Friday, October 14, 2005


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I watched another Astros game last night, this time with Richy and Paul
(and R2, of course). It was more fun having some guys around making
noises... and of course, it was a good game and we won. So I'm happy.
I'm not much of a sports fan, but I like it when local teams go to
championships and SuperBowls and World Serieses and whatnot. I usually
jump on board to support or Luv Ya Blue or whatever...

But my personal involvement in sports has been very limited. At Piney
Woods, we had a giant field in which to play. When I was in control,
this field was used for Pegasus running and princess parades, etc. When
the sadistic powers-that-be (not Terri, of course) were in control,
then it was used for P.E. P.E. stands for Persecution Entertainment, in
which small weak children are forced to exert great effort to try to
keep up with strong children, who do sports for fun.

Kickball wasn't so bad. The ball is very large, and even little short
chicken-legged children can manage to kick it a little and run to first
base where the big hulking 3rd grader has been waiting for you with the
But what's up with Dodgeball and Red Rover?? These games are designed
to dismember skinnys. Many terrified hours in my youth were spent
hoping that Stevie wouldn't notice that me and Melissa only had little
stick arms and run at us. Or that Joey (skinny, but evil) would not
attempt to throw the ball with great vigor and hatred at my little
peanut head.
Later, we had a volleyball team. I played for the whole year and never
hit the ball over the net.

In high school, it became easier. I went to public school. In public
school, they really really don't want you to drop out. Please. So, if
one day I felt unable to play (tennis, softball, basketball, track),
and I needed to sit out, they would make me (GASP) write an essay. For
my peers, this was bad. They would rather run track 8 months pregnant
or with a herniated disk than write. Many happy afternoons were spent
out in the sunshine at Conroe High writing essays. After a while, I
think Coach AC/DC was on to me... but she enjoyed reading my little
stories and thoughts.... so eventually I graduated and was married
within a single breath.

Now, I married a guy who likes to play a game of football once or twice
a year, and usually just watches championships. Works out good. We have
shared more than one batch of 10 dollar nachos at Minute Maid Park. And
really, anything with nachos is better.

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