Wednesday, June 14, 2006

catching up

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man. what a life I am having. I started to say what a week... but
what a life. Busy and good... and tiring.

Brief recap of N-ville-
drove 14 hours or so there stopping for potty breaks... Toby cried a
Day 1 stopped by the Fortress and sat in the van while Richy went and
talked to our contact people. As we sat there, the sound of the
worship and prayer was coming through the open door and we couldn't
take it so we went in for a minute and soaked it up. Then we drove to
the host home and met and slept.
Morning. Bagels and such. Off to prayer. Lou spoke about taking siege
of a city... SERIOUSLY amazing prophetic message- some keys: a. Don't
lay siege to a city unless you have a specific place in mind (he made
the comment military commanders never say Just go siege something
=) ) b. Don't lay siege unless you are commited to victory. c. Take
territory and make a stand. .... Eddie James led worship and it was
beautiful.... there is a video clip on
Other sessions- a worship team from IHOP Kansas City, and Corey
Russel from there... and Eddie James again with Will Ford. If you
have never heard Will Ford, you should read History Makers by him and
Dutch Sheets. He is great... we are going to have him come and preach
at RadRev sometime.
And we led worship one morning and one evening, I think. I sang both
times. Everybody stood in front of Hustler Hollywood with Pure Life
blindolds on... representing purity in our eyes. (Pure Life is
targeting getting p0rn out of the church first,
Our sessions were a blast- the Sunday night one we led worship and
there was some resistance (prophetic kids sometimes have a problem
with "tight" music- they think it's a show- we usually win them over
by ignoring them and worshipping)
Richy preached and the Holy Spirit was hitting him so hard he could
hardly talk or stand up. He prophesied over some people and the faith
level went UP and then he preached and we all prayed for everyone.
Every day began at about 7 for us and ended at 2 or so, then another
14 hours home. Sleep? I laugh at thee.

And then last night was an awesome Holy Spirit meeting but I am tired
of typing and so you will just have to come to next Tuesday and watch
the awesome VIDEO recap.

ahh my people. I missed you.

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