Monday, April 16, 2007

A concern

You know, a lot of people out there are concerned about Iran and Russia and nukes and such. Even in my own house, sites show up on the internet bookmarks like, and I quote, "What to Do if a nuclear disaster is imminent!" I'll give you a hint... I didn't look that up.
But I find a greater concern as I surf the web. One that could affect you much more personally than a nuclear disaster.

Japanese Company Offers Free Repairs on Toilets That Could Catch Fire
Monday, April 16, 2007

TOKYO — Japan's leading toilet maker Toto Ltd. is offering free repairs for 180,000 bidet toilets after wiring problems caused several to catch fire, the company said Monday.

The electric bidet accessory of Toto's Z series caught fire in three separate incidents between March 2006 and March 2007, according to company spokeswoman Emi Tanaka. The bidet sent up smoke in 26 other incidents, the company said.

"Fortunately, nobody was using the toilets when the fire broke out and there were no injuries," Tanaka said. "The fire would have been just under your buttocks."

The company will repair 180,000 toilet units manufactured between May 1996 and December 2001 for free, she said. A manufacturing defect is thought to have led to the faulty wiring.

Toto has been a pioneer in high-tech toilets fitted with pressurized water sprayers — a standard fixture in Japanese homes.

The popular Z series features a pulsating massage spray, a power dryer, built-in-the-bowl deodorizing filter, the "Tornado Wash" flush and a lid that opens and closes automatically. Prices range from $1,680 to $2,600.

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  1. And if that story doesn't cocern you, this one should. What if this happened on I-45 in Conroe?:

    Hungarian motorway blocked by escaping rabbits

    BUDAPEST (Reuters) - Hungary's busiest highway, connecting Budapest with the Austrian capital Vienna, was closed early on Monday after a truck carrying rabbits crashed, letting 5,000 of the animals loose on the road, police said.

    The M1 motorway was closed around 40 km (25 miles) west of Budapest and could remain closed for hours while police try to capture the escaped animals, highway police spokeswoman Viktoria Galik said.

    "There are thousands of them on the road but they're not using their newfound freedom well; they're just sitting around, eating grass and enjoying the sun," Galik told Reuters

    (Kind of funny that this happened in Hungry.... that's a whole lot of good meat!)

  2. On the toilet, I'd pay $2,600 just for a lid that opens and closes automatically!

  3. testing. what's up with the google thing? I had to make a whole new account!! LOL

  4. Also I wanted to ask if you guys knew of anyone who wanted/or needed a roommate a place where I could stay for a few days either temporary or permanently not sure because I just can't stay here with my mom we're not getting along at all if you know what i mean....and i just need to be at a place where I can figure out what to do.

    I am still at HEB with a leave of absence, so I can go back to work any time and i can transfer here and stay with my mom but once again i am just not sure what i am supposed todo. please let me know if you have any ideas..thanks.

  5. and a happy late birthday to KEITH!!!! oh my gosh he's getting so big and old already!! LOL

    JESS so is brynn :o) I can't wait to see her hopefully I can see her soon...maybe we can hang out sometimes since I am in town, if you wanna :o) I'd like to see the radiant gang again as well...

  6. please make sure you are all spreading the word about me lol i want people to know so i dont feel like i have to tell everyone you know what i mean? I get tired of repeating the story!! LOL

    thank you again guys *HUGS* by the way i have a new email address

    gonna have to make a new myspace too but ugh dont know if i can transfer all my friends and such dont want to have to deal with that!! LOL

  7. O my gosh......those Japaneez people are very clean people.....

  8. This is a picture of Izzy!

    He is Rob's and Steph's youngest son.

    Katie, I haven't read all of your posts, but I did read about you and your husband and I am so sorry.

    You are God's little Princess and He loves you more than anyone. He created you exactly like you are and He does not make mistakes.

    Press in close to Him and He will walk through this with you.

    YOU are not alone. I will pray for you and your marraige. I know that you just want out.....because of all the stuff...Whatever God wants.....God will give you the grace and wisdom to do the things that HE wants you to do.....JUST press in and listen.

    I hope to see you soon.


  9. kt-
    amanda yoakley is desperate for a roomate... she's on my friends list on myspace

  10. These electric bidet toilets are fixtures in Japanese households. We have them in our rental apartment as well. Hmmmmm. I love them because of the heated seat and the bidet/water spray. Its so much cleaner! ^_^ But now I am a bit worried about my buttocks catching fire! 'O'

  11. Most llamas instinctively make good guard animals for livestock.

  12. LOL Sonia.....

    I would be worried too....

    High Tech Pottys....what is next?

  13. GIRL or BOY?

    Rob and Steph will find out this Friday......YIPPEEE

  14. well.....


    where IS everyone???

  15. we know Jess is wiping noses and bottoms....

    what excuse do the rest of you have???

  16. I was exausted from all the competition for being SALT the night before and I was ZONKED and tormented with night mares......

    YUK........last time that happened, I was spending the night in a home that needed to be anointed.........this time....I can't say it on this blog....but can ya'll just pray?


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