Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh my wow. I am soooo tired.
Yesterday Brynn had a doctor's appointment at 10:15. So normally, I would leave mi casa at 10 and be there a couple minutes early. Those days are a thing of the past.
Wake up B, feed B. Clean up spitup. Feed B again. Breakfast for small people... skimpy breakfast. Scrub small people. Fight Toby out of his pjs, into his jeans. Fight Toby into his shirt. Put his shoes on 3,429 times. Check R2 out, pretty good but switch shoes as they are on "alternative" feet. Put Toby's shoes on. Wrestle twin stroller from the pantry (I know, it's that MOG), into the back of the van. Develop multiple bruises and muscle strain. Clean up spitup. Put Toby's shoes on. Scrub Toby. Fight Toby into his carseat. Buckle a chuckling R2 in. Collect Brynn, in carseat, apnea monitor, diaper bag, and purse. Deliver to van. Collect goods thrown from van into yard. Give back to Toby. Sit in drivers seat, remember everything forgotten. Take pink blanket from Toby, put back on Brynn and go back in the house. Collect insurance card, cell phone, and more masculine blanket. Back to van.

Make it to the doctor's appointment only 15 minutes late, arrange people in twin stroller. During appointment, bribe Toby with bank cards (for chewing and drum playing), his bottle (not interesting) and a book.

It makes me tired just writing it. But it was a good appointment, everything looks fine. She gained 8 ounces.

Naptime, folks. Maybe.



  1. I love that story. I used to live like that too. Sometimes I think R2 might be laughing at you.

  2. ok let' see
    georgia asked about skillets and eggs

    i am a huge farm egg proponent.

    i'll tell you about that in a second. (i want you to have time to get prepared to read.)

    on skillets; we definitely like the cast iron variety; however not religiously. a quality stainless steel skillet with quality METAL SAFE non-stick coating can be a very very nice thing. yes it exists, and i own it. as for the pots that go with it, i love heavy quality stainless steel. but don't be fooled by the imitators. a poor quality stainless steel can definitely burn the soup in a hurry.

    while we're talking about skillets/pots and pans, i should tell you about my hot mama pans. i don't remember why i call them that, but servant got me a set about 5 years ago or something (including the metal safe skillet). they're stainless steel with thick heavy bottoms, and they come with lids that drain for you. i haven't used a collander since, and i don't regret it. these are the best pans anywhere, and they're still in great condition, and i can't find them anywhere (anywhere meaning wal-mart, which is where he bought them the first time and the only place i've looked since)

  3. now about eggs

    if you have been the unfortunately soul who has believed for all these years that you couldn't eat eggs because of the cholesterol issue, please read further.

    personal experience:

    my father has eaten two eggs every morning of 360 days of every year since before i was born, and he has LOW cholesterol.

    i don't eat as many as him, but i eat them a lot and also have low cholesterol

    what i've learned:

    eggs actually encourage healthy liver function. the liver is the organ that processes fat, and when it's working, it helps keep your cholesterol low.

    one more jab:

    did you know that "they" also used to tell people that you had to keep bananas in the refrigerator so they wouldn't spoil?

  4. free range eggs:

    healther animals make healthier eggs. this is simple. for example, i sit all day long in an office, and i drink a lot of coffee. i get little exercise because of my occupation. therefore, my natural offspring would probably not be as naturally healthy as the offspring of say, Lance Armstrong.

    and no matter what my husband claims, the extra yellow in free range eggs is more than just pigment. it's health.

    i am a self-proclaimed egg expert.


  5. anymore questions?

    oh and jess......i know you're loving the chaos.....congratulations on your first successful outing!

  6. Thanks for the morning laugh. The best part was:

    "Collect goods thrown from van into yard. Give back to Toby."

  7. Clammy- We're with you on the free range chicken eggs. We buy only free range organic (chickens haven't been given hormones, and no pesticides used in the fields they range in).

    You are an eggspert.

  8. i wanted to say eggspert, but i left it for you. i knew you would enjoy that one.

  9. Ah gee thanks, clammy.

    Did you ever get a new position?

  10. yes, i did....i am legal assistant in the 284th district court now

  11. And, G. I agree that he is probably laughing at me. Who knows how much he comprehends?

  12. When I lived in the kuntry, I had fresh eggs from Sandy's chickens. Now, they tasted better. No question. But the little red spots in the whites sometimes -.... they were of concern

  13. Ok lost my picture but whatever. I have not been able to get it to let me post yesterday or today. And I definately had comments on the whole, skillets and egg thing. Stainless steel, commercial grade. And I like fresh, brown eggs, prefer organic. Scary hormones and stuff. Don't always get them but try too when I can.

  14. ok, Jenn
    what are stainless steel commercial grade? Where do you get these?

  15. And I was speaking of the skillets, not the eggs!

  16. I got mine at Costco. But you can find them other places. Like Sam's or Sur La Table. They are a heavy grade of stainless steel, and mine have what they call a sandwiched bottom with a layer of copper for even heat distrabution.

  17. For stainless steel eggs, you'll need to buy a metal chicken.

  18. At lunch I read the discussion last night that female toilets in Japan have a flush sound button so you can cover up real sounds that are happening while you're in there.

    What I want to know is- does the male toilets have this? Probably not cause the men are proud to let their sounds be heard.

    What would be better is if the male toilets had a button that made the real deal noise. This would be cool, especially if it had multiple buttons with different note pitches. These would sell great in America. Guys would look forward to going to the restroom to play some tunes.

  19. Shannon... you gotta admit, guys would buy it

  20. I heard the news just now, oh boy!
    Sanjaya did not make the grade.
    He's been voted off the show!
    Why did it take so longggg????

    (sung to the tune of the Beatles "I Read the News Today")

  21. Good night,
    Good night,
    Parting is such sweet sorrow,
    That I should say good night 'til
    it be morrow.

    (have a blessed slumber all!)

  22. Man, this place is just hoppin'!

  23. Ok, anon is female and over 40. No one under 40 knows that song!

  24. Jess,

    Now that you don't live in the country I have to let you know the truth. There are other places to shop than the Dollar General. Lots of them near your house. Just look around and pick one. Not the exxon on the corner.

  25. I keep thinking about the singing toilets also. I think this is one of those ideas that just stays with you.


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