Thursday, June 22, 2006


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This morning was the second morning in a row that we woke up to find
Richy outside in his swimming pool, fully clothed. We gotta do
something about the porch gate.

Still don't have a lightbulb for the laundry room. All I need is the
light replaced... Has anyone helped their brother to remember to do
this? I think not. You can all write him now. Richyclark@richyclark
and you know the rest.
Just encourage him to change the lightbulb.

Here's a little form letter, if you prefer.
Dear Brother RICHY,
As a brother/sister in Christ, I urge you, RICHY, to change the
lightbulb in your laundry room. RICHY, this is a once in a every
couple of months opportunity. Don't pass it up, RICHY! You have the
chance to bring a little light to a dark situation. Don't wait, act
today, RICHY!
With the love of Christ, RICHY
Your Name Here

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