Thursday, May 17, 2007

I have completed my viewing of my American Idol tape. Thus the comments section will be rife with spoilers. Or one spoiler, really.

Nothing much to say today. Tried to take Brynn to a new doctor, but it didn't work out with insurances and annoyances and whatnot. I'll have to work on all that, but more importantly, I have to sleep.

We were headed toward Target to try to complete the increasingly complicated camera exchange, when the wails from the backseat clued me in ... we should probably go home and nap first. So here we are.

Very soon I will have witty things to say again. Probably.

Have you watched this? You should.


  1. If I didn't love Blake so much, I'd just quit watching. But even if he won't win, he's quite entertaining. SO, I'll stick around.

    But DANG.

  2. You, American Idol junky you! One of these days I might actually get around to watching it. I use to watch it forever and a day ago. When I had tv. It has been over 2 years since I have watched TV. Regular programming I mean. I do watch movies. I have caught the news a couple of times when I have been at someone elses' house but that is about it.

  3. i have a little froggy
    that sits atop my screen
    he's always very cheeful
    and very very green

  4. Jordin should win


  5. pathetic blogging today

  6. who's I.T.?

    and whose froggy is very very cheeful???

    jenn, i don't watch AI either... can't find it...

    or i'm not home on that night or something

    ok, i'll keep my nightly babbling to a minimum

    good night fairweathered friends...

  7. i just reserved 16 MORE spots at that campground in Nashville for those going to THE CALL!!!

    wow! there's a lot of interest!!!

    we're going to go be part of a big thing there that will affect this whole nation!

    let me know if you would like to accompany us up there and back...and stay in our little commune...

  8. jess - i watched your video - i think you have some Aidols there at your own home!

  9. my froggy's very cheerful
    never, never tearful
    i look upon his face
    which fills my heart with grace

    i love my little froggy
    green tho' he may be
    he's always here with hands raised
    as if he's greeting me


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