Friday, April 13, 2007

The topic of the day is... Crud In The Butter. It came to me as we were eating breakfast.
Around here, we use tubs-o-butter. There is a generation- you know who you are- that insist on "real" butter. You know, that that's the best and the only and such. The problem is, it's ROCK HARD. Who wants to scalpel out their butter shard by shard? No thankee. Give me a big ol tub of soft butter-flavored spread and I'll be happy. But I digress.
The topic at hand is crud in the butter. We are really, really bad about this. We dip the utensil in one substance, i.e. jelly, and then straight into the butter-like product. The result is jelly flecked butter. It gets worse as we get closer to the bottom of the jumbo tub. Today, as I was buttering my blueberry muffin, I found corn. CORN. Corn, butter. What could be better, you might think? And you have a point. But it's gross in conjunction with muffins.
Will I take action? Will I bring an end to the double dipping food spreading madness? Stay tuned!

In other news, there is nothing Toby can't climb. My life is over. He needs a bodyguard 24-7.
In other, other news, I like having three kids. A lot. This is going to be fun.

Butter or Spread/Margarine?
Butter (because I am aged and old-school)
Butter (even though I'm a whippersnapper)
Margarine/Spread Butter Flavored Product
Other (explained in comments)
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  1. Ah, and Happy 2 monthiversary to BRYNN!

  2. hello Friday and
    welcome weekend!

    jess, sounds like you are successfuly handling the 3 of em.

  3. ok, first of all:
    the reason your butter is hard is because you're refrigerating it. ever heard of a butter dish? that's what their for...keeping the butter out, and then the butter is wonderful and spreads much better than margarine or other fake butter/toxis substances

    secondly, gross about the corn; maybe the habit of getting out a second utensil when making toast/corn on the cob would help. i can deal with crumbs, but i cannot deal with jelly or corn in my butter or other butter simulating toxis substance

    thirdly, three kids--groovy!

  4. i'm not sure why i can't spell toxic today, but you knew what i meant by toxis. =)

  5. I agree with Clammy, I love real butter and we do not keep it in the fridge we have a butter dish.
    But even the real butter gets crumbs, a few times I have gone to make toast and found sweet potato on my bread!

  6. Y'all I am about to hit like total freak out mode. (which is so against my nature because I am always calm,cool, and collected) But I only have six weeks till the wedding and I feel like I have not accomplished anything!! It is crazy! And nearly every weekend in May is taken up by some sort of wedding activity. I have a new list of things to get done everyday, and they are not getting shorter but longer!!!

  7. The problem with tub butter is that most are hydrogenized. Which simply means that it will clog your arteries faster & worse than REAL butter.

    You can leave REAL butter out on the counter - it will not spoil, especially if you use butter on a daily basis. Put your stick of butter in a covered butter dish. It will be soft & will easily spread.

    Your arteries will thank you later.

  8. hmmph... never expected to run into so many butter advocates... somebody's getting paid off by Big Butter

  9. Ok here is the decision I am working on now, I will take an opinion poll about the wedding cake. Matt and I both like chocolate. For me it is more of an obsession thing, but anyway I know normally you do a regular cake, and a chocolate grooms cake. But since we both want chocolate is it wrong to do the wedding cake in chocolate and skip the grooms cake? The other thing is I do really like Italian cream cake, but I had that at my first wedding and even though it was like 12 years ago it still seems wrong some how. White cake is just not my thing. Ok open for suggestions.

  10. Chocolate is always best. Just put white icing on it...

  11. BUT there has to be some strawberries... so if you don't want them on the wedding cake, you need a grooms cake. And i need some BROWNIES

  12. I was going to put white icing on it even if it is chocolate and I had already decided to try to do chocolate covered strawberries in replacement of the grooms cake. Got to check the budget first. As far as the brownies go, well those will be at the pre wedding party. I will make my double chocolate giradelli brownies, they are sooo goood.

  13. you should put a picture of you and Ted Matthew Fidel up

  14. Hey all. How are you guys? So, Jess wanted an update so I thought I would go ahead and put it in here so everyone can see it. It's kind of an embarrassing update, but you guys are good friends of mine, have been for years, so i thought you had the right to know :o)

  15. Plus....he was always yelling at me for little things (and cussing, like bad cussing) like dropping the icecream and stuff like that...he just wasn't the Christian man he used to be or said he waas. We never got to go to church either, mainly because of work. But he is starting to go to that's good at least.
    My friends and family are saying that I should waait a few months to go back to him, if at all... but he doesnt want to wait that long, and they're saying that he's not putting in the effort since he doesnt want to wait for me

  16. I will put a picture up as soon as I have one but as of date there are no pictures of us. Not a one.

  17. Katie I am so sorry to hear that. I will be praying for you and for your husband.

  18. anyway so that's the greusome truth. I am doing ok right now, sort of, God is getting me through this, I have been praying alot, and reading the Bible, more than I got to before....but anyway please pray for me I need all the prayer I can get. I might come to CTK or The Father's House Sunday, not sure which!! :o) But spread the weord as well I want others to know so I don't have to explain to everyone!! LOL

  19. If you decide to come the TFH I will see you there! I have to warn you though we are a little wild over there compared to CTK.

  20. TY Jennifer!! :o) Wild is good!! hehe :o) Yeah I'm not sure which church I want to go to but I know I want to go to both while I can!! I miss all you guys!! It will be good to see you again. But don't worry please spread the word. I want people to know so they can pray for me. thanks :o)

    I hear you and Matt are getting married Jennifer, congrats!! When's the big day? ;o)

  21. Our big day is May 26th. It will also be pretty wild compared to most weddings.

  22. Anybody know a guy who eats fire? That would be really cool!!!

  23. katie,
    he definitely needs help and prayer. You safe with your parents?

  24. how bout fire red cherries on the chocolate cake and white-hot icing;
    three layers with different fire color icing (red, orange, yellow)

  25. Poor Katie,
    You are doing the right thing in waiting. Let him make the effort to wait. Hope to see you this weekend

  26. Georgia are you feeling better? We have missed you!!!

  27. Ok I was just looking at your topic for today Crud in the Butter. And for some reason it makes me think of Marvin Zindler's slime in the ice machine thing. Can't you just here him. And today at the Clark family restaurant there is crud in the butter! Cue the theme song!

  28. Good Saturday morning from Tokyo. So what do you want to know about Tokyo? I like real butter too. Butter is very expensive in Japan for some reason (but what isn't?).

    I will pray for your marriage Mrs. Meyer.


  29. Ah man Katie, I'm so sorry to hear that. My heart hurts. It's probably good for you to wait a bit and see if will decide to be councelled through this and do what he needs to be free and committed to you. Shannon's parents are here for Keith birthday tomorrow. I'll tell her this evening when we're alone. We'll be praying for both of you. God can work a mircle in Christopher, if he will surrender. Don't give up easy.

    Where are you staying?

  30. I surprised Shannon by taking the day off today. I got her flowers and gave her a card last night that I wrote in about her being a great mother this first year. I wrote in it that I was taking today off. She was surprised and happy!

  31. Now, the topic today is a good one. I'm pretty sure I remember CRUD in the Clark butter tub on several occasions. Corn in the butter is barfish for sure.

  32. Jennifer- Here's a pic of our wedding cake. We wanted both white and choc, so the left tiers are one and the right are the other. The middle I think was also white. (the middle should've had a flower bouquet on it also, but it was forgotten at home) So, you could do both so you cater to guest who prefer one kind.

    A mother of one of the youth in my cell group made cakes, and blessed us by making our cake at no cost to us. We just bought the pillars and stairs. Great blessing!

  33. happy bday to all the bdays

    katie - hang in and be patient and forgiving and keep praying...

    butter scutter - ours stays out a lot - cause the girls won't eat anything but REAL butter... and it will last a long time "out"... but, watch out... if you leave it too long without eating it, it will mold...

  34. you could have bi layer layers

    most cakes are made of two layers... so, have each cake consist of chocolate and white...
    symbolic of two joining together...with icing holding them together...

    my idea...


  35. Hey MAMA LINDA!

    You will be so so encouraged to read all the posts today!


    Hey Jess....maybe Gramma and Bedste can go in halves and buy you a butter container for your countertop .......

    and we might even be able to spring for extra utensils.

    Wouldn't that be GREAT!

    margarine is synthitic and FAKE and made out of the same type of substances as PLASTIC!

    Wonder why it clogs the arteries.


    My hope for the younger generation has been given a shot in the arm.


    There is HOPE!

    I am so glad I got home early enough to catch the BLOG.......

    Hey Jess........

    What about a vote block clicker type dilly that everyone could vote for........

    BUTTER or "Tub O Toxins"

    GOD MADE or "Man Made"



  36. Sonia

    what is the difference between living in Tokyo and living in the United States.

    Im sure there are some distinct different ways of living

    Also, why are yall living in Tokyo?
    You said you were Chinese and he is Korean so why did yall end up in Tokyo?

  37. Jess,
    You got slammed on the butter issue.

  38. I will not lose heart... there has to be a company of fake butter-lovers out there... just shamed into silence

  39. also, you guys should read sonia's blog.. her isaac was a 23 weeker!

  40. The company of fake butter-lovers out there..are all sitting around stiff legged and out of breath suffering from clogged arteries and blood toxins....they are too tired to vote and too busy picking out the corn kernels from between their teeth that they gathered while "buttering" their toast..

  41. how do i start counting the differences between living in the US and in Japan? TOO hard. Hey one thing about Japan - Japan really needs Jesus so pray for this country! Its so hard for Christianity to make a dent here that most missions actually pulled out of Japan the past decade!

    how we got here is a very long story. i grew up in Hong Kong. hubby was born in Korea. Hubby moved to So. Cal when he was 4. I moved to Canada when I was 16. I then went to college in the US and met hubby (I was 19 and he was 20) and started dating. We dated a long time and eventually got married. After living in NY for a while, hubby got a job in San Francisco and we moved there. But hubby was always in Asia because of his job so I quit my job and came out to Japan. God blessed me with a really great job here which is keeping us in Japan as hubby is now an "entrepreneur" and we need my job's health insurance (and pay) for our little rambunctious Isaac among other things. So here we are in Japan for 4.5 years already. I miss the US a lot!


  42. Look forward to hearing more from you Sonia. How do you know Jess?

    I'm trying to make Swedish Oven Pancakes this morning again... but, through out the recipe and am trying to create my own recipe... when they're outta the oven, I'll let you know how they turned out...and what new name I'll give them...

  43. Other (explained in comments)

    Margarine was originated during WWI or WWII when they were trying to decide what to do with leftover from plastic manufacturing... they would give it away to people on welfare back then, with a little packet of food coloring to make it yellow, so that it would look more like real butter...

    Anything with hydrogenated in its label is harmful. Do your own research...

    We still buy Shedds spread because Papa Jahn was raised on tubs-of-spread...and he doesn't like to go through the trouble of real butter...

    Real butter is better - and it is easy to spread or cook with... just leave it on the counter...

    I used to have a butter dish with lid, until it got broken...

    So, for Christmas...I'm putting my request in for a nice pretty one too!!!

    Now... OLIVE OIL is a very good substance to use...more healthful than both!!! very good to use for a nice accompaniamnet (sp) to hard crusty breads... with lots of black pepper! and it is actually MUCHO better for veins/arteries/heart...than butter or spreads....


    that's my "other" comment...

  44. well, my PANcake turned out nicely...

    but, they're not from Sweden

    where IS everyone???

  45. i guess everyone's cleaning house and vegetating... like i should be...

    kitchen is almost done...

    now on to more cluttered things...and areas...

    and LAUNDREE!!!!!!

  46. I went out of the house today... glorious. We drove around to McD's and the lib-ary and Walmart... we just traded off who stayed in the van with the chillums... 3 more weeks till Brynn can be out and about!

  47. will be glad when she (and ya'll) can be OUT

  48. Well, heck if I know why some of you are having login problems...

  49. Butter.........Parkay!

    I m ight be having loggin problems also.......

  50. often do you put new pics on the ClarkFamilyPHOTOs?

  51. anonomi just might be someone from an older generation...

    butter ....


    that's an OLD commercial!

  52. are you guys STILL talking about butter? I didn't know there was so much about butter to talk about??? LOL

  53. Good point, VKG... clark family pix updated


  54. Lsat!

    Keith had a great time today turing one!

  55. i grew up on margarine & low fat milk..i loved margarine..but somehwere along the way i found out how the margarine is made and so i'm changing but it is hard cuz i don't like the taste of i only buy butter and then i found out about coconut look out butter.. i don't mind the trash in the butter as long as i put it there. but i have to buy organic now since i read how milk cows a raised these days..that's quite a nasty visual!!

  56. i voted other for butter b/c i'm none of the above & margarine is a petroleum product(so by the by is cool whip!) so be looking out for a an organic non hydrogenated spread.

  57. Slooowwwwwwwwwwww




  58. is it still Sunday?

    i missed you all today

    went to Houston to my nephew's baby's dedication.... it's a family thing to go - as many of us as can - to each other's baby's dedications...

    good night

  59. Aha!

    I truely am the Last of the night owls.......


  60. Butter is waaaay ahead.......even with the yungins.....isn't that shocking.....?

    This is a big week for us.

    Brynny's appointments and the suspense of Robert and Stephanie will be over.

    So exciting!

  61. Viking Granny! said...
    Not so sure bout that mr man
    11:16 PM, April 15, 2007

    Viking Granny! said...
    11:17 PM, April 15, 2007

    Viking Granny! said...
    I truely am the Last of the night owls.......

    Blah, Blah, Blah.....blah.
    (and therefore always tired!)

  62. YippeeeeeeeeDippeeeeeeeeeeSkippy!

    Salt! Tlas! Ltas! Atls! and LAST!

    That B ME!

  63. Jess, way to go...Manipulating the blog clock, I'm talkin tick-tock, so your mother-in-law beat your brother-in-law.
    I say yo, yo, way to go. If that ain't true then say it idn't so.

  64. see, I can right stuff. You just can't bare to believe it. Told you sew.

  65. Can you say ridiculoso? C'mon, say ridicuoloso. Say it! Way to go! You did it! Ridiculoso!

  66. Soooooooooo....

    is 11:59 last or 12:00midnight LAST?

    The suspense is a killer.......

    What will be the answer?

    dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuunn

  67. I think 11:59 is last.. cause midnight starts the 12 o'clock hour of the next day.

    Yeah Keith! My little guy is ONE!!
    Our day was lots of fun.. cute pictures & great having my parents here. We had some photos done at Kiddie Kandids at Babies'R'Us.. they look sooo good!! We'll share pretty soon..

    Growing up was both marg. and butter, yet more butter I think..
    Now I know how healthy using organic non-hydrogenated is.. that's was we use now.. it's in a tub and quickly gets soft when out only a couple minutes, so that's great. It says:
    Firm out of refrigeration, softens quickly

    Okay, I went & got it to e'splain,
    : )
    Earth Balance brand
    whipped buttery spread
    100% vegan
    expeller-pressed, certified organic vegetable oils (rather than hydro. ones)
    no gmo
    created by researchers to help improve the cholesterol ration when used as part of a heart healthy diet & exercise regimen.*

    get the bikes & walking shoes!!

    It even has a blend of oils:
    palm fruit

    flavoring derived from corn

    colored with beta-carotene from natural sources

    AND it it's yummy

    now you know what's been going in our bellies!

  68. and a delicious carrot cake from Keith's party!

  69. VG-
    is that a pic of Graceson?!
    Wow, cute & getting big!

  70. happy bday to Keith! (yesterday)

    let's talk about eggs!
    freerange, yolks, whites.....
    healthy or not?

  71. Actually his b-day was 2 days ago.
    : )

    need to go, can't write more right now..

  72. ok, the day before tax day!


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