Friday, June 2, 2006


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Wow. It's June already. I just switched my wall calendar to May a
couple of days ago.
What is it with me and time? Did you know (some of you do) that we
only have 2 clocks in our house, 3 if the coffeemaker is plugged in?
That is- the annoying and much hated alarm clock, and the microwave
clock. The beauty of this is that time ceases to exist in my home.
It's all relative, anyway,
And besides, I can hardly read analog clocks. I sit there figuring
out which hand is the big hand (well, there's a LONG hand and a FAT
hand), then I remember which ones signifies what (the hours and
minutes). Then I multiply by 5. By the time I get there, it's 5
minutes later. Not worth it.
Digital is the way to go. And my little internal clock. *breakfast
*snack *lunch *couple of snacks *early dinner *dinner *late
dinner.... and so on.

So anyway, it's June. And that means a birthday in our house... R2
will be 7. Wowzer.

Pentecost Service tonight @ CTK.... 6:00 by some reports

edited to say: it says 7:00 on the MCF website, so there you go

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