Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Last night we had a Radiant meeting... it's been a long time since I hung with the Radiants... it was good.
Currently: R2 is watching Barney. God help me. And he loves it. He's sick today. Which stresses me because he never gets sick. But we're going to the doctor this afternoon.
Brynn is whining about being laid on her tummy. Not happy.
Toby is crashed out. So as soon as I can get Brynn happy, I'm off to mommy land where there are showers and naps.

Have you read Richy's blog? He rocked it at a karaoke jam last week. It was awesome.

(I'm pretty tired and a little stressed about R2, so no real wit today)


  1. Good mornin all, Jess I prayed for R2, I know he will be better soon. Did you Radiants talk about my party? It is Saturday! I am so excited we did nick name it Weddingstock, but we didn't have enough money to do t-shirts. Bummer I know! We have also had some of the bands drop out but Robert is working on replacements. But I don't care, I just hope it doesn't rain! I hate getting wet! My hair grows to 10 times its normal size! And being stuck indoors would be a bummer. So everyone pray no rain!
    Also pray for my Madison. She is struggling with alot of illness right now, we have been having lots of asthma attacks, they have put her on double preventives, pills and nebulizer treatments. She has not had as many attacks but she is drugged up, she is having headaches, stomach aches, rashes. Side effects I think from the medicine.


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