Friday, May 25, 2007

Speedy Smartypants

Hey Jennifer! You're getting married tomorrow! I hope you haven't forgotten the million things you have to do! Or your vows! Or how you're going to get everything done in time! (snicker) No pressure, though. =D

So here's how it's going to go today. I will be doing a spontaneous weekend edition of Ms. Smartypants. You can submit your question in the comments, and I will try to post it, and its answer here on the front page before I start my media fast on Monday.

No offense if I miss your question. I may be picking and choosing, as this blog is not the only thing I do.

For more info on the 40 day fast, check out the CALL


  1. Do good things really come to those who wait?

    What did Jesus really mean when he said we must become as children to enter the kingdom?

    Wondering Wafer

  2. If Toby is at the back door and he is traveling at an amazing 3mph with a whole piece of toast with jelly on it, and R2 is coming down the stairs heading to the front door at 1 mph and wearing a sombrero and talking about his shoes, At what point will impact take place and what will exactly happen to the toast. What exactly will be the outcome?

  3. YES definitely a good idea mamapc:
    our house can be available for prayer during fast! about a mile from the west side of I45

    and our family of 3 are seriously considering driving to Nashville (i looked on the call website, and got the names of the hotels)and we may be wanting/needing one of those cabins

  4. I am curious of (or at least want to laugh at) Smartypants' advice to the following:

    What is the best way to get ahead at work?

    What is the best way to get a promotion?

    When your boss says you'll get a 5% raise, how do you convince them you should get a 30% raise?

  5. I shall clarify for those that don’t know me too well. I’m very happy with my job, pay, raises, mangers, etc... very very happy! Just giving Smartypants some good questions.

  6. Oh, & here is my new picture!! when we're at the park

  7. ok, mr. sillypants..

    speaking of silly:
    Keith thinks it's funny when I sneeze

  8. Which is your favorite pick for the next President, Clinton or Obama?

  9. Or what about John Edwards? He's got nice hair.

  10. 1. Should I keep working at Simplify?

  11. so who wants to guess how many miles the US atlas indicates from Houston to Nashville...?

  12. WEDDING o my gosh....the big day is here!


    Hey Jess.....Wassup with all the blog slacking .?

    What else could possibly be eating up your attention?

    Sweet little angel pants...?

  13. i am voting for president jesus
    tho' i know He is not in the running
    for now
    someday He WILL be in charge


  14. bethc - nashville is 12 hours 12 minutes away, as per MapQuest...

  15. Anyone else want to sponsor an in-home house prayer meeting on a night of the week for the next 40 days??? i suppose if a home group is going on several of the nights... then those can be THAT night's meeting... which night's are not covered??? betwixt all the peeps around here?

  16. Bout ta turn the comp of. We're leaving tomorrow morn for Shannon's parent's. Her uncle and cousin are also here from Ohio for a week. We prob won't be online till Monday night, when we get home.

    Happy media fast. May your heart be turned fully to the Lord.

  17. Good morning all, This is my last post as Jennifer Chagaris!!! I hope to see you all later. I did have a million things to do and finally finished around 3am!!! But I think everything is done, I hope everything is done!! I got to go love to you all!!

  18. Call Fast starts May 29th........

    Happy Saturday !

  19. Congrates Jennifer and Matt!

    How was the WEDDING?

    I bet it was fantastic..........

    Congrates Heather Schluter and her sweety pie too......

    What a day for weddings.!


  20. I wanda if those of us who are NOT fasting the internet for 40 days..
    can keep up the challenge of posting at least one comment a ........we can all still blog..and Queen Jess will have lots to catch up on and Ms Smartypants will have a lot of Q to July...

    Maybe Jess will make us a couple of new pages for any time we reach 100 comments....

    Maybe we can keep this thing alive with all of our talk about the fast.

  21. I am praying about what to fast.

    I am fasting...for 40 days.......
    for our nation ......and the Call..

    All I have gotten from God so far is H20 only for the first couple of days, and then only God grown with the water after that,nothing processed or man made.

    I plan on listening and obeying.

    I wanda if God will allow me to eat one meal a day or just one apple a day or what.

    I am practicing listening, obeying and praying for our Nation.

  22. What are you all doing? What are you fasting? What is God speaking to you about our Nation our Fast and Him?

  23. O well........

    I had lunch with Smartypants and MOG and I had to ask..........

    so anyway....I will not be posting one dad gum daily comment for 40 too.....

    so...........will the blog survive for 40 days untended to?

    Will ya'll keep her going all by yosef?

    The mysteries are countless...or numerous....or endless....

    something like that.


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