Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well. That didn't work out. I was trying to edit a cute little video, but actually it's 287 meg. And then LaVonda (my mom's hairdresser name) and I were coloring my hair for a long, long time. So no video.

I got a digital camera for Mother's Day. We had one, but it was a dinosaur. This is a little cute one that takes much better pictures. BUT something's wrong with the battery deal, so I have to go exchange it today. At Target. I heart Target. Also have to go to Walmart to get Brynn's medicine. My hope is to get out of here as soon as possible, so we could be back here close to a noon-ish naptime. This is wishful thinking.

Isn't that cool?

I am just kinda getting the picture that these 3 kids are mine. And they will be going everywhere with me for a long time. Which is fine and great, I just think I had some kinda temporary thinking. Probably had to do with Richy (big richy) being home all those years to watch chilrens.

If I'm figuring out my routine correctly, I can run on caffeine for about 6 days before I have an emotional crash and want to run away from home. So I need to get some sleep by say, Saturday of this week. We shall see.

Brynn is sleeping here beside me, and Toby is waking up and shrieking in his crib. I don't hear R2. Which means I need to get up RIGHT now and go find out what he's doing. Peace.


  1. Radiant Worship radio is cool

    3 kids....been there....my goal was always to "predict" what issues i may have to face, and then plan accordingly....sleep is critical!

  2. um...jess, i don't think your link works--at least it doesn't work when I click on it. =)

  3. I am new to the 3 kid thing. But I am learning quick. I did have siblings growing up so I am remembering what that was like. Like the conspiracy angle. One ask for something you say no, so they send the next youngest to ask, batting eyelashes and the whole 9 yards. Manipulation tries to run rampant at my house, it is to no avail and the kids are learning. You should see them try to pull one over on dad that is pretty funny. To be honest it is the noise factor I have not gotten use too. Madison has always been a fairly quite child. Now there is non stop talking, screeching, yelling. Madison included. But she is loving every minute of it. And that is a joy to watch, the kids get along together so well.

  4. psa:

    "Do NOT-buy-gas-day!"
    will it bring the cost of fuel back down?

  5. my boys were usually pretty quiet.
    i had a thing about "inside" voices and activities like restful reading, legos, computer, videos, and art.

    it was based on my survival instincts...i get extremely weary with too much noise.....

  6. mama used to always say, "honey, never let their feet hit the ground" as in "keepem busy".
    I had them in sports and church activities as well as school work to keep them optimally engaged.

    one thing i would do differently if i could go back in time is to take more time with them individually.

  7. if u think 1 day of not purchasing gas will bring the price down . . .
    i'm not purchasing gas today, but then, i do not need to
    but what about the businesses such as UPS, grocery trucks, & emergency vehicles?
    lets face it - we live in a corrupted world with corrupted people who want $$$$
    1 day of holding off for a gas purchase will not change much I think
    it would be nice if it would
    there was another emailer floating around in cyberspace that mentioned we should not purchase gas from Exxon/Mobil, Shell or Chevron & this email stated that this would hurt more than withholding a gas purchase for 1 day
    again who knows?

  8. Why a gasoline boycott won't work

    Read it. Summary— we will just buy the gas on a different day of the week, and since profitability is measure in larger time span than one day (like months and quarters), it doesn’t hurt them AT ALL.

  9. (Now if I can just block Shannon from reading that last comment)

  10. The Radiant player is pretty cool.

    If would be nice if all woman would map out their emotional crash cycle as nicely as Jessica has. = )

  11. emotional crash cycle - nice
    i think you guys (josh & shan) will be riding the emotional roller coaster for a while due to last bit of sad news - it takes time
    and actually you will always remember your little one who's waiting for you in heaven - what a joyful reunion!

  12. i have one in heaven too
    i look forward to meeting him/her some day

  13. Thanks anon (Eva?).

    Like Shannon said on her blog, we've had more peace since the miscarriage than either of us expected. We were VERY sad the weeks after, and have each had our moments since. We took time to share our thought and feelings with each other daily for about 3 weeks after, which really helped (especially Shannon).

    We do look forward to meeting him/her on day!

  14. sleep

    everyone needs sleep for sanity and for a more balanced life...


    everyone drinks caffiend too much and then are too stimulated to rest well at night then go days on end awake but exhausted, then on day 6 fall apart

    damage is done to the whole endocrine system of the body when we stimulate it with chemicals... and don't get enough rest...

    the adrenal glands try to work through all the stress and over-stim... but finally give up when they realize you aren't going to give them a break...and then they stop giving you adrenaline...(adrenal glands) and you CRASH!!!

    SOME PEOPLE TAKE YEARS TO RECOVER FROM not resting on a daily basis...

    Now, for Jess... she is in the baby years... so, God has grace for when she is up during the night with a tiny tot... but... on a regular basis... more rest is best...


  15. or is that ice tea

  16. but i could be vanilla ice

  17. if my memory serves me correctly, anomonmi COULD be...


  18. I'm not anonymous anymore (Angie). I broke down and got a thang. So, mark me off that list. I'm just an anonymous reader now, as I'm too stinkin' busy to post anything of quality contribution. ...Like now. This is quality contribution at it's best.


  19. Happy Wednesday!

    I love you Josh and Shannon and I am praying for you..

    God is GOOD and He has great and mighty things in store for you.


  20. i like iced tea
    just call me iced tea
    or iced
    or tea
    or just call me


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