Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just got back from taking the wee folk to WalMart. I was planning to do this last week, but Viking Granny saved the day. But today, I decided to take it on.
FYI: IF you go to WM with 3 kids, and IF the kiddy carts only take dollar bills and not coins, and IF the stoner cart boy tells you go ahead and take it- Don't do it. It will let you drive for a minute and then the brakes come on. And you will be stranded with more kids than you can carry and you have to get cash for change from a stranger who has twins in her cart, and let said stranger watch your children while you run back and put in the ^&%^& dollar. And even then, it will just give you a new cart and not fix the one you have. So you will have to reload said children and especially Toby.
Just FYI

After that, it was a great trip. The boys played with the little steering wheels and pushed buttons in their part, and Brynn snoozed away. And I bought some cute shoes. Don't worry, Josh.. I'll post a picture for you. But there was so much grace on the whole trip. They just talked and played and one lady said I look like I have it all together. (MUAHAHAHA)

So on the way home, I gave R2 and Tobes Airheads, you know, that sour taffy candy? And now Toby is stuck to the wall. Well, not really. But stickier than syrup. Time for lunch.


  1. HAHA! great trip!

    i'm frist i think.

    i didn't know about the kiddie carts and the dollars, but if ever it should be my predicament, i will try to keep your very important warning on tap in my head.


  2. Great advice Jess! When I try to cram my 3 very large children into WM carts, that will come in way handy! It's a real pain trying to keep Aubri in the stinkin' cart anyway. Brandon and Jesse would be content...no matter how much of their legs were hanging out of the cart, if there were video game consoles. AHAHAHAHAAA!!! Such a fun image of my 3 kiddies that range from 5'8" to 6'2" in a kiddie cart! AHAHAHAAAA!!!

    Jess' kiddies, on the other hand, would be quite adorable.

    Well, I go now.


  3. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see those cute shoes. I will refresh the page every minute until they appear. I will not eat until I see them. I will not use the restroom until… um… forget that one

    I’m watching a webcast training about teamwork that’s taught by a retired astronaut. Pretty interesting.

  4. first day of MAY!


  5. angie, amazing mental image of your grown ones as kids in the cart...when i went to the grocery store, i usually left mine at home....still do to this day, and much easier to shop

  6. YOU, my friend, are VERY brave and patient woman. AND you had time to shop for shoes. Wow. May I say that you ARE -- THE WOMAN. I have taken the 3 kids. I have used the kiddy carts. It is NOT something I plan to do EVER again.

    Imagine all my children, around ages 6 months, 2.5 and 5 years (at the time). The older ones are stuffed in the "drivers" part, one is whining b/c he's tired of Bob the Builder, the other keeps escaping to chase some toy under the aisles. When I go to put him back in, he falls down in a full blown, screaming, kicking, people staring "My kid would never do that" tantrum. After the second tantrum, I spank him right in front of God and everybody, hoping no one will call CPS. The baby is crying and getting tired and I'm feeding him cheerios as long as they hold out. He gets tired of eating them and starts to throw the Cheerios on the floor.

    Get to the check out line, the two in the car jump out and start rummaging through all the impulse buy items. There begins the "no you can't have that" for each and every item. By this time, I'm too tired to try and put them back in the cart -- I just let them rummage while people with no children stare disapprovingly. I'm just happy they are within sight and not running to bother the people at the nail salon.

    And one other fyi about the kiddie carts...they usually won't let you take them to your car. You have to load everything (and everyone) into a regular cart...which by that time was ALL I could take. I almost cried and had a tantrum myself, right there in the WM entry. But I sucked it up, took a deep breath, loaded everyone up, and vowed to never do that again.

    I have gone since then w/ all three, but only for VERY short trips. I find the big blue 18 wheeler cart much more appropriate for my crew. I can strap in the older ones, so there is less running down the aisles.

  7. i can actually see that happening very easily. very interesting picture. i would laugh, except that i'm afraid that would make you cry (in the moment of course).

    --"in front of God and everybody"--

    that was my favorite line


  8. i hated shopping with all my kids... i finally got where i'd get John or my sis-in-law to watch them while i shopped... i hardly could shop BY MYSELF because i was so anemic for so many years... even sans kids, i'd find myself in tears at the walmart checkout lane...and leave my basket parked there and go to the pay phone and call john to come meet me to put all that stuff on the conveyor belt...and then put it bacck in the bags... then put it in the car, etc.... he'd drive up to the wallyworld, we'd switch places...with me as the child guardian...and he'd do the final process of everything and paying and all the loading...

    just talking about it wears me out

    my favorite memory of my kids in a grocery store... is this...

    i had my 5 year old Lindsey helping me entertain J 12 months old... he was strapped in the front of the old-fashioned buggy...we didn't have those fancy truck or car shaped ones back then...and hannah was 3 1/2, entertaining herself in the back of the buggy...

    i had just gone in for a few groceries... and had gone through the produce aisles first...

    when we got to the end to check out, all that was left of the cucumber was a little nubb... jeremiah had eaten the whole thing!!!

  9. my other favorite shopping memory was when I was a young teen, shopping with my mom and my two sisters...

    we were all born within 3 years of one another...

    and we loved teasing our mom...

    we got to the dishwashing liquid aisle and i picked up the JOY... mom was on the next aisle over... and i started singing loudly, with my sisters joining in... that old children's church song "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy...down in my heart" My mom was humiliated... as we danced up and down the aisle, with the bottle of dish liquid hugged to our chests... demonstrating our love for the product!!!


    i'm talking too long...

    i miss my children being younger... but i don't think i'd go back to that stage again... i'm thankful for what we experienced, but would never intentionally go through it again in the physical condition i was in...

    maybe if i was stronger physically.

    oh - and btw - if there are any of you out there who are tired all the time and really not dealing well with life physically and emotionally and/or are having problems with things like coping and stress and have lots of kids around... there are things that can be done!!! there is hope...

    sometimes it's just a small simple solution... just let me know if you need simple advice... email me at "my name" @gmail.com i can give some direction....

    since i'm an RN and an older mom...and have been through almost every type of problem there has been in my young life... i may be able to help...


    let the older moms help the younger...

  10. Ok, AI watchers:
    Did anyone hear Phil Stacy on AFR a couple of weeks ago? Did anyone know that he is a worship leader?
    Did anyone know that his father & grandfather are pastors?

  11. What's AFR? If that's true about Phil, then WOW!! He was awesome tonight! I put in lots of Phil votes. Blake kicked, but Phil was my number 2! Two are leaving this week! I hope Lakisha's out this week. I'm quite bored with her.

  12. so tonight, I was mega impacted by the Love of God. How he totally just loves me. But I didn't really get it until I squatted down behind where VKG was sitting and just stared at this beautiful little girl named Brynn. Thats when I just lost it. I could hardly keep from bawling. I went and sat down on the floor in the sound booth and just cried to God, and drank in his love as he lavished and poured it over me.

    So tiny a creature, this beautiful little girl. But even she, contains the breath of God and is loved by Him!

    Fathomless, your endless mercy! Weight I could not lift! Where do I fit in this puzzle, what good are these gifts? Not a martyr or a saint, scarcely can I struggle through. All that I have ever wanted was to give my best to you!

  13. Oooooo How sweet.......God is so good.....You are so precious to HIM..

    I love Nathan.......He is such a kool dude...

  14. "Sylvia Zepeda" Sylvia.Zepeda@gmail.com

    I posted the WRONG email address accourding to the TERRYs so maybe this one will work..

    If anyone needs more info on how to support the Orphans you can email Sylvia......or just for flat out info.

  15. American Family Radio.......


    Also......everyone should keep Q about American Idol because some of us know nothing until we watch the recording and you might ruin it for us.

  16. First. I am No. 1 - Ichiban from Tokyo!

    Closest K-Mart to me is in Guam - 3 hour plane ride. Not sure where the closest Walmart is. Probably China? ^_^


  17. Roberts message was on Love and how you cannot earn Gods' Love....

    He loves us.....

    We do not have to change for HIM, He does the changing in us....

    Rob speaks from his heart and hit the nail on the head....

    What a powerful message.......

    Randy Travis is alright too.

    I needed to be reminded how God loves me....right where I am at.

    exactly as I am....He loves me.

  18. A goal refers to the specific desired outcome of a situation that you currently have control over, while a dream, on the other hand, is a specific desired outcome of a situation that you may not have full control over.

  19. AFR + American Family Radio


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