Friday, October 28, 2005

The twins

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Happy Birthday Heather and Mikey! I remember when they were born.... we
rode in a little brown beetle all the way down 45.... probably. Or we
might have flown in a big blue and white bird...
One problem with being twins is everybody just calls you the twins.
Those poor quads.
But I remember after they were born staying at Georgia's house...
actually that must have been right before because Bobby made up a song
for my 7th birthday... 7 is Heaven, it was called. It was a good year.
I don't really remember much about the twins then. It was months later
that I dropped Heather on her head. I do remember that. Sorry, Heather.
You seem to have turned out all right, despite this burning desire to
marry a missionary and move somewhere with outhouses.
I never dropped Mikey. Maybe he felt jealous. Maybe that's why he never
tells us about his secret girlfriends, I don't know.
Anyhoo, happy 20. I cried when I turned 20... leaving my teens and
all... of course I got married at about 14 so I don't know what the big
deal was... but it was a pretty good year.

Today I am planning on laying around. I would like to go see Jason
Upton in Beaumont... but too mucho driving for me.... so laying around
it is.

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