Saturday, October 15, 2005


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LATER, on the ranch:
The problem is, I am a morning person. As in sleep 2 hours and wake up smiling disgusting morning person. This has always been an entertaining thing to me, as there are few of "my people". My husband is a sleep 5 more minutes snooze button addict kinda guy.
So here's what happens... the man of God decides that tomorrow, he will wake up with the dawn and go to Sinai. The man of God is not capable of waking himself, so he sets his alarm clock for 3 in the morning or whatever (usually 7). When the alarm goes off, the morning person (me) is awake. Even though she stayed up till 2 or 3 with Ted Dekker or whoever (not Lori Wick, I assure you)... And the man of God groggily stirs himself to action, which includes climbing over his 6 month pregnant wife, implanting knees and elbows in all tender locations, and slapping the snooze button. The man of God then goes back to a peaceful sleep, like Kai with 6 oz in him.
The morning person is not really ready to get up. Noone will make her breakfast, and there's not really any reason to get up when you're supposed to lay down all the time so your baby doesn't fall out. So, she lies in bed, wide awake, thinking evil thoughts toward her soulmate, the MOG.
Repeat for 1 hour. Add mild profanity from The MP and sleepy apologies from the MOG. Add the MP turning the dadgum thing off, and when the MOG wakes up on his own at 9:30.... add the deep regret and sorrow, that somehow, he missed the dawn.

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