Friday, April 27, 2007

I gotta tell you... if I were voting, my Blake Lewis would be in real trouble after that utopian anthem. If that sentence makes no sense to you, just skip right on over it.

Yesterday Toby drank Brynn's reflux medicine. I called Poison Control. While I was on the phone, he was climbing the baby gate and hitting himself in the head with the swing and eating choking hazards. But it all turned out all right.

So today I am going to Walmart with all these mini-Clarks and getting a prescription. If I don't come back, at least I died happy.

If you know Daniel Mathews, you should check this out... maybe he needs prayer.

Daniel's myspace


  1. actually it was kind of cool because as soon as i asked, i looked again, and it was there.

    good timing!

  2. I am missing all the fun, can't watch till I get home myspace is blocked from my work computer. No access allowed!

  3. on the way now.....sorry it took so long.....but px and bottle will be there within 2 hours...hope that works......ran into few snags.

    just going now....

  4. I cleaned during naptime. Now the house will be clean and I will be a blubbering mess by 9... tradeoffs

  5. Speaking of Daniel, where has that pansy been?

  6. So drinking someone else's reflux medicine will make you go crazy and hit yourself in the head and climb stuff. Is this an accurate assessment?

  7. well quiet people

    have a great weekend!

    i'm goin' home now.

  8. So i have felt inclined to inform you all that at the ripe age of 28, I have begun to discover grey hair. So, I have chosen to color my hair a little more heavier than ever before so as to cover it all up. This is really a scary thought.

  9. LSAT!!!!!

    Unless babies aren't sleeping???

  10. Who are you, gray haired person? We wil only consider you wise.

    L to the A to the S to the T

  11. Saturday Morning and I want to sleep in and rest my body.....but NO.......I have to get up at 6:30 I need to just "deal with it" and go ahead and spotlify the house and do all the things that I was planning on doing about noon....

    Movie night at CTK tonight.......

    6:30p.....FACING THE GIANTS


  12. three questions for all the computer geniuses.........who also know how to spell......

    1. Is it possible to save digital pictures to a CD and clear out some space on my computer?
    Is there something wiser to do with my digital pics that I do not want to loose?

    2. Do you have to set up a user name and password to be able to comment on "my space"?

    3. Was Jessica actually able to sleep all night long while Daddy cared for the Bryncess?

    Good Morning again........and FISRt FISTR and FIRST!

    Housecleaning can be fun......if you rebel against rebelion!

  13. to the anonymous grey-haired one.....the grey head is a crown of wisdom. i refuse to color my oncoming grey hairs; they're the jewels in my crown.

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. i have no information on this one

  14. Happy-------Do you have to have a special CD ? How many pics can you save per CD?

    How do you comment without a login on myspace?

  15. VKG

    1) You could use CDs or DVDs. It doesn’t go by number of pics/files, but by space. A regular CD holds 700MB and a DVD 4.7GB (6.5 x more than a CD). I think a better option is to buy an external hard drive. You could get over 100GB one pretty cheap at Best Buy. An external hard drive is better because you can access them much faster and easier (just as if it were still on your hard drive). Chances are once you have them on a bunch of CD/DVDs you won’t look at them as much and you’ll have a hard time knowing what pics are on what disc. We bought an external hard drive when your PC was getting full and it’s MUCH nicer than trying to find files on CD/DVD.

    2) Yes, you have to have an account.

    3) Only time will tell

  16. 1. yes/yes
    2. yes
    3. You're kidding, right?

  17. 1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes... amazing!

  18. Oooooo I am so proud of Richy.

    What a DAD! What a Hubby!

    How is Brynny doing with the bottle?

    Josh.......I need a computer. I need a angel of a son Robert outgrew this computer and gave it to his dear old mom.....It has been a major blessing to me. I would have had NOTHING.

    It is great for email and pics but I have used all the memory on the hard drive and it is slooow and consistantly freezes up and boggs down......

    I would like to learn how to save all my pics so that I do not LOOSE them.......I am preparing for the time that this pooter freezes up and I loose everything.

    I have such great pics that it would be disasterous.

    I actually have pictures of the cutest babies in the entire world and i do not want to loose any of them.

    Soooooooo........with that in mind.
    I should buy 4.7 size DVD recordable right?

  19. n'Ton

    i read your blog post

    could not post there because it was holy ground

    God is there!

  20. Jess...Blake (my #1 pick) disappointed me with his song choice, too! I was quite saddened by it. Melinda's was awesome, though. I was also disappointed by Lakisha's song choice. So, my top 4 are Blake, Jordin, Melinda, and Chris.

  21. In that case, yes DVD would be the quickest IF that old PC has a recordable DVD drive. You need to ask Rob if it is a recordable CD only drive or CD AND DVD recordable. If it's only CD, then you'll have to use more CDs, but that will back them up so you don't loose them. If the PC is freezing up and stuff, I'd do that soon.

  22. I suggest Maxell or Memorex brand.

  23. THank YOU...........

    I will is probably just CD huh?

  24. I went to "my computer" and it says it has a CD-RW removable drive but it doesn't mention anything about DVD Wouldn't it mention it there if it were able to record DVD?

  25. Most likely would say DVD if it was both, so you'll need to use CD. You can get a pack of 50 cheap.

  26. Hello from Tokyo!!! I am sleepy, I actually went out for the first time for a LONG time last night! I went out with 4 U.S. navy wives who came to Tokyo from the navy base about an hour away. What's really interesting is one of the ladies is from Sweden and the other lady is from Iceland. Yes married to US navy officers and living in Japan. What are the chances of that???

    Apparently Iceland's population is only 300,000 yes that is 300 thousand. And there are only like 20-30 Icelanders in Japan and I met one of them!!!!! I feel so special! ^_^


  27. Are you all out having fun on Saturday nigh?

  28. YES-
    Facing the Giants was a great movie......

    I am glad that you went out and "bonded" with the other wives.

    I grew up on base and traveling.

    It can be a good life!

    Did you have fun Sonia?

  29. SYLVIA said .........

    My dearest sisters and brother in Christ,
    I am overflowing with the Spirit of the Living God! Hallelujah! Last night was a turning point in my life in Jesus Christ! Amen! Pastors Juan José and Angie invited me to attend church with them in Del Rio last night. It is a Hispanic church that was celebrating a new building and several pastors from different churches in the U.S. and Mexico were invited. Glory to God! It was absolutely awesome. It was like my church in Conroe. It was like Lakewood Church in Houston. It was amazing! They are a recently new church but growing at a fast pace, as God does sometimes. Hallelujah! God told me that was my church! I am so excited. I already know one of the women who is involved with the youth ministry. She had preached at the orphanage church in Acuña and the youth had assisted in the praise and worship. They had also gone evangelizing in the neighborhood on other occasions. Of course, I fell in love with them because they reminded me of my church that I miss dearly. God has told me to MOVE ON! Hallelujah! I am so excited about learning to read and share the Bible in Spanish! I will be better able to interpret when Denise comes to preach! I'm getting good at that too!!! Glory to God. I'll be moving into a 3 bdrm house in July. It is located outside the city limits and within walking distance of the international bridge. An elderly, Christian man that I met early on in Del Rio had offered me his house but I'd already signed a rental contract. He has recently called me and offered it to me again. He said he was going to get it ready for me! Hallelujah! I'd like you all to know that God is getting it ready for YOU! My home is open to receive the body of Christ to come share His love with the people in Mexico! Praise and Glory to God! Other wonderful works are being done at the orphanage through pastors Juan José and Angie. I'll let you know more of that later on because I'm on my way to deliver supplies and share time with the people and children at the orphanage today.
    God bless you all! Love, Sylvia

  30. supern8

    is there a better way to save all the pics off of an old computer than CD if DVD is not available? you have a PC? Can you describe to me how to create a newsletter? I want to make different blocks......some with pics some with page flyers will be fine to begin....

    I do not dare ask R1. His answer is always the same.......GET A MAC

  31. Sylvia is obediant to GOD. It is so exciting to see what is going on in Del Rio and Ciudad Acuna.

    She sold her house, left her job, kids and church, and obeyed GOD!

    She went through adjustments and changes and trials, but she stayed put........

    and look how God is using her.

    Jesus is our example.....

    It is so exciting to see all the changes in the Orphanage and all the changes in CRUZ and our dear sister Sylvia...

    Her house is our house.

    If you want to go and work at the Orphanage, call her, set things up..Bring whatever God tells you to whatever God tells you to do....and rest your head at Sylvia's.

    If you want to be apart of this outreach, but do not have the means to travel, send Syvlia money.

    She uses it to buy underware/socks diapers or food, whatever the current need is....she is a penny pincher and she knows what is cheaper in the US what is cheaper in all goes for the children.

    For more information you can email her at

    Her life is an example of an obediant one. The Orphanage is a better place for all those babies and youngsters because of a woman named Sylvia who the kids call Mama Sylvia.....

  32. thanks for the sylvia report

    greetings from the crousehouse to her and cruzcrouse

    jess you looked wonderful today! like you're feeling better and life is agreeing with you...even though you have 3 lively children a-pullin' and a-tuggin'...

    that toby's a mess, isn't he? he was using those pencils like drumsticks!!! be careful little boy... pencils have shorp points!!!

    good night everyone! you are loved and cherished by God

  33. I just pick my battles with him... the pencils were non-negotiable... =)

    I think if I start carrying some kind of drumsticks with me, he'll be content and leave the death hazards alone... maybe.

  34. VKG-
    there are multiple ways to store/transfer pictures and other files. Josh's suggestion of an external hard drive may be the easiest/quickest/cheapest(?). If you want to archive and not transfer, then CDs/DVDs are the least expensive, and fairly easy to organize. The "quality" of the original pictures will determine the size of the file, so unless you plan on blowing up these picts to poster size in the future, they can most likely all be down-sized for storage; this may be a long process, but could be worth it...
    One other option is to get a few 2G jump drives to store pictures on...this is the smallest (physically) storage device available.
    The last option? Check out:
    You can download winzip for $29.95 and zip (compress) the files for storage/transfer............

  35. I think the external hard drive would be best, as Nate agrees. This gives you REusable storage.

    VKG- I was also going to suggest that you check your camera settings to see how high quality the pics are you're taking. Our digital has 4 quality settings, and the lowest one still make them 200 - 500k which is WAY large enough to print large photo. You can prob have your camera on the lowest setting, if you don't already, to use your space wisely.

    Down sizing the pics, like Nate said, is a good thing, but does take a little time. If I was there, I'd come set you up.

  36. Oh...I disagree about downsizing your camera quality. Not such a good idea. Just make an archive on CDs, put them in a safe or something for preservation, and you'll have a printable, permanent record of all of your wondermous grandkiddies! Print quality on downsized digital images is nicht sehr gut!! ...thus says a photographer.


  37. Did you see how I was last? :-)

  38. A "narf" is a character from "Lady in the Water." Only one I know of.

  39. Oh! AND first!! :-) Woohoo! ...Why do we play this game, by the way?

  40. well, photographer.

    most people don't actually print 8.5x11 size pictures of their grandkiddies. 4x6-8x10 using only part of your camera's capabilities still renders professional looking photos. depending on lighting, iso noise etc. For pristine 8x10 prints, use full res. For 4x6...using 3 out of your probable available 4 or 5 mega pixels will allow great looking prints, without needlessly sacrificing precious hard drive space on your dinosaur emachine.

    Here's the thing about slow's not because you have tons of stuff on your hard drive(the effect of having a full hard drive is minimal at best in computers made after XP came out).

    What you need to worry about is programs that are actually running and spyware(which often runs undetected).

    Of course, as with all PCs, virus protection is a must, if you want your computer to run correctly, and uninfected. The second your computer gets on the internet it is susceptible to viruses and spyware. Actually, when I worked at Best Buy, I did an experiment. We took 5 NEW computers(straight out of the box, never been on the internet EVER) and ran anti-spyware programs on them. We found that they all came with SPYWARE on them from the FACTORY!

    Close down unnecessary programs, and get some good spyware protection.

    also...processors can be killed by bad power protection. A study showed that 85% of the "blue screens of death" were caused by brownouts and power DIPS as opposed to surges. What happens, is that the individual gates on your processor get fried and stop, you end up with only half the gates on your processor working correctly...= slow computer.

    # gates x time(some fraction of a second) = # clock cycles

    clock cycles x voltage = clock speed (i.e. 2.8 GHz)

    which shows the reason that Macs have always OWNED PCs, even though it doesn't look like it. They can do the same amount of work, with less power. remember clock cycles x voltage = clock speed(in Hz)

    4cycles x 2volts = 8Hz

    4cycles(same work!!) x 4volts(more electricity!!) = 16hz Seems better? eh...

    more power = more heat
    more heat = bad for computer

    motherboards are made of plastic(ok, silicon) but, the wiring on them is made of metal. When things get hot, they expand. The board and wiring expand at different rates, which causes cracking in the wiring on the board.

    So, recently Intel stopped being wieners, and began using lower voltage processors, first with the Centrino series. Then with the new core duo and core 2 duo. They run at lower clock speeds, but do 4 times the work! AAAAnyway...essentially what they did was COPY an AMD Athlon processor with just enough change to avoid copy write infringement.


    thats enough..

    BTW. Vista isn't so bad...Why would I say such a thing?! Because....IT'S A DIRECT COPY OF OS X!!! it's SOO Mac it's not even funny!!

    So, I get the most mac-ness I can, this side of virus protection.

    sorry for the long post.

  41. So, Mr. Napalm...

    Excellent TMI info on the clever (or not-so-clever) inner workings of d'PC. ...Just kidding on the "tmi" thing. Who knew you were such a smarty-pants! ;-)

    On the "setting a lower quality on the camera"'s a very bad idea to set low quality ON THE CAMERA! Reason being: how on this earth are you going to KNOW in ADVANCE when you're going to capture that prize-winning 8x10-worthy photo??? Leave the camera on the highest quality possible (unless you just absolutely don't care about good quality photos), and change the quality of the ones you don't ever plan to blow up once they're on the computer. If you do it the other way, and lower camera quality, you'll end up saying, "Oh MAN!! That WOULD HAVE been such a great photo!"

    I thus conclude my absolutely black and white opinion.

  42. Wow.......thanks everyone.......I will copy and paste this page of that i can figure out what to do...

    Happy Monday!


    "Light is the task where many share the toil." -- Homer

    "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." -- Helen Keller

    "Difference is the beginning of synergy." -- Stephen R. Covey

    "A team is a group of people who may not be equal in experience, talent, or education but in commitment." -- Patricia Fripp

  44. narf?


  45. A narf is a small creature who lives in the deep black woods. His name was created because of the sound he makes when he coughs. They cough at intervals of 16 seconds and are known to make lumberjacks commit themselves.

  46. what exactly are they commiting themselves to?

  47. Hi, Jennifer
    They commit themselves to the mental wing of the local hospital.

  48. I thought that was a dance craze from the 70's.

  49. They call it the lumberjack fever

  50. Yeah, I used to could do that dance.

  51. yeah well she is known as a cheater from way back!

  52. Wait I better not say that she might poison the wedding cake...

  53. Angie is great! We love angie, she does invitations, is our photographer, cake baker and baby sitter. I take it back I love you Angie I was just kidding!!!


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