Monday, May 7, 2007

le weekend


As anonymous predicted, I AM going to talk about weddings and Spidey.
The wedding was beautiful, out in Harbor Town by the lake. And my boy looked pretty good, didn't he? Unfortunately, there was a mutiny among the flower girl/ring bearer population and things escalated to near violence. During the ceremony, mind you. But they were adorable. I have a little video, but of course the camera cable is missing. Cest la vie....
Then, just as I was chowing down at the reception, the MOG whisked us off to see Spiderman. Do you guys know about the Grand? It's only 7 bucks as opposed to Tinseltown's 8.50 and it's never as crowded. Anyhoo. (Don't worry, no spoilers)

{begin movie review}
See, here's the deal. I love me some Spidey. I was a Superman girl until the first Spiderman came out, and I loved it. And R2 is crazy about him. So that's the deal. I hate it when people say, oh, it was a great movie except this and this and this and this. But I'm kinda gonna say that.
In the first one, the Green Goblin was a little scary. The second one, Doc Oc was not scary AT ALL. To me, anyway. And I am a serious fraidy-cat. But in this one, there are two villains. A Sandman (as in, a man made of sand that can be as big as the whole city and such) and Venom, although they never identify Venom... Now, the Venom character, and what he becomes, are terrifying. I was covering my eyes near the end. So I wouldn't recommend it for chilluns.

But for adults or teens, there are some pretty cool object lessons about the power of bitterness, and forgiveness. And Tobey Maguire as Bad Spidey (a little bad) is SUCH a cutie. It's ok. I've discussed this with my husband and he agrees that they made him look cute. To women.

I don't remember any bad lanuguage, sexual innuendos, etc. Plenty of violence but no blood.
So there you go.
{end movie review}

I slept about two hours last night. I am feeling like roadkill. So now I am waiting for Toby's batteries to run out so I can put him down for a nap.


  1. extremely beautiful gentlemen


  2. If you wish, please click where it says "clammy" in blue and read my blog from today.

  3. So, like, your dude is nifty-neat in his groovy suit. Quite the handsome young man. He sure is growing up!

    As Aubri calls "badish spidey" - "Emo Spidey". We both totally dig his emo hair! It's amazing what HAIR can do to tip someone that's very borderline on the cute-ometer over to the really cute side. I did love the movie, too. I whole heatedly agree on the fright factor of venom. Creepy!! I also covered my eyes during his scenes. Great story line, too! It's a shame that we can't really "talk" about the movie particulars to avoid spoilers, but it was what it needed to be.

    Ms. Howard looked REALLY different in the movie! I barely recognized her!

    Inyway...on to productive behavior. Must work.


  4. Not to burst your bubble, but for The Woodlanders, it's easily $3 in gas to drive up and back to The Grand...and an extra hour for a baby-sitter? Fuhgetaboudit...

    In other news, I've now seen MuteMath live, twice...and easily, hands-down, the best two concerts I've ever seen.

  5. the grand is awesome--better than tinsel town for sure

  6. Spiffy kids.

    We went to Shannon's parents this weekend. Sunday I helped Shannon's dad clear a downed tree across the bank of the river on their property. He chain sawed them into pieces and threw them in the river. I was in waders and brought the pieces across to shore. We tied ropes to some big pieces and I drug them across the river. Good, hard work.

  7. I disagree...

    the grand is nice, and cheap. It's nice because it's new.

    Tinseltown is more expensive, but definitely a better cinematic experience.

  8. well, i like the grand - and they're five minutes or less from my house, and they're cheap, and i hate driving to the woodlands, and they're not crowded, and i find the cinematic experience delightful.
    although, they do need to work on their popcorn--it's not as good as it could be. =)

  9. we once had a horrible experience at The Grande....

    i have not problems with it, except in the spring - when the a/c's are trying to keep up with the heat...


    john and hannah couldn't hear it, but i could hear it the whole time it was roaring...and it really affected me and my ability to enjoy the movie...

    i complained afterward...and the manager said it was just a problem that occurred ocasionally when the weather suddenly changes and the acs have to play catch up...

    but, one of the theatre's assistants told me it happens all the time! they should have thought about that in their design!!!

    as for me, i will not watch a movie in a theatre that is close to those units...and i should study it more closely before heading north again...

    anyone else had trouble with the rumble and roar there?

    nat? chris?

    i want to hear others' opinions...

    i need me some pure sound when i pay money to watch and listen to a movie....

  10. I prefer Hastings/Walmart...

    If you chill and listen to all the comments and let the anticipation grow and grow......and wait 6 months to a year.......and then run to Hastings....and grab it in the middle of the week (for cheaper rental fees)....on your way home from Walmart where you have already purchased the "kettleKorn" and the unsalted regular butter free Popcorn....Cold cold GREEN slightly sugared Ice Tea in Ice Box....then it doesn't matter how much the gas prices are...and who needs a sitter..?

  11. Richy Road Movie Tavern is the best experience for ME.......

    If I am going out of the house...and spending outrages prices on a movie, I might as well go where they wait on you hand and foot and your order from your seat and free refills on drinks AND popcorn and they also have a full menu of pizza or salad or whatever.

    Nice .........Old crumpled up theater ......all old and decreped, but the service is great!

  12. Happy, who is the cool little cowgirl? Is that YOU?

    So sweet..........

    Caleb was at my house one day when I was carrying in a load FROM R2R.

    I had picked up some RED cowboy boots for one of the kids.

    I thought they would work for Jade or Izzy cause they were so small.

    Caleb eyeballed those boots and ran to the basket and grabbed them up and yelled

    "Are these MY boots Bedste!"

    ":Are these Lalubs Boots?"

    I couldn't simply say YES because I was sure that they were tooo tooo I said "I don't know Caleb, let's try them on"

    Thank GOD they fit.....He loved those boots and wore them every day for weeks.....and then someone gave him a red cowboy hat.

    He was so cute. STILL IS

  13. he sure is!

    and yes that was me--in my daddy's cowboy clothes

  14. Well, I appreciate the "Non-spoiler" comments because here in Romania we won't get the movie for at least a couple more months. It won't take as long as some other movies cuz its a blockbuster, but I can't wait.
    Like Jess I loved Superman until I saw the 1st Spidey. I'm definitely converted.
    Glad to be forewarned of the scary bits though, now I know who to take with me - or not!

    And too cute in the tux! Watch out ladies!

    ~ Kerri


    i just finished reading this book by James L Paris about Christians and Financial Planning "traps" and the above link is his website

  16. littleBobby was "famous" for his red boots and big hat when he was 1, 2, 3 years old...those are still the cutest pictures...

  17. good morning!

    did jess get some shut eye last night?

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  25. What cute little ring bearers, mutiny and all.

    By the way, missing anything? A video camera and diaper bag perhaps?

    because we have some of those...


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