Wednesday, May 16, 2007

complaining with disclaimers

I seriously considered drinking coffee this morning. But Richy's fasting, so there wasn't any made. So I had some oatmeal and a Coke. Mmm. Not.

Yesterday, we were all at WalMart. Well, all of us but my baby daddy. But we don't count him anyway because he goes to work all the time. And they were being so good... and I said to R2, "Richy, I love you.." and he says "I love PBJ, mama."
That's the way it goes.

Now. Allow me the liberty of griping. It's my blog, anyway. But what I mean is, offer me some grace. I hate it when people complain about their kids. Children are such a blessing, and it seems ungrateful. So my disclaimer is that I am deeply grateful, and happy. Nonetheless.
But you know what the problem is- why I am crazy in the head? It's because nobody talks around here. There's grunting, and pointing. Shrieking, crying, hitting and screaming. Moaning and groaning. I think that covers it. From dawn to dusk, I am the only person using words around here. Well, except for R2 talking to Fergus about American Idol. And sometimes, I just want to talk to somebody reasonable. Maybe even a little thanks. I mean, if I made breakfast for you, would you scream and knock it off the table? Probably not. You might even eat and say it was good, or at least thank me. You get the point.

I'm crazy about these kids. I really am. But if R1 gives me the option of breaking out of here for a couple of hours tonight, well, guess.

Video up at Pics blog


  1. I remember those days of no one to talk too. Madison's dad worked nights and slept all day so he was never around. And when he was I didn't necessarily want to talk to him. I would talk to Madison and the cat. I knew if either of them started to answer me I was in big trouble! Don't you hate that guilty feeling you get when you get tired or just need a break? I love all my kids so much, but sometimes you just need a break and I know everyone feels that way and needs it but it makes me feel guilty. Like I shouldn't feel that way.

  2. well looks as if u will not be having any adult blogging today
    so sad
    dont fret
    must be a busy Wed for everyone

    Iced Tea

  3. "I love PBJ, mama." -- awesomely funny!

    Sounds like you need to start talking on the phone more. Call up one of your other mature talk deprived friends.

  4. Keith just started knocking food on the floor last week, AND when his hands are COVERED with food he rubs both hands all through his hair. Does he touch his head much when they're clean? nope

    It's hard not to laugh when he's doing it cause it's just funny to think about rubbing your food covered hands all in your hair.

  5. yeah, baby hands covered with food is a natural magnet for the hair/head, furniture, parent's clothing, etc.

    it's funny

  6. and watch out when you give Keith lollipops - wowee!


    my boy Blake is probably going home. But I don't want to know until I watch the tape tomorrow.

    I want Melinda to win it. But I want Blake to be second.

  8. the phone was one of my life-lines when all my kids were young and i was home all the time without a car... we only had one vehicle until Linds was bout 8 years old... thankfully we lived in a smaller town...

    our 2nd car was given to us in 1989 - Here's the story...

    a little Ford Escort that had once belonged to my parents - a 1981 model - had gone through a hurricane down here - was refurbished. it being larger than the little '79 Honda that papa and i had, swapped with my parents so we could fit our first baby into the 4 door (vs the 2 door Honda) ... then, after Hannee was born, we traded it to a friend who was an auto mechanic and wanted a "fixer upper", plus they knew, with our growing family, we could use the 5-passenger (vs the 4-passenger escort)... we got the better end of the deal... a red, 4 door something-or-other car... heavier than the escort...

    anyway, we moved away from the town where the exchange happened - and where both girls were born...

    and several months later in New Mexico, with J en womb and Lindz in lap...we were hit almost head-on in the red car... by a speeding deputy on a dark 4 lane highway! we were almost killed! thankfully, the car was strong... and later we found out that if we'd been in a smaller car, it wouldn't have been good...
    that was 1986... we lived...

    3 years later, the Escort found its way back to us!!! the gentleman who fixed it up said he wanted to give it back to John!!!

    i don't know why i'm talking about cars... 2nd cars... i just know what it feels like NOT to have 2 cars... and what it feels like to be stuck at home with 3 childrens...

    we purchased a little blue escort... no, traded an old van for 1993... so, we had a little blue 1986 escort... a gray 1981 escort...and a slightly used 93 Transport... since we didn't need all 3 cars.. we gave the gray escort to another friend in need (for his extra car, fixer upper) never expecting anything in return. it was getting pretty run-down by, john and i neither one knew you were supposed to check the oil very often... :-)

    well - 7 years later, $500 arrived in our mailbox for that CAR! the friend said he felt impressed to send us money for it, since he had been blessed since he got it...

    so... the blessing continues...

    if you have not enough... give...and it shall be given...

    if you find yourself lacking in something... things, friends, love, health.... sow seeds into the fields you wish to reap from...

    want friends? show self friendly
    want love? show love
    want health? live healthily
    want things? work!!!



    enough of my babbling... some one HAS to clean this house...

    want a clean house?

    get up and do it...


  9. good words mamapc

  10. i think jess needs coffee

  11. as a teacher,
    i can relate to the need for adult conversation...teenagers are close, but many are so immature it is extremely "draining".

    Jess, Andy and I want to give you some time to take off. We can probably handle one at a time....


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