Thursday, October 6, 2005

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I read a lot of books. I like fiction, but every now and then something
nonfiction catches my attention. This week I read one of my dad's
books- How Do They Do That? published in the oh-so-current 1981. So
some things are waaaayyy outdated but some probably haven't changed.
Like how they put stripes in toothpaste. Or how they shell peanuts
without breaking them. Now, how the copy machine works is beyond me.
It's chemistry, folks... photons and chemical reactions and so forth.
So that book was very interesting and I shared a great deal of it with
my husband who has a bad habit of falling asleep when we aren't talking
about a.) the Lord b.) studio equipment or c.) none of your business.

So here I am with another random collection of facts. This is why
people think I'm smart. I just walk around (well. I used to walk) and
my brain is like der-der-der--coooookies- and so forth. Then person A
(not my husband) says, "Man, I wonder how they shell peanuts?!" And
some little random fact gear kicks in and there you go.
And everybody says, "Man, you are so smart!" But I'm just thinking,
"Cap'n Crunch....mmmmmmm"

and speaking of the good Captain, I must bid you good day.

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