Friday, March 20, 2009

Hail to the Doof

Last night the President was on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He made a joke about the Special Olympics that might haunt him... as the mother of a future Special Olympian, I am mostly annoyed. 

There is no lower form of humor than mocking the disabled. Not only the disabled, but kids with greater challenges than most of us have ever faced, who then spend months and years training to be able to rise above their disabilities and do great things. These kids are overcomers. So the joke was offensive, but more than that it was so, so ignorant. 

I wish the President had shown more honor for the office of President and skipped the comedy circuit. 

Having a child with multiple disabilities has taught me a lot. I don't think fat jokes are funny. I don't think midget jokes are funny. I don't think blind jokes are funny. I especially do not think "retard" jokes are funny. I think they are all low and cowardly. So if you want to make me laugh, grow up.

In other news, I feel the need to write something more positive here. I'm trying to think... ah yes, I am going to Texas in ONE week! That is very, very exciting! So there you go.


  1. ooooooooohhhhh
    it was getting heated in
    here lsat night



    i LIKE IT!!!!!


    n8....don't be late!
    josh....i heard some exciting
    news about you at the grocery store........
    i can't wait to find out
    must i go check out your blog log?

    my wonderful little songstress

    can you decoupage me a little
    plaque about your laundry for
    my laundry room?

    you and I have the same
    heart song, beloved!

    maybe you could pen one
    exspecially for me
    something like
    a wrinkle in time or

    i've been partying with the tweenies here in corn roe

    they had fun
    i got videod
    i sound like Martha....

    back to the drdgery of
    figuring out what to render

  2. don't be alarmed
    it was a trusted source.....

    an anonymous
    who flies ever under
    the radar
    but silently monitors us

    come out
    come out
    wherever you are!
    you're it!!!!

  3. agree w/jess
    prez should not do comedy tour
    not really becoming of a leader

    a leader may have a sense of humor
    thats always nice
    (i think God has one)

    but don't do standup

    prez seems to want to be viewed as

    not cool

  4. I require a zoo video today...

  5. going to Texas! That sounds splendiforous!

  6. aw nuts! i forgot to do the zoo video! today i have to clean my house for the reseller to come look at it... but maybe during naptime I can edit it...

  7. Jess- agree. Very low. What is interesting is that Obama had just met earlier in the day with the sister of the president of Special Olympics. Was SO on his mind? How so?

    Kat- You talking about a bizzness?

  8. Yes, this is exactly why presidents should not do comedy. Especially when their presidential time could be spent being the president. hmmp

  9. yup josharooo,


  10. Kat- yep, hit my blog for info and my phone call on The Dave Ramsey Show.

  11. ok josharoo....
    i commented

    more later....

    i am very excited.....

    i will keep you in my prayers!

  12. 129 bowling is NOT like special olympics or something.

    Timothy Shriver w Special Olympics accepted Obama's apology....

    Arab company taking over FOX news...... AUGGGHH!!

  13. ok, so what did the Cool Guy say about special olympics?-G

  14. sounds like "g" was too busy
    digging up dirt on
    local money!

    great job, g!

    power point presentation
    pu leeeese!!!!!!

    also, i am mad that YOU
    get to do intercession when
    MOG hits local soil....

  15. I do? I am leading intercession with radiant? Coooooollllll!-G

    I guess that is a TFH night. Yes!

    Kat, you will be right there at my side eating up the presence of God with me and pulling down the strongholds!

    PLUS! Just talked to Leah and TRED WILL BE BACK THIS TUESDAY! YES!-G

  16. yipppee
    i o
    cay ahhh!!!!

    is that from Gunsmoke

    or where?

    i was just blogging about my
    aging skin and
    confessing to sun worshipping
    in an earlier life

    and so where did that come from?

    and admitting
    that my avatar is my
    alter ego of a younger me
    long long ago!!!!

    oh well

    miss G
    i will be there by your side!

    i just told my hubby
    the data you shared yesterday
    about the median income here
    it is still hard to believe

    trying to figure out a game
    plan for next week......

    jessica potato chowder
    sounds divine
    will you put corn in it?
    or bacon?

    go for it girl
    don't let the
    p b n j ers overrun you!

    right now it is too hot for
    that around here......

    i got out some capris
    and flip flops

    and then i looked down at
    the glow in the dark feet

    they were embarrassed

    so then i went to find my
    sneakers and suddenly they
    felt fine again...

    time for a pedicure!

    sorry, i am rambling
    i am tired!!!!

    yessica i know you are excited!!!!

  17. Kat- I answered your question in the comments of my blog.


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