Wednesday, May 23, 2007

blah blah blah

American Idol last night.... pew-eeeee!
I think my boy threw it. I think he didn't want to win. Not that he could have outsung Teen Sensation ™ Jordin, anyway. But he coulda put on a show. I'm still watching tonight. I heart finales... especially ones with my boy Taylor Hicks on them.

Never made it to the library.... maybe today, she says wistfully.
I'm sick of oatmeal. SICK, I tell you. I don't like cereal, and toast and eggs and such are too much work. What do you people eat for breakfast? And by "you people" I mean no offense to my racially Caucasian-heavy readership.

Reader question of the day: 4. Explain the difference in living in Palestine, Israel and Palestine Texas.
Well, reader request of the day, anyway.
(disclaimer: responses are tongue-in-cheek. If that makes no sense to you, I mean I'm joking)

The difference is clear. One is a tense, paternalistic society focused on territorial wars and child-bearing. The streets are not safe, and every object is a potential weapon. Sometimes, you get in pretty bad fights with the neighbors. The communities are close-knit and secretive at times. And .....

Toby just wandered by munching on a pizza crust. This is concerning as we had pizza for dinner yesterday. I'm off to find the stash.



  1. first from japan.

    hope you find the rest of the pizza.

    now i am off to the zzzzzzzzzzzzs

  2. good nite Japan....

    maybe hope that there is no more "rest of the pizza".

    we didn't know that some potatoes had rotted in our kitchen and were producing "flies"....

  3. I've been eating hamburgers for breakfast. Mighty tasty. With salsa of some kind.

    But that's not easily accessable on a daily basis. So, because I'm evidently craving protien, I'll just break down and make the homemade "Breakfast Jack" or sausage and egg taco. And with the limited amount of energy I've had these days, that's pretty much my activity for the morning.

    On other days...I'll make a smoothie. VERY yummy. And easy. Throw a bannana, some canned pineapple chunks, OJ and ice cubes in the blender (or whatever fruit is available) and I have a very tasty breakfast. Add some sausage (on the side) and I am a very happy camper. It's suprisingly very filling. I just have to be sure to make enough for my little moochers, too. =)

  4. Oh, I forgot. You COULD have hamburgers for breakfast. They just built that Jack in the Box practically in your neighborhood....

  5. Hey Jess I just heard according to the pole on KSBJ they think Blake is going to win! I heard all these opinions of why but I have not seen any of them so I have no idea what they are talking about!

  6. Breakfast: Usually cereal of varying kinds. We typically have 8 - 10 dif kinds at a time, but all generally healthy. I usually have a piece of fresh fruit (banana, apple, pineapple) with it, or a yogurt. OJ when it’s in stock.

    On the weekends, I make a yummy french toast recipe if Shannon request it, or we may have eggs and toast.

  7. What else did you find in Toby's food stash?

  8. I found a half eaten apple in the playpen.
    Froot Loops in the crib.
    Various sippies (luckily, just water) in various places.
    And pizza under the chair, on the racecar rug.
    Potato chips in the living room.
    I think that's it. I HOPE that's it.
    All from last night/this morning

  9. Hey, what about the other palestine?

  10. How many teeth does Toby have now? How many on top / bottom?

  11. Yeah! Jordin wins!

  12. Blake is Mr. Chivalry, all the way! I'm so proud of him.

  13. On another note, I survived my first surgery! On first glance, nothing "looks" cancerous. ...Of course, MOST of you have NO idea what I'm talking about. For those of you who do...YAY!!

    I was mostly afraid of the "going under" part. Never went under (well...not since I was 6 - tonsils). I was SOOOO scared of that...and wanted to cry. Wonderful doc came in and said it was like a really good margarita. ...Okay. So, then the needle nurse came in and said, "here's your top shelf margarita." injected said juice in IV, ....literally, the next thing I remember was waking up in the same spot I last remembered. Raaaatherrrrr groggy, but I LIVED!!! woohooo!!! ...apparently the injected juice was just to make me "calm". Hah! I got calm alright! Next surgery on june 4th...EARLY in the morning!! Details upon private request.


  14. What did I eat for breakfast when babies food. Rice cereal and fruit mainly. Although...scrambled eggs became a HUGE hit to the beebees! They LOVED eggs. They put down more eggs than most adults I know! Eggs take about 2 minutes from raw in bowl to cooked on plate. And quite finger-worthy, too! ...A whole lot quicker than ANY version of oatmeal. Even the instant microwave version.


    happy breakfasting!

    More love!!

  15. first final exam completed!

    CHS graduation comes this Friday night

  16. angie,
    what is going on? i no likey medical stuff, but i believe for your healing and peace!

  17. don’t sweat what to feed your child - keep your own diet simple and eat the same things as him/her and lead with the healthiest portions of the meal.

  18. Ang, so glad you are ok! I don't like margaritas. Especially the kind that come in a needle. I hate needles. I had lots of fun figuring out what Madison could eat when she was little. We have food allergies. Eggs where bad. I tried scramble eggs once and she ate two bites, broke out and hives and started throwing up every where. Peas same effect. Except it made her cheeks turn bright read and then hives, and then throwing up. The worst one was the peanut butter. She took one bite didn't like it and spit it out. Next thing I know hives, facial swelling, tongue swollen, her lips swelled up so big it covered her nose. That one took a trip to the emergency room! All that and she didn't even swollow it!

  19. Does anybody have a nebulizer I could borrow for a while? Madison needs it every day right now. I have one but the person I borrowed it from needs it back now. I am trying to keep from having to go out and buy one today if I can help it. I have alot of other expenses right now if you know what I mean!!!!

  20. allergies are difficult for healthy food selections

    the only allergy with my 3 was that Bobby is allergic to dog and horse fur...not sure if he would be allergic to the meat...never tried it!


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