Saturday, May 12, 2007

Note about Mother's Day

I said something about this last year... just a reminder to keep an eye out for the hurting. Mother's Day can be a painful day/week for single women, those who have lost children, and those who have not had children. It can also be difficult for mothers whose children are not serving God. So try to show some love to somebody who won't be recognized this Sunday- it means a lot.


  1. i have to (get to) work in the morning and may not even make it to church.... there's a "planned" emergency surgery that cannot wait until Monday...

    my nephew also needs his burned hands "dressed" so i may be going over to that early in the morning...

    he was playing with pyrotechnics... fireworks... and one of the "things" blew up under his hands...and burned the back sides of many of his fingers... thankfully it's not worse... 2nd degree burns...

    jess - happy mother's day!!!

    and to all you lovely ladies, you are loved...

    btw - i'm going to go to bed now... early for me.... even though the house is ROCKING with loud electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboars, drums...all being played by Jeremiah and being recorded!!! i hope i can sleep!!!

    good night
    and good morning!!!

  2. question that arose today as I was dressing Josh's (my nephew, 26) burned hands again

    he's a youth pastor and his brother, a children's pastor were doing the pyro technics for a youth party... and ended up getting burned... the one without the license did something that is not allowed to be done sans said license...

    he's wondering now what is he supposed to teach or how can his youth group take him seriously when he's up in front of them with two completely bandaged hands...

    i told him he could really give a good object lesson...

    any advise, humorous or otherwise, on topics he could speak on for his next youth meeting???

  3. Mothers write on the hearts of their children what the world's rough hand cannot erase.

    Author unknown

  4. Where is Jess? Just 'cause she has 3 little ones at home does not mean that she can shirk her responsibilities to this blog! Humph!

    LOL! (Maybe the above will put a fire under her.)



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