Monday, October 3, 2005

22 weeks! Hooray-a-toby-blanza!

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Today, Toby should weigh about 13 ounces... he should be about 7.5
inches from crown to rump. (because his legs are all folded up) Kai, at
this stage, weighed 4 pounds. (a little joke)

The books have stopped making comparisons, so I had to go find
something 7.5 inches. Hamburger Helper, folks.

Your baby is now the height of a box of Hamburger Helper (or Panburger
Partner, for the frugal). He is approximately the weight of the
contents of a can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup (or For Best
Value). He kicks about as hard as a medium sized bullfrog in your
abdominal cavity. Oh, and this is from the book: he has eyebrows. Now
you see why I have to ad-lib.

I have an ultrasound and a drs appointment today, but they're late
afternoon, so most of you will have already checked out for the day
when I update.

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