Monday, June 26, 2006

over the weekend

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Well, let's see.... since Friday....
Friday night we went to Market Street to do some evangelism... what
we are trying to do is be Spirit-led in who we talk to and what we
say, etc. As we mature, we hope to do prophetic ministry to
unbelievers. We are also learning to speak the language.... so much
"church-ese" just gets walls up everywhere... people have heard it
and are automatically defensive....
So we have to learn to speak the language of today, and anyway, we're
I went for just a few minutes, as my small humans were uncooperative.
But Richy talked to about 7 people, and the 15-20 kids with us (kids
being 20-35 years old) talked to a lot of people... Chris and Jacob
did video interviews with teens, which they said went really well.
Sorry for the vagueness, I wasn't there. Come Tuesday night and see
the video.

Saturday night I went on my second date since Tobias was born....
wowzer. It is just a different world when you are so used to carrying
2 kids around all the time. We saw Nacho Libre, I busted my guts
laughing... then we took our busted guts to (blank....where did we
go? oh yeah) Market Street where we saw Nate and Leah and ate at
Potbelly... good sandwich.
Then we picked up R2 and Toby from VKG who had stuffed them within an
inch of their lives... I actually had to MAKE Toby wake up and eat
when we got home. Very fun night, me.

Sunday I sat in the nursery during church... Tobias is getting
louder. Then nappish stuff, dinner at Leah and Nates....Calvin was
there (my mystery brother) and his girlfriend... and Mama... and Nini
and Kai... and a few invisible cats.... fun was had by all.

Today: no plan. Don't it sound beautimous?

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