Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From Richy

He wanted to make sure everyone saw this, from his blog.

Wow. I've been waiting for a huge breath of inspiration to say this, but I'll just go for it now!


That is, to everyone who's always helped us Clarks out during these difficult, yet wonderful 3 years since the twins. There has been so much consistant support... in the food department, gifts, hugs and lots of love. WOW! I feel like I, personally, have been under such a cloud of survival mode, that I've not done a great job at making my graditude known.... BUT KNOW.. it has been impacting. When you go though such severe tramua, it's easy to feel isolated and alone... 'cause everyone else looks fairly happy, and considers spilling coffee... tramua... BUT I know we have felt a blanket of love from our MCF family, relatives, and all of our friends in the USA and abroad! THANK YOU... and THANK YOU JESUS FOR ALLOWING US TO BE A PART OF SUCH A WONDERFUL FAMILY IN CHRIST! THANK YOU GOD FOR MY WONDERFUL CHILDREN YOU HAVE ALLOWED ME TO ENJOY FOR A TIME IN THIS LIFE! They have made it all worth the trial!


In other news, Brynn has a doctors appointment today to check her weight. It will be my first time to take all 3 kids out by myself. I haven't figured out how I'm going to do it yet... maybe the twin stroller??? Update later.


  1. frist to comment from japan!

  2. okay it looks like i didn't even care about the post in my eagerness to not miss out. sorry, that was a bit insensitive.

    wow all this has only been 3 years? i only got to know jess last year and she gave me so much support during my journey of loss and preemie-parenthood. i guess i have to thank all of you for supporting the clarks so that jess can pass it on and support me and my family!

    is that sappy enough for ya?

    time to go to bed in tokyo.



  3. may be i should keep commenting till i get sleepy? its 11:15 pm. i should be sleepy. why am i not sleepy?

  4. I had to redo my name through google. My password wouldnt work otherwise.
    I guess Sonia found her sleepiness.

  5. What a fatty.... just like her mother.

  6. Yea, google is not accepting my password either. Too bad, I guess I'll remain anon.

  7. WOW...........5lbs 8oz....

    any other news? She is growing stronger and bigger every minute.


  8. Sonia,
    Are you up yet?
    I think it is early morning there isnt it?

  9. let's go back to the toilet story...

    i've had strange pictures of that one in japan blowing up or catching on fire!!!

    then, i think about how the other half of the world lives...

    there is such a difference between east and west.... but at the same time we are the same...

    American's blow their hair dry...
    and Japanense blow the other end...

    (clears throat)

    when we stopped in japan last month in the airport...it was kinda complicated....which of the bathroom stalls to "select"... there were 3 or 4 different models or fixtures to choose from....

    me and my girls just kept going from door to door trying to find something that looked "normal"...

    i bet those from japan or thailand do the same when they come to usa... but i can tell you one thing... i don't think you'll find a "squatty potty" here...

    glad i wasn't victimized by a toilet in japan...

  10. great weight, huh? how much gain since birth???

    is she sleeping over a few hours now? or always hungry?

    how's bradycardia/apnea episodes???

    good night,dear friends....

    guten nacht


  11. Oh I do not like the squatty toilets at all. How do you not end up splashing your shoes or your pant legs? And what if you were, ahem, constipated. How can you squat for that long? I try to avoid them as much as I can. But I guess its good to learn how to "go" squatting if you ever get caught out in the jungle/wilderness.


  12. HEY! I just realized I was fistr to post on CST am! Is everyone sleeping in this morning? WAKE UP!

    And back to the electric bidet. There are like 3 or 4 different options of the water spray. You can adjust the location, the strength, how warm/how cold the water is. On my dad's first visit to Japan, he did his thing, got up and turned around to flush the toilet. But there were so many buttons! So he just randomly picked one and pushed. Uh-oh, let's just say he pushed the wrong one and he ended up getting his face and shirt drenched. He came running out and my mom was eating a cookie and almost choked to death laughing.


  13. Oh and one more thing about Japanese toilets.

    A lot of public bathrooms for women have a button you can push to emit a toilet flushing sound. This is to mask all the sounds you could make while you are going to the bathroom and people use it all the time. Now that is quite handy!

    Um, I think that's all I have to say about Japanese bathrooms for the night.

    By the way, Oyasuminasai means good night in Japanese.

    How do you say good night in Texan?


  14. this is possibly the most entertaining subject of discussion we've had in quite some time. i had no idea how popular these complicated toilets are in other places. i wouldn't know what to do either. i think i like the go then flush method. the rest seems a little too ..... something =)

  15. oh, and i don't think texans have any special way of saying good night. sleep well, sonia. sweet dreams. =)

  16. oh, and i'm claiming frist for this continent since sonia has an unfair advantage. =)

  17. Sorry, Clammy, Jess has already announced that if Sonia can get on frist CST then she is frist.

  18. Jess, its getting late, WHERE ARE YOU?

  19. So, since I was locked out with the password trick. I had to vote on the butter debate today.

    Beth tried to start some controversy about eggs, free range, artificial, etc.

    I dont know if people feel as radical about the eggs as they do butter. There are some radical butter people out there.

    I know another one that gets them going. Skillets, teflon, cast iron, other kinds of coatings. People get really riled up about this one.

  20. Come on, Clammy, Servant, I know yall have some strong feelings about skillets,

    Hey, havent seen Servant in a while.
    Where is he?

  21. Sometimes I get this feeling it is just me and Josh and Josh is just reading and working and too bored to comment.

  22. I'm here but I'm backstage writing a blog.
    We buy nonstick pans from Dollar General.

    (Dollar General: MUAHAHAHA)


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