Monday, April 30, 2007

7 years

There was this Red Supra that sped by... it only had 3 hubcaps. And the hood was burnt a little. The windows were down, but it was a lady with gray hair.
There was this denim shirt that went by. It was stretched to the maximum on the shoulders, and wrinkled where it was tucked in, one time long ago. It was some guy at the gas station.
I heard some cowboy boots and turned to look. Worn black snakeskin... massive feet. Somebody else.
A flash of silver hair, the crunch of an apple. The smell of computers. Somebody else.
And every time my heart skips a beat and I think- you! But it's somebody else.
And I guess you aren't coming back. Heaven must be pretty good.

My dad died 7 years ago today. He was 6'3 and 280 on a light day. He had curly black and silver hair, and dark brown eyes, and a very tickly mustache. He was a giant of a man, literally and figuratively. He was no saint, in fact, he was a rascal. I wish you all could have met him.


  1. he is all that
    bigger than life and full of energy

    remeber him often and always

    he is so proud of all his kids and grandkids

  2. that was beautiful and heart tugging


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  4. Made me sad and made me smile.

    Calvin was quite a guy.

  5. Tell me about Dad, Josh, tell me what you remember and what impressed you.

  6. your dad reminds me of my grandpa, another patriarch-type whom i never met----but everyone who knows his name seems to have something better than kind to say about him---a person who really meant something to many other people. =)

  7. Thanks, Beths, those were very nice.

  8. I did know your dad, although not as well as everyone else. But I enjoyed being around him, his humor and his hugs.

  9. its seems so long ago and like yesterday. is that wierd. i used to love it when you would say you say me walking along the back of RG and would say i reminded you of him. high praise indeed... much love my friend.


  10. i never knew him

    but i know him by knowing some about you, his children...

    he must've been...

    funny, hilarious, intuitive, intelligent, corny, truthful, caring, adventurous, artistic, beautiful, Godly, demonstrative, articulate...

    i'm sure there are more descriptive words... but those are enough to chew on for now...

    he's having a blast now and we will join him soon...

  11. I loved his hugs most of all.....
    and the way he looked after my boys...all three of you.....

    He looked after all the kids at RG.

    Last thing I remember was him hunting me down on Easter to give me this kool little easter mobile thing....from him and Linda.

    He was so thoughtful.

    I remember after a rough evening a few years earlier....Robert was outside complaining and fussing to Calvin......I was Q and listening..
    I expected him to be all soft and loving cause my baby was hurt.....

    but Calvin spoke very sternly to Robert and told him to stand up and get over it all ready and do something about it. I thought it was too harsh.......but Robert stood up and moved closer to I left them alone. I remember that I was impressed because he loved my Bobby enough to be firm with him.

    Calvin was a man.......and he was truely a great man...

    He somehow was "there" for so many people....young and old....How did he do that....?

    I miss him.....He is so proud of you Jess....and you Richy......and all your babies....

  12. Wow.....has it really been seven years??? I remember this day like it was heart reels as if were yesterday.

    I must say that having been raised in a single parent home a father figure was a little more than lacking in my say the least. When I came to Conroe, way back in 1999, I came with the intention of regaining my biological fathers love and attention. I came to rebuild a relationship that never truely existed. I remember many of arguments and blow ups when things would not be going the way that I thought that they should have, and Calvin would take me in his arms and hug on me and just let me vent about everything. Then he would look at me and he would say just what I wanted him not to say......"its time for you to go back now". I can still hear it ringing in my head.

  13. I remember his ability to make each and every person feel as if they were the only person in the whole wide world that mattered

  14. And his itty bitty car.....always reminded me of back to the future.

  15. His goofy grin

    His Crazy rolling laughter

    Wild choices or rather creations of music

  16. Oh and who could forget those acid wash jeans.....I think that was the only pants he actually loved to wear.

  17. Those hugs went a long way... My kids get them everyday!

  18. I also am honored to be among those who remind people of him. Although I never knew him, but from the way he is spoken of, I wish that I could have. I can't help to think that maybe I am supposed to pick up that mantle he carried, Jess you even talked to me about this, sorta. After a dream I had once. But, that would be an honor...for sure!

    Oh for a double portion! Not for me, but to love people.

  19. good morning beautiful bloggers

  20. Wow......

    Good Morning HAPPY.....

    Jessica.....told me once that she had asked her father NOT to drop her off in FRONT of the School. She was at that age when most kids are embarassed to be seen with their folks.

    Her dad not only pulled up right in front, but he honked his horn and jumped the curb and hollored goodbye baby girl to Jess as she was leaving the car.

  21. heehee!!!!

    that's hilarious! and awesome!


  22. Good mornin all. Jess I went for a blast in the past last night at Mama's house. Me and mom where dropping off our dresses to be altered and then Bobby showed up and we all went for a ride in the way back machine. It was fun. You know our parents where hippies together in Montrose. I don't think they knew each other.(of course if they did they wouldn't remember) But they only lived a few blocks from each other. Funny huh.


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