Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Baby minded

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Acrobat Toby with his foot above his head

Something happens when I get pregnant. Well, a lot of things happen. But what I am referring to in particular is Baby Brain.
Un-pregnant, I am something of a politico. At least, I love to follow it. I listen to Rush daily for my Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, keep an eye on Israel, watch press conferences, participate in fasts and prayer vigils and whatnot.

Immediately upon seeing two pink lines, I am transported to another world. I could go and see that the King of Jordan spit in Ariel Sharon's face and called him a monkey (these kind of things happen) and in the forefront of my mind is ARE BUMPER PADS SAFE??
President Bush gets away with all kinds of stuff when I'm pregnant. Hurricanes come. I think about the baby.
I try to listen to Rush, but can't get my mind around it. He could be having unbelievably brilliant moment after moment, monologues that unpregnant bring me to tears, and yawn... I really hope that we can paint that jungle mural.

Now, on the very edges of my consciousness, there is something going on with the Supreme Court. I am vaguely aware that if I weren't pregnant, I would probably be standing on the Supreme Court steps with red tape on my mouth, and I probably wouldn't have eaten for several days.

Instead, I am laying in a bed all day long getting kicked viciously. Every time I hear his heartbeat, every time I feel him kick, I grow less and less interested in the world around me.

I am in a womb.

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