Wednesday, April 4, 2007

the sun will come out... Tomorrow

No real news today... I took the car seat up to the hospital. Before preemies can go home, they have to pass the "Carseat Challenge".... (suspenseful music).. in which they have to sit strapped into their carseats for one hour without dying. We have SO got this one in the bag.
Still right about 4 lbs 9 oz.. she'll lose a couple grams and gain them back... and so on. But nobody's worried about it.

I am excited, but not really believing we'll get out of there yet. Oh, me of little faith. Or BIG faith in the likelihood of the doctors to change something at the last minute.

My house is beautiful. You should all hire Eva's friend Bettyann to clean... she did a great job. Of course, Richy walked in and said..." Take a picture. This is how it should always look." Or something like that. I couldn't hear him over my hysterical laughter.

And then today, the Type A in mine and Leah's relationship (that is, Leah) will be throwing away all my good stuff. Otherwise known as "organizing". Is it SO bad that I still have newborn clothes in Toby's dresser? Don't answer that.


  1. it ok, mommy, dat you still hav nuw born cloths in mi dreser. they make good leg warmrs.

  2. downsizing and organizing is like music to my soul

  3. toby is such an easy going fellow

  4. Amen Sister! Toby is an easy going is R2.........
    they laugh and gigle and are such peaceful children..........NP at all..

    Right now Toby is asleep in the playpen.....he crashed on the way home from running Bedste's errands..and THANKFYULLY decided to finish it out a tad....

    Richy is kissing his Bedste on the leg while I type......I keep saying "Awe".........and that is making him keep kissing me....just to hear my response,.

    Such great kids........O Brynn...
    You are an awesome addition to a fantastic little family.

    Your brothers are the best ever.

    They will take good care of you and be great defenders......and protectors.....and antaganizers...


  5. so, Leah's the type A???

    I need a type A sister to come over to my house soon... I have a type A sister, but I wouldn't have her set foot in my house right now.... she'd be talking about it for months!!! or YEARS!

    but, my house can wait....


    can it???

    bettyeanne? how much doth she charge?

    i need me a Bettyeanne.. i do

    I DO!!!!!!!

    or, mabye i should just move to a new place and start over...


  6. If anyone wants info on

    Bettyann's Lady Bug cleaning service,,,

    she only charges $60.00 for a one story average size home....

    Very reasonable and great job.

  7. Please pray for Chance. 22 year old on a go-cart.......

    head on collision with a Big Truck.......

    Chance is in ICU in critical condition in the Woodlands

    .......He has a large cut from forehead to the back of his skull...

    in and out of consciousness.

    ....Please pray for Salvation and Healing and peace for the family.........

    and God to be Glorified!

  8. Today is the best day ever!

    Happpy THURSDAY!

    What is sweeter than sleeping Grandbabies?


    THE LORD !

    And all the free time to be had at 5am ........the possibilities are unlimited......

    Worship, prayer, laundry dishes....mopping......O yea

    Sound like fun to anyone else....or am I a bit loopy?

    Happy Happy Day Brynny!


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