Friday, October 7, 2005

mama's bed

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I remember, as a kid.... the wonderland that was mama's bed. So many
pillows, heavy blankets.... just the comfiest place in the world. It
did not belong to Daddy, although he slept there. During the day... or
when I was sick... I would creep in and burrow underneath the covers...
maybe watch a little hurricane TV....
For a while they had a waterbed. I had a waterbed the first year I was
married. If you (a skinny) sat on one side, you would jettison your
spouse (another skinny) into the air. When you fell asleep, you would
be snug in the middle, then wake up wedged in the side of the frame,
with a sort of dome of waterbed mattress in the middle. Mama's waterbed
was not like this. It was a cocoon. Maybe even heated... I did not ever
have a comfy just right bed until 1999.... what changed? I became a
Now I am a mama, and I have a mama bed. To me, my mama's bed is still
more comfortable... good for what ails ya. But to R2, this bed is
Mecca. He casually lays down in here every night around 8:30. Like
"Whew, what a day. Well, this is where I sleep." And then he puts on
the cute show. He tells jokes and giggles and kisses... (see:
Thanksgiving Turkey Syndrome) And if anybody suggests that maybe he has
his own bed, the lip comes out and panic begins to set in in the
eyes.... He flips over and burrows down.... already asleep, you see. No
moving him.

Interesting, I am the mama now.

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