Tuesday, May 22, 2007

not shhhh sleepy

Hey, keep this on the DL, will you? (ebonics alert: DL=down low, referencing quietness or secrecy)
I think God has me mixed up with someone. Somebody good.
Brynn slept 5 hours in a row last night, and then the boys slept till 9 this morning.

Whoever got my life is probably fasting by now.

Are you going to the Call Nashville? GO. (The Call)

Yesterday I made chili and beans and cornbread. It's a poor man's smorgasboard over here. I accidentally made everything pretty spicy, though. I mean, me and R2 were chowing.... and Toby was wiping his tongue with his hand and draining sippy after sippy. And then Daddy was looking a little rough. So, maybe I have to rinse the leftover pintos before Toby's next round.

But, yeah, I actually cooked! Amazing what sleep can do. And now that Brynn sleeps all night (twice) and is awake all day... maybe we should venture out. We'll see if it works. Might try the library today.

American Idol tonight- the final competition. Gotta tell you... I'm rooting for Blake. Even if he has a snowball's chance in Texas.
He is so creative and fun. Jordin's a great singer... but you know, you seen one seen em all and so on....
That's correct. I will not be at church. I will be at home, engaged in the hedonistic pleasures of television. But seriously... have you seen Toby at church? The MOG will be there.

Reader question of the day: 3. How much makeup is too much makeup?
If you have to ask....


  1. Tammy Faye Bakker make-up it way too much make-up!


  2. If your mascara looks more like tarantulas on your lashes -
    that's too much makeup!


  3. If someone asks you if you're part raccoon - you are wearing too much eye shadow!


  4. Jess you heathen you! I won't be there either but I have a much more valid excuse. I am busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off.(and yes I have seen that before and I do feel that way). I understand about trying to keep kids tame during church sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it. You get nothing out of it. Even when they are older they can still be really destracting. Sunday night I went and Madison was saying, I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm cold about every 30 seconds till Matt picked her up and she finally fell asleep about 8pm. And we left 30 minutes later so you know how it goes. I did catch some of it, it was some pretty good stuff. I will order cd's that I will probably never listen too. I wonder how much we soak up by osmosis?

  5. i would just like to say that i have been posting biography blogs, but no one seems to be reading them. so perhaps there is a problem with publicity. so this is my official publicity stunt. click on my picture for access to biography. =)


  6. Well, i guess all this means I'm wearing to much make up.

    Thanks I.T

  7. Jordan Jordin Jordyn.....yadda yadda yadda....
    as long as she is officially the WINNER who cares how her name is spelt...

  8. Blake, Blake, Blake!! Jordin is an awesome singer, but Blake is a wonderful performer, singer, musician! He's more fun to watch. I think they're both great, but I hope Blakey wins.

  9. beth, i'll read your blog....

  10. Howdy MamaPC!

    Keith has been asleep for 45 mins, Shannon is having some out of the house time at a clothing store, and I'm catching up on some emails.

    My new pic is from the park of the weekend. Keith is walking really good now.

  11. a CLOTHING store at 10 p.m.???

    cute pics!!!

    we love and miss you guys!

  12. She left a little before 9:00.


  13. Just called Shannon, she' checking out. Wonder what the damage is???

    Just kidding.. she works so hard caring for Keith that she has earned spending some money on stuff for herself!


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