Wednesday, October 5, 2005

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I have been sleeping so great lately. Don't you love sleeping? I can't
nap, however. My brain won't shut down. I always get in nap posture and
lay still for about 5 minutes before I think of something else to do.
This is a pattern my whole life.

Some people don't even have to close their eyes and they're already
asleep. Natalie Hernandez can go to sleep at will. Anywhere, anytime.
Sometimes on accident. I NEVER fell asleep in school. I wanted to,
plenty of times.... just can't do it.

Richy and I have had many "discussions" about the necessity of naps. He
takes 'em. I consider them wasted life. It's a little easier now for
him that I have to lay down all the time. Although I don't let him nap
in here. Why? Because I like to pretend that someone is watching
Kamikaze Kid as he explores the wonders of climbing, etc.
Kamikaze doesn't take naps, either. I vaguely remember him taking them
when he was smaller... but I can't ever remember when anything happened
with him because I have all these different clocks in my head. He's 6,
but he's 2. And over here, he's 4. So that confuses my memory.

But overnight, I sleep like a normal person. Well, kinda. At least I
don't have "fright syndrome" like my mom and Leah. Out of a sound sleep
they will hear a.)a door close somewhere b.) a branch against a window
c.) breathing in California.... and sit straight up, hair wild, eyes
wide. It's pretty frightening. I never wanted to wake Mama up. Noooo
sneaking in her room, nohow. I do sleep lighter than Richy. I will
hear, for example, bandits removing our front door with a chainsaw.
"Wake up!" I whisper. Nothing. "I mean it, I heard something!"
zzzzzzzzzzz..... I usually have to go disarm them myself.

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