Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Well, we lost the World Series... and thus, my monthlong interest in
baseball will go the way of its fathers.
I stayed up way too late the night before last watching a 14 inning
game, and then not sleeping all night for whatever reason watching tv
till 2 in the morning tells your brain there is no more sleep.
Today I very comfortably could have slept longer.... very unusual for
me. But someone who will remain unnamed came in here shrieking to Woody
about Velveeta cheese and Democrats. So here I am. Better late than

I am only about a week more pregnant than I've ever been. But it's very
interesting how different it feels. Physically and emotionally. Last
night I looked at Babies R Us and Target online... I have had some kind
of mental block about planning for a real baby to come and live
here.... but it's fading and I'm getting excited...
Am I going to have a baby? Some friends I have online who have
experienced loss call it a "take-home" baby. I want to tke this one
home. I expect to. And it's tripping me out a little.

10 weeks sounds like nothing. Like I will make it there, easy. And if I
make it 15 weeks, great! But I like the sound of 10... or 9 and a

Guys day was a very interesting experiment. I may keep it on

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