Thursday, May 3, 2007

Baby sensor 1: mom has laid down. Cry.
Baby sensor 2: mom is about to take the first bite. Cry
Baby sensor 3: mom has eaten and is wide awake. Sleep.

Yesterday we visited the hospital, and ate at Barfi's Cici's with Richy, and went to the library. Not quite as smooth as the Walmart trip, but three times as long... and they were heavily bribed with animal crackers at the library. Oh, I love the library.

This baby stuff is getting my heart. Talk about healing... wow. More on that on a day I feel like being emotional.

Tonight the Man of God and I go to an Astro's game. We have been discussing the nachos for days. Did I marry the right guy or what?

Currently: Brynn is snoozing. R2 is having a little stress about not watching our American Idol tape IMMEDIATELY after waking up. Toby is standing up on a kitchen chair telling himself, "Dit da!" (sit down). But he is not taking his advice.

Plan for the day: stay the heck up in the house until my date. And catching up on AI. Oh, and folding 4000 pounds of clean laundry (while I'm watching, see?)


  1. Wow am I first?

    I didn't even finish reading your post yet LOL I was so eager.

    Back to reading your post now.



  2. Toby is so cute.

    Okay bedtime in Tokyo (12:30 am). Good night!

  3. repeat of the trivia question:

    How many different color crayons are there in the crayola family?

  4. Oh i DO heart Blake Lewis... he is the coolest. He won't win, but he's so cool. I'm like a fangirl.

  5. hi bloggers

    i went to the national day of prayer gathering outside the courthouse during lunch.

    it was better than i imagined.

    i know the people who organize this business, and they're very passionate, but sometimes when speakers/pastors/mayors or whoever get up to talk in a public/secular place, they tend to tone the gospel down a bit.

    but it wasn't bad. Jesus was mentioned a BUNCH, which made me smile, and there was a lot of talk about bringing our country to repentance (ok, they didn't use the word repentance, but it was in there).

    so it was much better than i imagined, and the mayor said that "they" pray before city council meetings. hmm....good.

    oh yeah, and a nice older lady came by and handed everybody a little bracelet that has footprints on it and says "walking with Jesus." it doesn't match my outfit, but neither does the patriotic colored "i prayed" sticker, but i'm sporting them both anyway.

    ok, well, now i'm coming to the realization that this is jess' blog, not mine, and maybe i'm getting a little long winded.


    everybody have a great day

    back to work.


  6. What did your Blake guy sing?

  7. You Give Love a Bad Name...
    check it, Josh, if you can watch vids at work. It's like 2 minutes

  8. we get to talk about it now?? Blake was so awesome!! I LOVED what he did with that song! Phil was really great, too! ...Do we get to talk about the results yet???

    I think Blakey could possibly win...especially after this week. I wish we knew who ranked highest from week to week.

  9. I am going to have to watch this show at least once so I know what y'all are talking about!

    Clammy I sent you an email! I need help if you can please!!!!!

  10. should write a book.

  11. jennifer, check your email

  12. Yes, jess, you should write a book

  13. Yep, Jess should write a book.

  14. I've been talking to employees in person about retirement benefits for 8 hours straight. I'm zapped, I'll watch the video at home.

    Very VERY funny that for rock night, two sing Bon Jovi and one sings Deaf Leopard. Tells you something about the rock music lately.

  15. Deaf Leopard? I've never heard of that song...

  16. any time i've turned on AI I find it doing the "You're still safe" scenario... or whatever the phrase... that goes on for hours, it seems... where different ones get bumped off or kept on...

    it's quite boring. when does the music happen? am i getting to it too late, or the wrong night?

    it's quite boring every time i look at it...

    but, jess, i did listen to your blake guy and i saw on here that he was talented... did he get bumped off?

    does everyone have an opportunity to have a side-kick now... like that drummer... or bgv's/// is that part of it now?


    good night

    have a goood night, all you you friends of jess'

  17. Def Leppard

    not deaf leopard

    and "rock" music isn't so great these days...

    actually it pulls mostly from classic rock. Most kids are listening to booty music, classic rock, emo or hardcore. thats about it.

    I happen to be a hardcore fan myself.

  18. good morning!
    7:30 and frist

  19. Ah yes, Def, not Deaf. I was looking at what I type going someing doesn't look right. I used to listen to them when "You Gave Love a Bad Name" came out, so I my distant memory was sayin I had it wrong.

  20. Actually, it was Bon Jovi night. All Bon Jovi. And Jon Bon is easy on the eyes, you know?

  21. And MPC- you have to watch on Tuesdays for the performances.


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