Thursday, January 12, 2006

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Toby is 5 pounds 4 oz... a 9 oz weight gain in 4 days! YAY!
And he looks good... everything is good and healthy like it should be!

The blog is already hoppin this morning...
Gotta wake up (as it were) and get ready for Toby's appointment today,
I feel like an agoraphobic spending approximately the last 6 months
inside my house. And planning on a few more weeks of hermitage so Toby
can grow with only our family germs...
So today is Toby's first doctor appointment and I am so excited about
going outside!! We may even eat lunch in a restaurant... the excitement
I also may have to figure out how to feed Toby in public... a little
scared about that... but eventually it has to be done.

I hope that when I -a.) adjust to not sleeping OR b.) Toby starts
sleeping thru the night OR c.) I crack - that I will again have
rational thought (of a sort) and can again blog on various and sundry
topics of interest to me

Blog on, mates

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