Sunday, October 9, 2005

fiction lecture 1 or so

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Reading a Lori Wick book today. Lori Wick writes a book every 4 days,
so there's always something to read. The problem is, after you've read
a couple, you've read 'em all.
Now, I enjoy her stories, her settings and so forth. What I have a
problem with is her women. They are all weak. (for the chauvinists
among us, this is getting interesting)
Lori's women are always getting shot, or pregnant (within wedlock) or
not eating for 24 hours and here's the kicker- they don't want to tell
anyone. Seriously, this happens every book. They end up blushing a lot,
fainting or in the deathbed, etc. And always the strong, rugged types
around just make them ride their horses or get on the train or
Now, maybe I come from a line of strong women. I suspect it to be true.
But I don't know any woman who would fail to mention LOUDLY that she
had been shot, jerk, and shut up and get her to Ben Taub so she could
die of infection.
Even the fasting thing. I admit my household is a little strange on the
withholding from food scale.... some people in my house don't eat
often... But still, I have gone days without eating... nearly a month
and never even came close to fainting. These women faint after a couple
hours. Even if they've had a little jerky and a hard biscuit. Not
likely. And any strong rugged type in my life knows that he darn well
better pull over to McDonalds or it will be ugly ugly.
And pregnancy... I freely admit I've never delivered a 10 pound baby
without medication... although I know some who have. But when I am
pregnant... I know. Within hours. I am pregnant from day 1. (day 15,
for the technical) And I never faint. I grow horns, maybe... and weep
profusely over WHY would he leave the toilet seat up? But no fainting.
And none of this figuring it out at 6 months because of a kind elderly
friend who just happens to see me vomiting in the chicken coop and
suggests that maybe... and I am SHOCKED and BLUSH. Not gonna happen.

Then there's Gilbert Morris... but another day, folks. Another day.

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