Thursday, April 12, 2007

So, here are some pictures from the first few days. We should be taking more... but we're doing things like eating and sleeping, at least theoretically.

Today is April 12th. Your taxes are due in 5 days. UNLESS you're me and you do them the first week of February... if I ever owe, I imagine I'll be slacking just like y'all.
I've been thinking about my dad a lot lately. Probably because it's April and he died in April, and also because Toby is JUST like him. I don't know how to explain it... how a 1 year old can remind me so much of him. But he just does. All the time. It's comforting, actually.
If you didn't read the comments yesterday, you should. All kinds of announcements up in there.
And now, for some peanut butter toast.

my Mama and Brynn
Viking Granny and the little viking-let

Easter bunnies...


  1. And Sonia... some of the comments don't make any sense, even to Texans.
    But you should know : there are several secret identities here... there is BatBoy and RatKing and I don't know who else. They pop up ocassionally and make NO sense.

    Also, the highly coveted positions of Frist: first to post on the new blog, or first after midnight
    And Last, or any re-arrangement of that word: last before midnight.
    We mispell these in honor of our friend Daniel, who can't spell... or type

  2. How about first comment after you Jess? Do I get a prize?

    Oh and midnight what time? If its Tokyo time and I am the only one keeping Tokyo time, do I always win?

    Oh wait, its 11:38 pm Thursday night April 12 in Tokyo. Since I am many hours ahead of all of you, I think I always win the Frist prize!!! Mwahahahaha!

    What do I win? What do I win? ^_^


  3. Yeah, that counts as first... my comments don't count. Well, for first place, anyway.
    The prizes (there are no prizes) are awarded for the firts Central Standard Time... good luck and may the best blogger win!

  4. Very cool/cute pics! Is Toby standing on one foot in that third one?

    Keith will be 1 on Saturday! For about a week, he’s been pointing with his whole hand, which is really cute.

    We got some flowers last weekend, and he LOVES touching them. We'll say, "where’s the flowers" and he sticks his hand out and says "fa, fa."

    Also, he is laughing some times when we say "no"... this makes it hard to stay serious. He just likes short sounds, so “no” is funny to him.

  5. And, hello Sonia from Tokyo. I'm Josh, a long time friend of the Clarks. I lived in Texas, and did the youth ministry with them. We're now in Washington state.

  6. that is Toby trying to climb in the crib... stinker

  7. I'm beth, a long time family member to the Stanley's (Jess' sista and Brynn's Auntie!)

  8. and Toby and R2 and Kai and Anila and lacy and heather and layla and micheal's Auntie!

  9. and wow that crib is so cutey pie pink....

  10. Hi, Sonia

    I am Jess's sister.Most of what you are confused about is probably just a lot of silliness, so just jump in the flow. It can be a lot of fun.

    I am soooo curious about Tokyo. Can you tell us about it?

  11. Beth,

    I think that your comment about drunk charismatics being loud is an honest assesment coming from a long period of experience.

    I would never question your expertise in church life.

    My quandry was

    Is chef-boy-ardee so quiet because he is a drunk charismatic?

  12. Of course this would have to be the drunk against the wall silent type of man, ( the sort that works sound booths, you know what I mean)
    As opposed to the kicking, laughing, jerking, spitting, ( somewhat violent) drunkard ( the sort that lays on the floor during the service in front of the pulpit and makes church life just that much more exciting.)

  13. Why does God have people spitting?

  14. I hate it when I talk to myself. Must clean computer screen.

  15. Cleaned computer screen. Yall still arent here.

  16. And a very late thank you to Josh for the snow pictures, they were beautiful.

  17. G- "the sort that works sound booths, you know what I mean"

    That made me laugh. I know just who you're talking about.

  18. So, I witnessed a person slip about a half a pack of printer paper into his personal bag. He tried to do it stealth, but I still saw it and he didn’t know I did. I was sitting here wondering what to do. I decided I have a moral obligation to report it to the company since it is theft. I called security and told them about it, and that he leaves in about an hour. They said they’d send someone out right away. The guy just left and no security showed up to check out his bag.

  19. Georgia you are so funny. You should come more on Thursday nights, (not tonight though because I wont be there) but the "sound both guy" makes his way out to the center of the floor, well it is a different perspective for me to say the least. And as far as the kicking, jerking, laughing, spitting, violent drunk, well you shouldn't talk about your family that way!

  20. I meant booth guy. I am not sure what a both guy is, but I bet Georgia will think of some definition for it.

  21. man, josh. you shoulda tackled him and done a citizens arrest.
    Well... I guess maybe not, since you're not in Texas

  22. I considered that option... or maybe saying real loud in our cubicle city, "Hey Joe, I spy a half a ream of company printer paper you just put in your personal bag, what do you spy?"

  23. I know it's only a half a pack of paper, but.... ya know, it's theft.

  24. ne1 goin 2 c newsboys 2morrow

  25. whoo iz anomoni?

    why shoo wee tell yoo if we go to nooseboise if wee no no whoo yoo iz?

    reveel thineself!

  26. Yeah! I am with Mamapc! Who art thou anonomi?

  27. That was funny. Yeah, I need to get a hold on my relatives, the problem is when I touch them, then I go down too. Spittin and a kickin'

  28. This person is female and lives in the area. Cause she knows about the concert and she feels like she is a woman.

  29. Wow! Are you feeling women now?

  30. georgiea, when are you gonna change your photographus?

    every time i see it, i want me some bostum creme!


  31. jess... that photo of the two boys in the bathtub... toby looks TOTALLY like a clark, doesn't he???

    oh, and i thought of what you said about reminding you of your dad...

    J reminds me a lot of my dad...and brought lots of smiles into my life for his first 17 years...

    hold on...

    my heart is still sad that my little man has grown up to a point that he doesn't even wish to speak to me any more... i hope that one day his heart will turn back around and be able to be kind to this woman who loves him very much... very very sad time in my life... in this regard...

    i wonder what it is about young men...where they seem to have to sever so severely the severely tangled cords betwixt themselves and their mamas...??? i wonder.... i wonder... and when i feel like it can't hurt any more...i CHOOSE to pray for him...and his future...even though it's difficult to pray in faith...


    enough transparency....

    what do YOU guys know about this ordeal you put your mothers through??? or... is it just SOME guys.....

    be kind, please....

  32. Apple Cinnamon Cake

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    3 eggs
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    2. Combine sugar and cinnamon. Spread half the batter in greased 13” x 9” pan; sprinkle with half the cinnamon sugar. Repeat with the remaining batter and cinnamon sugar.
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    Makes 12 servings
    Prep time: 10 minutes
    Bake time: 30-35 minutes


  33. Keith dances a durn good cute jig to Jonny Lang

  34. MPC- I don't know. I've never wanted to not ever talk to my mother. When their have been relationship issues with my parents I haven't look forward to talking to her, but we have a pretty good relationship.

  35. Josh, he won't laugh at "no" if it comes with the belt...he's not too young...
    Georgia, not in church. If I'm gonna get slain in the Spirit, I grab a pillow and lay down so I'm ready for It...

  36. FRIST!

    Man o man........

    Wine fest at work..........was a blast....Fundraiser .

    I took lots of pictures and have been up cropping and downloading and just finished.

    What a beautiful child Brynn is.

    She is such a sweety pie....

    And R2 was so glad to see his Bedste...Tobias is so busy all the time...getting into everything.. make it look so easy tending to three kids and the house.....

    What a wonderful little family.


  37. frist after midnight!

    strif after daylight!


  38. mpc,
    as far as sons leaving or separating themselves from their mama....i think they have to do that in order to be independent men and develop their own path and talents, and to find a good wife (if they so choose).

    They never want us to stop praying and loving them, but they have to feel strong on their own, and know that we are always for them.

    simple but difficult at times...


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