Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Marnin, marnin.

More later. I'm cleaning up the house like a headless housekeeper chicken.

Read Richy's Blog today. It's really beautiful.

okay, really. more later.

Well... I wouldn't normally be so industrious when good mommies should be napping. But Richy's grandmother was coming to visit and it was her first time to see the house. And if it wasn't clean, Richy would beat me. Well. Actually he would probably just take off his headphones and sigh a little. But, man. You don't want that to happen.

So it was relatively clean, and viking grannys viking mama met Brynn, and was charmed by Toby and R2 and so forth.
Now Toby is sleeping and Brynn is fighting sleep and R2 and I are hanging out by the oven waiting for the corndogs to finish.

Ok, the corndogs are done. So that's all you get. Read the comments for an awesome sentence by anonymous.


  1. What's the world coming to?!

    4/24/07 - INDIANAPOLIS, IN) - An illegal caviar ring has been broken up with the arrest of a dozen people accused of dealing in the ill-gotten fish eggs, conservation officials said.

    Indiana conservation officers spent more than a year infiltrating the fishing ring, Sgt. Dean Shadley said after Monday's arrests.

    "It's just like a drug dealer, you've got to hang out where they hang out and talk the talk and walk the walk," he said.

    Members of the ring caught paddlefish -- distant cousins of caviar-producing sturgeon -- in Ohio River tributaries and sold their eggs as caviar, according to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. One paddlefish can yield as much as $800 worth of eggs, and annual income for those who catch them can range from $100,000 to $400,000.

    "It's easy money, it's just like picking cherries," Shadley said. "And I'm sure that was tax free. I can't imagine they reported it."

    Commercial fishermen can catch paddlefish in the Ohio River, but tributaries are off limits because that is where the fish spawn.

    Paddlefish are edible, but their real value lies in the eggs. A shortage of sturgeon eggs from Asia's Caspian Sea has created a lucrative market for paddlefish eggs, which have a similar taste, look and consistency, according to state officials.

    Each person arrested faces a felony charge of illegal sale of a wild animal. Other charges include money laundering and commercial fishing in closed water.

  2. Hey where is the headless chicken housecleaner? It doesnt take this long for her to give up.

  3. oh georgia.....encouragement

    great job, jess! don't give up! you can kick it! (cheering section)

  4. that caviar story....interesting.....i think they should obey the law and everything, but.....ill-gotten fish eggs....more than a year to infiltrate......and now we're paying for them to live in jail.....i just don't know.....comments anyone?

  5. This is the glory line: An illegal caviar ring

    I just love the way that sounds.... really

  6. more than a year to infiltrate

    I can see the fight for the movie rights now...

  7. Illegal caviar ring? Was the head of this ill-gotten gain a Russian by the name of Boris along with a wife named Natasha?

  8. Where are Rocky & Bullwinkle when you need them?!


  10. I just keep reading that story. It is RICH, anon.

    I think I'll go try to figure out who you are.

  11. Oh, that's helpful. You're in North America, on a PC. Great spy software, my butt.

  12. So you want to know who I am?
    How can you be so sure that all these anons are the same person?
    There might be 2 or more anons dropping by this blog.
    Let us know what you find out, please!

  13. i don't know if a spy would tell me. i'm just intrigued about the idea of spy software. where do you get it. i want to pretend to be clever!

  14. There are multiple anons. But only one that posted at 12:51. MUAHAHAHAHA

  15. Moose and Squirel. I loved that show. Jess has that sinster laugh down I can just hear her doing that. I bet theme music goes off in her house when she does that.

  16. Jess- I know what your secret software (well, subscription to Site Meter) is. Does it give you IP addresses? If so, you can find many sites to map the IP and get the city and state, and ISP of the person. Lets figure this person out.

  17. are you kidding?
    i heard the music where i am!

  18. Jess- use this site:


  19. Look Josh is her side kick, he needs one of those handlebar mustaches and a cape. Like that guy in Meet the Robinsons. Have you seen that? Really good!

  20. What makes you think I don't already have a handlebar mustaches and a cape?

  21. wasn't that the best movie!!!

    i was so pleased when the movie was over, and i hadn't seen anything to object to.

    i was smiles all over, and i couldn't quit hitting my husband and telling him what a good movie it is!

  22. Ohhh scary! Do you have a boler hat?

  23. Yes it was a good movie. It was so nice to go to a disney movie that had a moral to the story and there was no politics!

  24. no magic/no cussing/no sexual inuendo

    it was like a miracle!

  25. irony -

    illegal sale of a wild animal??? it's just the eggs, for crying-out-loud.. it's not a real fish they're selling... it's just a fertilized egg... not a viable animal... what's the crime???

  26. oh great... i just got called from the OR... and they need me to go in...

    i'm just about to cry.... it's hard to be in your pjs... then, get a call and know that you won't get back home til after midnight...

    if anyone is up and wants to call and cheer me up after 9 p.m., call hospital 539-1111 x7791

    it's fine for me to get calls...basically i'm an extra set of hands and eyes and license...

    we'll be "auto transfusing" a man who had a major joint surgery today... so, since he'll be getting his own blood back...after it's been cleaned, flushed and filtered...(of course all done through machines) he shouldn't have any reactions...

    pray with me

    ok - good night

    and hope to hear from at least one of you tonight... it'll make my night go better...

    good night


  27. Man, once they start busting paddlefish egg dealers in your neighborhood, you know you got to get up and move!

  28. Hey Mama PC, embronic fish are fish too! Life begins at conception!

  29. Well, here we go again.. the whole "sushi is murder" debate

  30. G-
    We had tacos, too! Must be a sister-ESP thing.

  31. Nope. Last. You spelled it wrong.

  32. Good morning all! ...Oh, wait...wrong time of day.

    Well, Hellooooooo!!!

    All this talk of fish and their unborn... I had shrimp for supper. I cooked it (first time to cook shrimp). It was way yummy!! ...There were no fish eggs...or chicken eggs involved in the destruction and following consumption of the little shrimpies. There was, however, an unreasonable amount of butter (real, of course) used. There was no murder of the butter, as I believe it had, technically, already fallen from the tree. ..ahem. I told my son (Brandon) that I had made shrimp, and he asked, "from scratch?" So, my comeback was, "Well, I didn't grow the little suckers, if that's what you mean." So, I consumed very large quantities of shrimp, and since that's one of my most favorite things to eat, I and my taste buds were quite happy.

    Thus concludes my contribution for the day ...night. I bid you all a fond farewell for the evening.

    And, Oh..I'm sorry you had to go to work after your pj's were warmed up! *hug*

    Okay...HUGS TO ALL!!

  33. Oh, and it's 11:59pm...


  34. *snatch*

    Foiled! Darn.

    PJ comment close to this one was directed to mama. I apologize to anyone who thought I might be consoling you. Really.


  35. the irony of the wildlife protection laws...to say that it is...the illegal sale of a wild animal???

    but our laws still allow abortions!!! the pro-choice, abortion proponents might say about the paddle-fish (if they were human) "it's just the eggs,
    for crying-out-loud.. it's not a real fish they're selling... it's just a fertilized egg... not a viable animal... what's the crime???"

    i was just making mention that it's IRONIC how we can be so protective of wildlife embryos...but not of our own human embryos and babies minutia...

    (ah hem... I'm on YOUR side, Richy)


    I'm home now at midnight....the work was not hard.....

  36. oh, jess....

    i found out who one of your LURKERS are....

    she called me tonight at the hos n pittal...

    do you wanna know who she is???

    her name is

    in my book


    i actually got 3 wonderful calls tonight...

    thank you, friends, who called to cheer me up...

    and good night all, including all those shrimps swimming around in AK's belly...and all the paddlefish babies of the world...

    you are loved...

  37. It is not a wide known fact but Japan has one of the highest abortion rates in the world (supposedly right after China). :(

    Kids become sexually active at a very early age but teenage pregnancy is virtually unheard of. There are "women's clinic"s everywhere.

    Oh and embryo adoption is illegal in Japan. Christianity is barely making a dent here. Missions have been pulling out of Japan because of the low "success" rate and moving their resources to other countries. Meanwhile Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Hmmm, can't they see they need Jesus?

    Will you say a prayer for Japan and Christians here?

    Sorry for this sad and serious post. But hey, figured you guys are a praying bunch and asking for prayers never hurt!

    First after 12:30 am CST?


  38. i will pray for Japan and her people

    Lord, be Lord over Japan
    Holy Spirit, draw the people to the Most High God
    May all the false idols fall
    As the glory of the Lord manifests in the hearts and lives of His called there... in Japan
    Angels, mighty warriors, go and bring in the harvest called Japan... be commissioned to do the work...to prepare the fields...to reap... strengthen the missionaries... hold up the weary hands... give messages of hope to the searching.... reveal secrets of the Kingdom to the warriors and intercessors...to the soldiers in the spiritual fields...


  39. Sgt. Dean SHADley?? Investigating an illegal fish egg ring?? Get it? A shad is a type of fish??

  40. Ok, on a more serious note...

    Please pray for Mark and for Vicki's dad. Vicki is a lady that Mark works with at the Post Office.

    He was just sent home from the hospital b/c there wasn't anything else to do for him. So, basically he was sent home to die.

    But wait - it gets wierd. He told Vicki he had a dream last night that he was riding horses on a beach with a guy named Mark. He doesn't know anyone by that name -- but Vicki told him she had a friend named Mark at work.

    So -- Mark is going to see Vicki's dad after work today. Not sure the dad knows Jesus or what. But Mark will definitely tell him and pray for him. Maybe he will be healed. In any case, please pray....

  41. names are so amazing like that!
    great observation
    i love it when words do that....

  42. excellent opportunity to pray and comfort that family!
    dreams can be so powerful

  43. We are having roast tonight supern8. Are we still on the same wavelength?

  44. That is sad about Japan and Vicki's dad. Both need much prayer

  45. Lisa~ I prayed.. hoping God is doing something for him.

    You said you are expecting another baby! yeah! : D

    wow, higher abortion rate in Japan.. so many reaching for unrighteous ways to satisfy.. it's been interesting to see many young ones in the USA so into the youth clothing/shopping.. they like our life.. what a horrible role model USA has been.. wow the gate is definitely wide leading to destruction. everywhere. sad. yet Jesus is saying 'come' to all who will hear. He's so full of renewal. So splendid!

  46. splendid!
    that's a great word!

  47. so, somebody tell me which of anonymous' sentences is the noticeably awesome one?

  48. how awesome it would be if mark and vicki's dad will be riding horses together someday in heaven.

    God would do something like that--only it would be even cooler!

  49. Speaking of the irony that MamaPC brought up on sending folks to jail for “illegally” selling fish eggs, yet we have legalized abortion at the same time—I just saw that Mexico city just voted to legalize abortion. It had previously only been for cases of rape and life of the mother. Here is a quote from the pro-life side:

    "We go to great lengths to protect (sea) turtle eggs," said city lawmaker Paula Soto, a member of Calderon's party. "Lucky turtles! It appears they have more people willing to defend them than some unborn children."

    This is very sad.

  50. They legalized it up to 12 weeks.

    God's heart is weeping.

  51. tomorrow 4/27 is Brynn's original due date Bday...

  52. the blog clock or my puter is way off or somethin


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