Monday, April 23, 2007

Eating and parks and picnics and princesses


This is real time, folks.... when the camera shakes, it's because Richy was laughing so hard.

an epic battle for control of the brownie batter...

Yesterday was Brynn's first trip to church. It was pretty funny trying to balance Toby, who is scared of the nursery, and Brynn. What a good problem. And then the church picnic... check the outfit-

In case anybody was offended by the hand sanitizer or the no holding policy, let me 'splain. (Splaining takes too long, let me sum up), she's not even as big as a newborn yet. One little germ could put her back in the hospital. So there you go.

Anyhoo, fun was had by all. Also this weekend we went to the park, which is where the ice cream video is from. (some kind of grammatical wierdness there..) I'll probably post some pix from that on my picture blog later. L8r.


  1. and MEGA congrats to Matt and D'ana on the new baby! WOOHOO!

  2. and Jennifer-
    I have the greatest name for your pre-wedding band party

  3. i use lots of hand-sanitizer at school, and my students love it too....
    so great to have mcf family together at the picnic!

    hooray for baby tullis and fam!

  4. Ok what is the name for the pary?

  5. oops I am pretty sure that was suppose to be party. Shouldn't answer the phone and type at the same time.

  6. hi all.

    brynn is beautiful, and i was scared to hold her, so no prob.

    yay! tullos baby! what's the name???

    woohoo! henry wedding comin' up!

  7. ok, butter people
    I have now gone over to your side since the great butter debate. Now my problem is since I dont have a butter container and I am SUPPOSED to leave it out, How do I take care of it? I went to Sams and bought a bunch of it in place on margarine and now I am a helpless little rookie.

  8. Tullos baby's name is Ayla Blessing. Can't wait to see her. She was born during church yesterday sometime. Matt couldnt lead worship cause he was at the hospital.

    YAY! Tullos family!

  9. ok, now that i got the very sincere formalities out of the way, i have to share something with everyone.
    i read this news article, and it breaks my heart, but it also awakens my mind to the desperation of our people

    get read: large post

    Massachusetts man gets 5,000 calls for YouTube posting
    (4/23/07 - SOUTHBRIDGE, MA) - Ryan Fitzgerald is unemployed, lives with his father and has a little bit of time on his hands.

    So, he decided to offer his ear, to anyone who wants to call. After posting a video with his cell phone number on YouTube on Friday, the 20-year-old told The Boston Globe he has received more than 5,000 calls and text messages.

    Fitzgerald said he wanted to "be there," for anyone who needed to talk. "I never met you, but I do care," a spiky-haired Fitzgerald said into the camera on his YouTube posting.

    He planned to take and return as many calls he could, but on Monday at 5 a.m., his T-Mobile cell phone payment will begin charging him for his generosity when he is no longer eligible for free weekend minutes.

    "I haven't quite figured out what I'm going to do about it," he said. "Come Monday, no way I'm going to just hang up on people and say, 'I don't have the minutes.'"

    Fitzgerald, who said people consider him "easy to talk to," was inspired by Juan Mann. YouTube video clips of Mann offering "Free Hugs" to strangers became wildly popular on the user-controlled Internet site.

    "Some people's own mothers won't take the time to sit down and talk with them and have a conversation," Fitzgerald said. "But some stranger on YouTube will. After six seconds, you're not a stranger anymore, you're a new kid I just met."

    Copyright 2007 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

    i had no idea kids were that desperate for someone to talk to! i want them to call me! then i'll tell 'em about Jesus. i don't know what ryan's tellin' 'em!

  10. georgia,
    butter dishes are easily obtained for extremely small amounts of money at thrift stores.
    or a tupperware container with a lid will do just fine. you just want it to stay covered.
    store in cool (but not refrigerated) dry area.
    you can take it out of the fridge one bar at a time (how did you buy it?) and leave the rest refrigerated until you're ready to put it out

  11. I bought a pack of lbs at sams I think there are 4 lbs there. I left one stick out over the weekend just on the cabinet. Is it safe like that?

  12. it was in the wrapper, right?

    you just don't want it exposed to contaminants like lint and dust and sneezes

    and also when you leave it on the counter, sometimes it makes the counter greasy.

    other than that, it should be fine.

  13. Yeah it was in the wrapper but there was only a third of the stick left so it was partially uncovered.

  14. I love Andy. He always brings me the coolest music. He brought me Misty Edwards greatest hits yesterday and I love it. He is a good brother.

  15. cool! sounds like you're liking the butter! =)

  16. Yeah, the taste of the butter was awesome! I had some french bread with it and I was saying "yeah, this is worth it!"

  17. and your arteries will thank you. =)

  18. georgia, i don't think i saw you at the picnic. where was your face?

  19. this nap is SO not happening

  20. The party shall be called...


  21. oh yeah, jess, while you're paying attention. i don't think we have a crud-in-the-butter problem. i think we have a butter-in-the-crud problem.
    it's from toast with jelly.
    butter first . then jelly .
    no change in utensils.
    two weeks later, i open the jelly, and i think it's moldy because i see the butter. then i throw out the jelly. i should've changed utensils.

  22. that is a sad story... i love jelly. well... not grape, and not preserves if it's too chunky. I like jam.

  23. i like chunky--not that jello stuff. i don't think there's any fruit in there.

    it is a sad story, isn't it??

  24. Jenn
    sent you a pic of you and the Hairy One

  25. I love that blackberry jam at cracker barell

  26. no nap, dadgummit. guess it's time for lunch.

  27. aw heck, that didn't work. i need an email addy, jennifer

  28. wait. which story? the jelly story or the you tube story?

  29. R2 was eating that ice cream so fast that I was waiting for him to start freaking with a massive ice cream headache.

    I get HORRIBLE ice cream headaches. I seriously thought I was going to have to pull over 2 weeks ago when I was driving and drank my Jamba Juice smoothie too fast.

  30. Jennifer- were you serious about the weekend best man comment? We aren't planning to be in Texas till Christmas.

  31. gorgeous pictures, josh and shannon!

  32. Josh, Matt was just giving you a hard time. We don't have any attendents. He thought maybe you could do a webcam live thing and be his best man!

  33. email address is send it there.

  34. I like the idea of weddingstock. We need t-shirts! Allthough I don't think they are in the budget =(

  35. In other news, my parents stopped to see the baby last night. Dad said she is beautiful, head full of hair and big fat cheeks!

  36. r2 has amazing ice cream-eating! was that fast-forwarded?

  37. how bout "Oh, Henry!" candy bars given away at the reception....
    do they still make those?

  38. Jenn- Yeah right, a web cam link would be pretty funny. You here about troops overseas getting to "be at" their kids births by satalite link... that's cool that they can do that.

    Baa baa baack to work.

  39. Did u know that brownies are one of the most difficults foods for people to digest? I was floored when I read this online last week!

  40. Hey Josh & Shannon! Your pictures are precious. That Keith is such a looker! Have you thought about adding more kids???


    (this is sharonsivad)

  41. Yeah, didnt make it to the picnic. I was borrowing Mom's car just to make it to church. I dont have a car right now. I am borrowing to get where we have to go.

    So we watched Rocky Balboa.

  42. I think I will make tacos tonight.

    I like tacos

  43. Besides, I am still to coughy to be near Brynn.

  44. now i figgured out why the picnic just wasn't the same this year

    georgia wasn't there
    mama wasn't there
    i didn't see bethc
    sivad wasn't there

    with those 4, it just isn't the same

    (i wasn't truly there either... my barometric pressure head really had me distracted)

  45. jess, i'll email you any good pics i got yetserday


  46. oh i am way off. i thought it was close to midnight CST. heehee.

  47. I forgot the time difference. Am I frist or lsta?

  48. now I have a "Blogger display name". Weehoo! It didn't ask me for a majillion bits of useless I-don't-feel-like-sharing info.

    So, ha-ay!

  49. Oh, ewww!! This thangy lowercased me! Ack! Instead of a ravingly cool "AngelaG", I'm now "angelag"!! ...Oh my gosh...lagging angels...uh!

    ...what can you do but laugh! ...This is definitely on par with cruddy butter! lol

  50. angela with a little g can be cool too!

    i think i am going to be last!!!!

    i should go back to work now. hehe


  51. Okay, then I'll be the funny first word. :-)

  52. What a beautiful baby Angela....

    Hi Sonia........

    Hi G..........


    Happy Tuesday...........

    THis is the first day of the rest of YOUR life...........

    I am going to work EARLY EARLY so I can goof of with my mother for 3 or 4 hours........then meet friends for dinner...........and then the most powerful awesome Preaching tonight......WHAT A GREAT DAY!

  53. Clammy..........

    did you say something ugly and then have to delete it?

    Good morning Gooooooood Morning!


  54. yeah Angie is officially bloggered!

    cute granddaughter!
    I saw her at the picnic havin a great time

  55. no, i didn't say something ugly, just something without thinking. so i erased it to escape weren't supposed to notice.

  56. "Nature tops the list of potent tranquilizers and stress reducers. The mere sound of moving water has been shown to lower blood pressure." -- Patch Adams

  57. I saw this on Yahoo - Top Ten Foods to Put You In a Happy Mood:

    1. Wild salmon (rich in omega 3 fats and vitamin D)
    2. Spinach - (rich in folic acid and soluble fiber)
    3. Skim milk - (rich in Vitamin D and B12)
    4. Ground flaxseeds (rich soluble fiber, omega 3 fats and folic acid)
    5. Blackberries (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)
    6. Omega 3 fortified eggs - (rich in omega 3 fats, Vitamin D and B12)
    7. Sardines ( rich in omega 3 fats and Vitamin D)
    8. Soybeans - (rich in soluble fiber, folic acid and omega 3 fats)
    9. Beans (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)
    10. Brussels sprouts (soluble fiber and folic acid)

    Plus an extra for good luck!

    11. Sunflower seeds - (rich in soluble fiber and folic acid)

  58. Um, I don't think those kind of food would make me happy. My Top Ten Happy Food (not in any particular order) would be:
    1. Icecream
    2. Jello (yes I love jello)
    3. Tiramisu
    4. Really yummy Risotto
    5. Pistachios
    6. Caramel popcorn
    7. Toro (Fatty Tuna Sushi)
    8. Uni (Sea Urchin - also sushi, can you tell sushi is awesome in Japan?)
    9. BIG FAT USDA/AMERICAN STEAK (American beef was banned in Japan for like 3 years because of one mad cow; I was a very unhappy camper)
    10. Hole in the wall really yummy Mexican food from So. Cal (they don't have good Mexican in Tokyo, not even Taco Bell!)


  59. Oh and I forgot who mentioned that I must be very Americanized.

    I think I am. I am married to this guy who is a wanna be Texan from Los Angeles. I don't think I have any choice.

    Somehow even though I have only lived in places like Hong Kong, Toronto, Philadelphia, DC, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo (hehe we move around a lot), my favorite music is Country! Not a lot of country music in Japan. Another thing I miss a lot from the States side.

  60. jess i think we should have a party in honor of sonia's yummy foods; everybody brings something from her list; it sounds pretty good. maybe we should do that for Christmas when josh and shannon come down.....=)


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