good sign. He then began to have
a VERY loud conversation on his phone right next to a sleeping Toby.
So I turned on the TV and he says "Look, it's Elmo!"
He then went in the living room and told his daddy, "Change my diaper.
I have stinky poopoos."

So.... um... there you go.
It was good of God to reassure me first thing.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

We went out last night... all 4 of us.
We saw Glory Road... we sat way up high with the annoying teenagers
because there were more empty seats around....
I saw Terri there with her main squeeze.
It was a good movie... nothing wrong with it. I just wanted it to be
more moving.... the previews are awesome and I thought it would be more
Remember the Titans-ish... but I didn't connect with it the same way.
Still, it was clean and a good story. So there you go.
Toby slept hard through the whole movie. There are good things about
spending your early days in the NICU, where alarms are always beeping
and the lights stay on... both of my children could sleep through
R2 loved the movie... he loves every "big movie". He is always very
excited about going and then he has a great attention span through the
whole thing.

In answer to Beth's trivia question, Monday is Mama's birthday. She
will be as old as her tongue and a little older than her teeth. So give
her a shout-out Monday. And cash is good, too.

Friday, January 13, 2006

This is really a topic more suited for guys day... but here goes.
I am surprised by the frequency and the violence of these
Tobias always seems inspired by a fresh diaper... time to have another
go at it. I am currently on the 3rd diaper for this particular diaper
change. Just wait it out, you say. I have. And right when things are
seeming done... he's just laying there... surely he's finished... the
new diaper is inducted.
He is also inspired to "water the flowers". I have to wash him all
off... change the sheets, etc. And he gets mad at ME because he's wet
and cold.

I don't know how I missed all this with R2. He was in the hospital for
4 months, that's part of it. But we brought him home at 6 pounds!
Surely we did all this infant stuff. But there is no memory. I am
befuddled by car seats and baby baths and sleeplessness... like this is
the first time. I am amazed by my fascination with him. Did I stare at
Richy all the time? I just don't remember.
But here I am again for the first time. And I intend to soak it up.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Toby is 5 pounds 4 oz... a 9 oz weight gain in 4 days! YAY!
And he looks good... everything is good and healthy like it should be!

The blog is already hoppin this morning...
Gotta wake up (as it were) and get ready for Toby's appointment today,
I feel like an agoraphobic spending approximately the last 6 months
inside my house. And planning on a few more weeks of hermitage so Toby
can grow with only our family germs...
So today is Toby's first doctor appointment and I am so excited about
going outside!! We may even eat lunch in a restaurant... the excitement
I also may have to figure out how to feed Toby in public... a little
scared about that... but eventually it has to be done.

I hope that when I -a.) adjust to not sleeping OR b.) Toby starts
sleeping thru the night OR c.) I crack - that I will again have
rational thought (of a sort) and can again blog on various and sundry
topics of interest to me

Blog on, mates

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I now have two children. Isn't that WEIRD?
Toby was awake a lot last night... I think he has figured out I am his
slave... a few little grunts and whimpers and I'm out of bed with
dinner, dessert and a movie.
If I ignore the grunts, it will be full fledged screaming by the time I
process... this is my child. I am in my own home and I am his food
supply.... etc...
Sometimes he just wants to drink for 5 minutes and then look around.
And wave his hands. I recognize these movements from when he was in

I love sleep now. It never really mattered to me before. Now I crave
it... I even took a nap yesterday- the first one in all of this
pregnancy and since his birth...

I guess I should take this opportunity for a shower and food... see ya

Monday, January 9, 2006

no pix from home yet.... too..... tired......

Friday, January 6, 2006

We are rooming in tomorrow... going home Sunday if Toby does good with 24 hours of feeding!


Just thought I'd note that.

Well here I am at the NICU. Toby is sleeping so I guess I should go eat
breakfast. Just very difficult to tear myself away...
No news yet today... I'll update here or in the comments when someone
updates me.

Thursday, January 5, 2006

Here is the latest... Toby should be going home this weekend. They
are going to send us home with a heart monitor, which is no fun, but we
get to take him HOME!
We feel he is ready to come home today... we just are praying for
patience and favor. Jessica is having a real hard time with all of
this, though I know in the end, we will have our son. We love you all,
multitudes of blessings, Richy

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Toby will be a week old today at 7:45... pretty good party planned at
the Censored Buffet...

Don't know if the guys will show up today... if they do and suggest a
topic, then we gotta go with 'em.
Otherwise, gab away...

Today at some point the doctors will come by and talk to us about this
bradycardia/apnea issue and we can possibly see how long we'll be kept
for observation...
also Toby is scheduled to be circumsized- probably tomorrow.
That might get the guys going...


Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Hello everyone. Toby looks good. The main problem now is that he is
having these "heart almost stopping" episodes for the last few days.
Unfortunately this is delaying our leaving the hospital. They are
going to watch him a few more days, and then resume his increased
feeding schedule, until he is feeding naturally 'round the clock. So
hopefully we are looking at min one more week. His heart thing can be
2 things, one apnea. Which is simply the heart slowing down. That's
not a good thing, but babies grow out of it. Two, it could be reflux,
which is when milk in his stomach comes up and blocks his airways.
Either way we are believing for a quick healing. Otherwise, he looks
beautiful and is the cutest thing since fried rice. - Richy

Monday, January 2, 2006

Toby at the "Censored Buffet"

getting ready for a burp...

A burp you guys can all be proud of

The jetfighter is not pleased...

I have been able to breastfeed Toby 3 times now... he always seems slightly alarmed. But he is a great eater and should start gaining weight so we can blow this popsicle stand.
I came home to my house last night early... left the hospital at 6:30. This is the third time I have come home to a house without my baby. But it is definitely different. Leaving him, after feeding him and he was so full and happy and sleepy.... was not so bad.
Last night was the first night I slept soundly... (albeit waking up every 2 hours to pump) since he was born. I feel renewed hope for the future.

Now if I can only wake up the MOG so we can get out of here and back to my baby...
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