Wednesday, October 19, 2005

24 weeks 2 days! A NEW RECORD!

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I am not going back to sleep. I would like to believe differently of
myself. But the fact is, I am awake now. So I might as well do

So here I am. Well, yesterday I had my first appointment at 8:30... at
the hospital for an ultrasound. Mind you, it was at the hospital. So I
got into my ultrasound at 9:30 or 9:45. The tech was a little grouchy.
I knew I would not be able to get the proper amount of info out of
her... But she measured Toby and he looks like 24 weeks 3 days
(yesterday) so that's great! But Madame Grumpy did not take very good
pictures. I have one very clear picture of his "manhood". And even
though that might be entertaining to my few, grumbling male readers, I
will not post it. So the only pics today will be of yours truly. And
then she measured my cervix and since Richy is an ultrasound tech
himself these days, he read all the measurements she wasn't telling me
and was doing dances and encouraging movement behind her head. My
cervix looks great.... just like it should!
Then we had about an hour to kill before my next appointment, and we
were pretty giddy by this point... so we went to Old Navy and I walked
around and picked out some stuff and had NO contractions!
Then back to Dr. Reed's for my other appointment. And we saw Dr Reed in
the hallway and she beamed at us and said she was so happy to see us.
(we've all been looking forward to this appointment). And she did her
thing and everything looked good and she was very happy, but not as
happy as us! And I asked if I could swim and she said she thought that
would be good- lift the weight off my cervix, etc....
So we went to my moms and I got my shot there (another story)... and
Leah and Nate and the fam came over and we went swimming! Well, mostly
me. Leah and Nate usually just lay by the pool and call that swimming.
But I walked around and aroound in the water and even got to hold R2
(first in 6 months) because he didn't weigh anything. And it was just
so great. Like being a normal pregnant person, almost.
Then I came home and I was sooooo tired and I just laid on the couch
for the rest of the day.

NOTE: THIS JUST IN: Josharoo and his blushing bride need a place to stay... hotels are full, etc...
"We went on line last night to book a hotel for our stay in TX and every decent hotel is booked.  I had forgotten about all the refugees being there, or we would've booked way in advance.  So, I was wondering if you could include on your blog post that we need somewhere to stay.  Our flight is in at 7:30 PM Thursday, then we'd "check-out" Sunday morning before church.  We'll have a rental car, so no transportation is needed.  They must have a comfy bed, not a futon.  Maybe the bloggers can let us know who has an extra room that we could call, or maybe some of them could take us. "
Anyone? I'd hate for them to have to stay with Batboy.

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