Sunday, October 30, 2005


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I celebrated Halloween once. Probably more than once but there's only
one I remember before the aged parents put the big kabosh on the evil
I was about 5.... I was Myself the Elf. I remember the title and the
wings distinctly. Now, was Myself a diabolical scheme of Daddy's to not
have to buy a costume, or was I a licensed trademarked character? I
will never know.
I do know that my candy was heavily taxed by himself. The Easter Bunny
always gets his cut.
Then it was off to Piney Woods where the horror of the day was
evidently revealed to us and my yearly candy bounty days were cut to
one. You always knew who's parents weren't saved or at least
enlightened because there they'd be November 1st with a lunchbox full
of goods. And though we scorned their religious apathy, we ate their
I like the Fall Festival deal... you go to great effort to dress up a
kid who can't wait to pull his/her ears/tail off and rub his/her little
black nose up his/her forehead. And everything is very very itchy.
But you still score some loot. And they will figure this out eventually.

I am the Easter Bunny now.

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